Budweiser / your advertising support of anti american nfl

Flower Mound, TX, United States

Please contact the NFL and tell them..
We don't care what your statement is, not during the National Anthem! If you really want unity, stand there, cover your heart with your hand, and face the flag. That is the true statement of unity.

I will not support your product or the NFL if they keep this crap up.

The so called solidarity they are showing is a solidarity for a false narrative on racism in America. They are supporting their fellow kneeling members of an elite millionaires club of athletes which are disrespecting our Nation, our Flag, our Veterans, and our current members of both Law Enforcement and the Military. This is what the kneeling and now the locking arms is about. It is a false narrative that people like Michael Brown were gunned down in cold blood, when he was not. It is support for the protests at places like Berkeley, Charolettsville, "Ole Mizz, " and many other places where the Left is trying to rewrite our History up until today to claim we have oppressed all people of color right up to this very day. It is a completely false view of history, even the statutes they remove and destroy are of some great Americans who were very anti-slavery, but pro-freedom of self determination for States. Kennedy signed Affirmative Action into law, and since then, any minority who has wanted to take advantage of their status has received special consideration on applications for employment, for colleges, for housing, for almost everything. And yet, we are watching these millionaires spit in they eye of every non-racist American and claim they have been oppressed their entire lives because of their race. the truth is they have been oppressed by their own race. Men like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have stolen the valor of the minorities and convinced them they are second class citizens despite the obvious advantages given to them by Affirmative Action. Representitives like Maxine Waters are seriously flawed, but they get elected based on their race. Unfortunately, they are doing nothing to promote a professional image for their race. Even our last President probably did more to damage the image of the Black race and caused more division across America along these lines than anyone could have imagined. But still, we have the NFL there to be "Social Justice Warriors" and promote a completely false narrative of racial biases in America. It is actually laughable that the ones claiming such oppression are all multi-millionaires. No, I'm done with the NFL.

Sep 28, 2017

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