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Anheuser-Busch Companies24 pack of canned bud light

I was just getting over being sick an bought a case of Bud Light and told my wife it tasted very bland I drank it anyway thinking my taste buds weren't 100% being sick and all.
Today I bought another case and oh my god it tastes like it did before thank god it was a batch of crap beer because I have my loyal taste of bud light back in my hand.
Please no more of the bland beer.
I can provide the lot # if you'd like

Anheuser-Busch Companiesmichelob ultra gold

Michelob ultra gold
Purchased a 12 pack at Dierbergs February 25, 2020. Beer was immediately refrigerated from carton, carton was recycled along with receipt. Upon opening one bottle the next evening saw that I had rust on my hands from bottlecap. Immediately cleaned my hands, continued on to take a drink from bottle to notice black flakes all around bottle top.
Wiped flakes off with paper towel checked beer to see if there was any flakes inside bottle, none were discovered.
Decided to check other beers, as they all have rusty bottle caps with black flakes around the bottles and dried discolored drip marks on bottles. Would have not bought, but obviously cannot see inside carton, until purchased.
Very disappointed with this product as it is the only beer that I will consume. Would like to have a reason for this Quality Control mishap.

michelob ultra gold
michelob ultra gold
michelob ultra gold
michelob ultra gold

Anheuser-Busch CompaniesTruck driver

I was at a connivence store and truck drive was blocking my vehicle in. I ask him if he could move his truck so I can get out and the driver refused. Said when I'm done with my load I'll move. I told him I'm gonna be late for work and he said well I need somewhere to park. Well so do I. I'm gonna attach a few pictures of the cab. But truck drivers do not own the road and I'm sure being polite to the public is part of yalls practice.

Truck driver
Truck driver
Truck driver

Anheuser-Busch Companiesbud-light

Opened a bottle of Bud-Light from what I believe was a 20 pack purchased from Wal-Mart in Lake Saint Louis MO, and it had no carbonation. Most of the pack had been consumed and the beer was normal, only the one bottle was flat. The cap appeared to be on normally, and the beer had been stored at 39F for about a month.

Best before date: 29APR2020.
Other data: SL2248


Anheuser-Busch Companies — driver

At 8:52 a.m., a Budweiser driver almost hit my vehicle at a four way stop sign in the 600 block of Jefferson Street in Lafayette, LA. He could have let me proceed to turn left and...

Anheuser-Busch Companiesbud light

I recently bought Bud light in Mtvernon Illinois from Luckys at the intersection of Veterans memorial drive and hwy 37. They are selling skunk beer it has been stored improperly or something. It tastes like hot pbr at 33°. I love bud light they need to be held accountable for what they are doing to your beer. This is the worst tasting bud light I have ever had I dont think this would be an issue with your product.

bud light

Anheuser-Busch Companiesplastics in can again

This makes twice I have had this happen but this one take the cake this time I was drying my 16oz can and a 2 in long pice of plastic pice came in my mouth I don't understand why after the first time I complained it happened again I have been a drinker of bud for over 19 years I sure would hate to stope because of this you can call me back my name is. WADE LANEY. [protected] leave a number and name at the voice mail.

plastics in can again

Anheuser-Busch Companiesbud light

I bought two 15 packs of bud light from the same store and the beer was flat no fizz I love bud light so please check in to it I live in Detroit, Mich my number if you want to call me back is [protected] my name is Ricardo Nelson Sr address is 17350 Freeland St Detroit, Mich.48235 I know this has to be a fluke I see it says my complaint is to short but what else can I say.

Anheuser-Busch Companiesmichelob ultra

It would seem that Anheuser Busch InBev has chosen to raise the price of Michelob Ultra without being obvious about it. The current price of a 24-pack of Ultra is nearly the same price that you had been charging for the 30-pack.
I will have you know that since you have stopped selling 30-packs of Ultra, I only drink Ultra when I am at a bar.
When at home, I now drink Coors Light by the 30-pack and the 36-pack.
Although I do not expect you to answer me, I am curious how your sales have been since your change.

Anheuser-Busch Companiesbudweiser clamato chelada

Dec 29th I purchased a Clomata Chelada for my father. When I got home he opened it and took a sip he then quickly realized it was mucus or syrup like. I purchased a 25 oz regular Budweiser found the sale by date. We then looked for a sale by date but there was none on the bottom of the can only codes. Not sure what happened to it or if it was just a bad batch.

Anheuser-Busch Companieschip on bottle

December 23, 2019

As I twisted off the cap of a Michelob Ultra Gold bottle, I sliced open my left thumb. I look at the bottle and saw there was a big chip of glass missing on the bottle. I dumped out the bottle of beer just in case there was any loose glass in the bottom of the bottle. None was found. Thankfully, the cut wasn't to deep, but did continuously bleed for a few minutes. I put Neosporin on it and bandaged it up to stop the bleeding. This could of seriously hurt someone. If I wouldn't of sliced my thumb, I could have potentially sliced my lip. Not sure how this got by quality or the inspection equipment or if it happened as the bottle was getting capped, but it's a serious issue nonetheless. After talking to a friend in the bottle making business, a chip bead/finish, typically doesn't run in out. It would be running solid. Picture is attached on just how big the chip is.

The bottle has a company code that looks somewhat of a horseshoe with a 06 by it and a laser bottle code number of [protected].

I'm not sure what the desirable outcome resolution is, but it will definitely make me think twice about double checking the quality of a bottle to ensure it's perfect. I'll definitely be relaying this information to my social network about double checking the quality of there bottles. As mentioned above this could have been a much more serious matter. Especially, if this bottle would have gotten to my lips.

For any further information, I can reached at my email address :

chip on bottle

Anheuser-Busch Companiesbudweiser promotions in cases of beer

How is it that a spend a fortune on Budweiser beer which I have done for years (three cases a week and I am still receiving pin numbers for the Budweiser hockey promo that expired on November twenty third 2019 I can't believe after a month that I am still receiving these cases with a promo that is invalid.*When I asked the beer store salesman about this tonight he had no clue it was expired and stated that they have several skids left with this promo marked on the cases. I expect this out of a discounted cheap beer but not a beer that I am paying forty five dollars a case for. I let this go on for a couple of weeks figuring it's just left over cases however it's been a month now.*Embarrassing is all I can say, *Very disappointed customer.

Anheuser-Busch Companiesyour new advertisement

I was so disappointed to see that you are vilifying wolves in your new advertisement. You have no idea how many years and how hard I've tried to get people to understand that wolves are not vicious. They are nothing like the way you portray them in your advertisement! The average human will never even see a wild wolf in their lifetime - they have been so decimated. If you wanted to do a realistic advertisement of a real villain, all you had to do was find some human animal abuser. They're a dime a dozen -- humans that abuse animals! Why didn't you do that?!? I truly wish that you didn't do that advertisement and that nobody ever sees it.

Anheuser-Busch Companiescommercial

Good day, I just wanted to comment on the commercial I saw during the football game this weekend about the meaning of Christmas… I'm sure you were trying to be funny… But I am fairly certain that it was offensive to some. Christmas has become so commercialized as it is and to tie the meaning of the holiday to a Budweiser is rather in bad taste I believe. Thank you for listening. Best regards, Karla Rogers

Anheuser-Busch Companiesbudweiser

Hello my name is Phillip McNamara,
I live in British Columbia Canada.

I just bought a 24 case of Budwiser. On November 28th 2019, and on the case it had free hockey apparel, I had to go online and enter my pin code, my pin code is MKZ5J5-CD978P, But... the promotion ended on the 23 of November, I was very disappointed, I do collect all budwiser products. As I really enjoy your beer, if it could not be to much, could you please send me the socks.? If there are any left. If you can not do that. I understand. But if you can. Here is my address. 653 Turner Street, Trail, British Columbia, Canada. And questions please feel free to contact me at [protected]

Thank you budwiser :-) love all your merchandise and most of all. Your beer,

Thanks and cheers.



Anheuser-Busch Companiesdelivery to mountain shadows liquor

On Saturday morning I headed to the bank, which is located next to mountain shadows liquor store, Colorado Springs, co 80919.
It had snowed the previous day so the parking lot was a sheet of ice. You driver proceeded to park in front of the bank and blocked ALL handicap spots instead of parking in front of the liquor store, like they always do. When I asked him about it, he completely lost his cool and told me to go take the beer in if i didn't like where he parked, furthermore an elderly woman who had a handicap plate could not use the spot, so myself along with another gentleman had to help her to her car. This is unacceptable, I asked him for his name, but not only did he refuse, but he also refused to give me his managers name. He was so rude and was raising his voice at me and completely sassing. I was not the only one that was upset about where he parked. Please respond for further action.

delivery to mountain shadows liquor
delivery to mountain shadows liquor

Anheuser-Busch Companiesbudweiser bottled beer

I opened a glass bottle of Budweiser beer and didn't realize that the cap was stuck to the bottle in such a way that some of the glass stuck to the cap and broke off. I only realized it when I cut my lip and had small glass shards in my mouth. I'm not sure how much I swallowed though. I just think it's something you should be aware of in the future

budweiser bottled beer

Anheuser-Busch Companies16 oz natural light

I bought a six pack of 16 oz Natural light from a circle k i Dayton and two of the cans were half full and one was covered in mold. I dont know how i missed it but it was the end of a 16 hr day. Im just glad i didnt drink it. Now my complaint is not long enough so i have to edit it, look my grandfather's drank Anheuser, my father drank Anheuser and they've all passed to soon but i still drink Anheuser. We all lived and live in a small town Trenton Ohio and there is a Miller plant in our back yard, i have two high school buddies that work at said plant and could get all the hand out i want, and that could really help the bottom line but i buy my Anheuser instead, i just want you to know what is being sold to poeple from your company, Thanks

16 oz natural light

Bud Lightbud light bottle

I purchased a case of Bud light for my Halloween party this year like I have done for the last 15 years. I open the first bud light bottle and had a funny taste in my mouth. I looked at the bottle and noticed rust build up on the top of the bottle. And I looked at the cap and noticed rust as well. I proceeded to bring the case back because the first 4 bottles I open had the same problem but I never received a receipt from the liquor store and they would not except them back. Can someone look into why the caps are all rusted .

bud light bottle
bud light bottle
bud light bottle
bud light bottle
bud light bottle

[Resolved] Anheuser-Busch Companiesmichelob ultra, bottle, 6 pack

I bought this 6 pack 7 days ago from local Blarney Castle gas station in Copemish, MI. The born on date is 12 Dec 2019 CG 0507 and beer is skunky. Serial number is 0 183322 on the 2nd bottle. The first bottle was the same i just thought maybe it was a bad bottle but this whole 6 pack is terrible. Just thought i would let you all know. Thanks for making a product i like.

  • Anheuser-Busch's response · Nov 05, 2019

    Hello -

    Thank you for writing in to Anheuser-Busch about the beer you recently purchased. Maintaining the quality of our products and preserving the trust of loyal customers like you is extremely important to us. 

    Please give us a call Monday – Friday 11 am to 8 pm (CT) at 1-800-342-5283 (*option 1*) and provide the following case number,  01383030, to our representative. It would be helpful if you have the product available when you call. Thank you in advance, and we look forward to hearing from you.


    Your Friend at Anheuser-Busch
    1-800-DIAL-BUD (800-342-5283)

    ​​​​​​​“Making Friends Is Our Business”


    This message is being sent in response to an email we received from your email address. If you are not at least 21 years of age and/or do not wish to receive emails from Anheuser-Busch in the future, please Click Here.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

Anheuser-Busch Companiesbusch light, 30 packs, special editions

Bought 2 30 packs of Busch Light, special edition ( 0 181882 8 on last one of the cans. ) each carton had 1 can with half beer/ half air. They both had no holes. Just sealed up 1/2 full. Wanted you to know. Thanks for a great beer. I am in the middle of football season, & last of World Series.
On carton. IN Liberty, Mo.
14JAN20 SLO641 86-CFO-01

busch light, 30 packs, special editions

Anheuser-Busch Companies — michelob golden light

607563 I was drinking my favorite michelob golden light in the 16 oz aluminum bottle.. when several chunks of plastic floated into my mouth.. I've never had that happen before.. I...

Anheuser-Busch Companiesbud light 24 pack case

I bought a case of beer with no tears tape or damage to the package. But the bottom 12 Beers were dirty, Sandy, and dented. The top slipped extended like they had been dropped, and the cans were all dented and filthy dirty. I threw the rest of the case away because I was unsure of what they had been through. I contacted the Wamlart Marketfresh in Hoover, alabama but they advised me they do not refund alcohol purchases.

bud light 24 pack case
bud light 24 pack case
bud light 24 pack case

Anheuser-Busch Companiesbusch light

Hello, I have been drinking Bush light for about 5 years. last few 30 packs that I have bought from multiple locations have tasted flat and skunky. I have bought 16 oz beers from Kwik trip and other gas stations and they have been skunky as well. I have thrown away about 2 cases of beer from the skunky taste. I have thought about switching to a different beer but I want to see what you guys will do first because I really enjoy your beer. I know that if i am having this problme so are other people too. How do you plan to fix this? I typically buy 2 30 packs a week. This is now the 5th case that tastes flat and skunky. please email your solution. [protected]

Anheuser-Busch Companiesmichelob ultra

I want to start by saying how much I love the Michelob Ultra and Gold!! It's the only beer I drink whether at home or restaurant.
With that said, last night I was enjoying an Ultra, pouring it in my glass and on the last pour, I found a flat worm thingy floating in my glass!! Super gross and freaked me out!!
I'm thinking how many parasites are living in my intestines now?!! I don't always drink out of a glass so I wonder how many I haven't seen???
I thought you should be made aware incase there is some weird contamination of your product. I'm really freaked out. This is the only beer I drink because of the low carbs and calories. I'd hate to have to switch to Corona Premier!!!
I hope this helps in keeping this product clean and clear of any unwanted "guests" that is truly disgusting and worry some.
Thank you for your time,
Becky Hartwell

  • Updated by BeckyJoHartwell · Oct 08, 2019

    Why is tete a green check mark saying this is resolved?? Under no circumstances is this resolved!

Anheuser-Busch Companiescarter king

Having been a Budweiser cuonsumer for many years, I am sorry to say that I will no longer purchase your products. I found the AH reaction to Carter King's tweets from 8 years ago when he was 16 ridiculous. In your view, no one is reformable, regardless of age. We can never be forgiven.

He did a great thing by giving the money to sick children, but that isn't good enough. I am so tired of this namby pamby political correctness.

Consider me a "Former" customer. There are a lot of other companies that I can choose from for my beverages.

Anheuser-Busch Companiesbusch light

What a pathetic, cowardly company this is; to scuttle the good efforts of carson king, and then skewer him for tweets he made as a child. It's bad enough that your beers taste like cat urine, but this is the final straw. Disgusting behavior from a disgusting company and a hypocritical one at that. I'm sure there are an abundance of offensive tweets we could harvest from the cowards at busch.

whoever made the carson king decision

I'm 47 years old and have been a loyal customer of Anheuser-Busch products. After cutting ties with Carson King, I think it's time to find another favorite beer. Very disappointed that you could use a tweet from a kid when he was 16 years old and use that against him after his generosity from "the sign."
Thanks for continuing to match what has been raised for The Children's Hospital but as far as I'm concerned you are encouraging people not to do inspiring things. It's too bad because we need more Carson Kings. Thank God I'm not judged by the stupid things I did when I was 16.

Anheuser-Busch Companiescarson king

I am very disappointed to see that you cut ties with Carson King over the comments that he made on social media eight years ago. You should recognize the GOOD that he's doing now...the good stuff that he's doing now. He apologized for these negative comments, Even said he was embarrassed. He was only 16 at the time! You need to grow up Anheuser-Busch

Anheuser-Busch Companiesbud lite can limited collection

I am very disappointed in seeing the limited production of the Area 51 bud lite cans I see on e bay. It's not fair to limit you distribution to only a few states! I have been a faithful bud lite can drinker for over 25 years. It was hard to get over when y'all quit making Bud Dry!! (One of my all time favorites). But I got over it and moved on. It would be great if I could buy a 12 pack from y'all and add it to my collection without paying the outrageous eBay inflation/profit margin people are charging for this basically uncirculated collector addition. I believe there is something going on at Area 51 but we will never find out I'm sure!!! Anyhow that's all I have to complain about from your sales perspective. Just keep the Bud Lite tasting good as always and I will continue to drink it!!!


Larry Williams

Anheuser-Busch Companies16 oz budweiser...

I usually buy a 16oz bud every night after work and drink it when I get home. Well I got one the other night (I have the can/dates/pictures etc of the incident !) anyways I tip the rest back to finish it off and I feel hair in my throught. I start choking realizing it's not hair ITS LEGS... so I'm assuming it's a spider . No there was a dead roach hiding dead drowned at the bottom of my can . I puked everywhere . It was disgusting . The beer never left my hand so I'm pretty scared to buy anything else . I love you guys and love y'all a beer. Budweiser is the only beer I drink but that incident really really turned me off and made me sick . Still sick thinking about it ...and I hate to be that guy but that really really is disgusting and needs to be acknowledged . I'm scared to buy another Budweiser honestly but it's all I drink ...

16 oz budweiser...
16 oz budweiser...
16 oz budweiser...
16 oz budweiser...
16 oz budweiser...
16 oz budweiser...
16 oz budweiser...

  • Updated by Cody612 · Sep 15, 2019

    Also I’m
    Not certain that it was a roach. It looks like a bee in the pictures but I really didn’t wanna find out I was so sick from it ...

Budweiserbudweiser 16 oz cans

Bought a 6 pack on 9-1 opened one when I took a sip it was thick and slimy and tasted terrible. I've been drinking bud for 29 years n never seen anything like that. I did return it to the store. What the fck did I put in my mouth? It made my sick. Now I'm scared to drink Budweiser. But if you send me some free beer or something to make up for this terrible experience I will continue to be a lifelong customer.

Anheuser-Busch CompaniesBud light

Just wondering if anyone else has complained about this batch of beer. Bar code [protected] 6.
Just today I have opened another flat beer. 2 yesterday from the same case. These were in a case of 24 cans. This is the 1st time I've experienced this and thought I'd let someone know. A friend of mine says he has this happen every once in a while.
Thank you

Anheuser-Busch Companies"12 pack of budweiser defected" name is reaching out because I purchase a 12 pack of Budweiser.. and in my pack of Budweiser three of those where defected.. I'm going to also include a picture of how the bottles looked.. my bottles had dents in them on both sides of the bottle as if the bottles where not inspected.. I'm upset because I never had this issue with Budweiser and I'm a loyal customer..

"12 pack of budweiser defected"

Anheuser-Busch Companiesbud ice

Three pack of bud ice one can deflated and small pin hole also some kind of. Rust on top of the can at this point I'm totally disgusted with the fact that I have to buy beer that has Rusty Lids broken pull tabs or pinholes and crushed cans from this dealership this is a problem you need to resolve and replace my beer immediately I appreciate your service and thank you for your convenient services mr. Edward dolansky

Anheuser-Busch Companiesreceived a beer full of air.

So I bought a 18 pack at H&H liquor in Ventura California and the pack was most likely dropped as every cam was dented but that's not my main reason for complaint there was a beer full of air in the pack that is still closed and can be sent in if need be I would like a refund or something in return for not getting exactly what I payed for and I've been a Budweiser drinker for a while now and would rather you guys fix it then me switch to something else. Thank you

Anheuser-Busch Companiesnatural light 15 pack

In the past couple of 15 packs ...about 5 out of the 15 beers have been completely skunky...This is from a completely sealed refrigerated box.I live in McAllen TX That is in south Texas in the Rio Grande Valley these beers I speak about are coming from a Stripes store and this issue has continued to reoccur... My name is ANGEL ACOSTA ...THANK U FOR LISTENING

Anheuser-Busch Companies — 48 case of cans budweiser

On July 19th 2019 we were travelling from Ontario to Nova Scotia. We stopped at the Irving Couche - Tard#507 in St-Antonin Quebec for gas and also bought 2 cases of 48 cans of...

Anheuser-Busch Companiesbudweiser 12 fl oz

I stop in at a gas station coming into town (Middletown ohio) and I get a 6 pack bottles I get home crack one great beer then I get to the second one and I'm finding white chunks in it so I instantly throw it away good think I drink my beer out of glasses or I wouldn't have seen it I'm on the third and no problem same as the first hopefully the rest are the same quality if not I'll be making a second complaint

Anheuser-Busch Companies — budweiser truck driver

[protected] Long Beach, California Today I am making a complaint about one of Budweisers Delivery truck drivers as he was making a stop to a 7-11 he decides to merge directly into...