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I am very disappointed in Budweiser's response to the NFL political statements during National Anthem and disrespect to flag. I am an Army Veteran of 20 years. I took an oath to defend my country against enemies foreign and domestic, to honor the flag and ideals it stands for. Although freedom of speech is a right, there is a time and place for it. During the National Anthem, presentation of the flag, these are not the correct times. NFL is for entertainment, not political statements. But as it is your right to support the NFL, it is my right not to support the Budweiser Organization. Therefore, not longer will any Budweiser product be served at my house, nor consumed at any restaurant I go to. I will not support any of your services nor organizations you support. Sometimes, money is not worth the loss of a friend.

Sep 30, 2017
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  • La
      Oct 05, 2017

    I am 73 years old and a NFL fan since the 50's and made my choice of beer Budweiser, in the 60's. The NFL is out of line in allowing the disrespect of the American Flag. I have chosen to never support, watch, or contribute to the success of the NFL, NBA again. I think Anheuser-Busch should reevaluate their association with the NFL.
    I choose to love this country in lieu loving the NFL, NBA
    Larry Radler
    1108 Cherry Hills Dr
    Laurel, Mt 59044

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  • Ko
      Oct 05, 2017

    The players are in no way protesting our flag. They are protesting police brutality, and institutional racism. By the way, Our Constitution protects our citizen's freedom of speech and freedom to protest. It does not state that it only protect those citizens that a few overly sensitive agree with. That's the great thing about our country. I would encourage you to get on board or leave. Enjoy drinking your HAMMS.

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  • Us
      Oct 05, 2017

    I hope that the majority of the people in the US still respect our flag. Because of advertiser like Bud the NFL is able to pay players such outrageous salaries. These players are paid much more than most of the people in the US yet they are protesting social injustice. They charge so much money to go to games that the average family cannot afford to go. The best tickets are sold to corporations who write them off on their taxes. These players are part of the cause of social injustice in this country. My wife and I love to watch football and have our favorite teams, but we now have been spending our Sundays enjoying each other and spending a lot more time outdoors. No more Bud Lights, we have switched to our local brewers and are happy to support our local businesses. Still love college football. We have no use for the "privileged" that don't understand between right and wrong. Not about free speech but respect for where they live.

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