Budweiser / bottled budweiser

Rochdale, England, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

my husband bought a 10 bottle case of Budweiser beer from Asda which came in a cardboard pack with a carry handle on top. When he was carrying it into the house from the car, the handle broke, beers smashed onto the kitchen carpet with only 2 or 3 escaping unhurt! The kitchen smelt like a brewery! We used my mum's little green machine for cleaning carpets which sucked up all the soaked in beer and all were left with was the beery smell which wouldnt Disappear. my crawling daughter couldn't crawl on the kitchen carpet because it stunk of beer. i had to get a professional carpet cleaner in to give the carpet a good old clean so my daughter was free to roam again! This has been very expensive, stressful, tiring all because the handle broke!!!

Jun 20, 2017

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