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I have purchased 15 and 20 packs of bud from different shops, in the past 6months alot of them hav seem sour, im a bud drinker for 12yrs now and this is only happening now, im gettin really mad at this stage, like wat is happening with the budweiser?

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  • Yv
      Dec 06, 2011

    hi !my name yvon dagenais i have bought a 24 budweiser and a 24 bud light opening the beer one off the budweiser cap chip the bottle and the beer was so flat i mean it was bad and the same happend to bud light try to unscrew the cap and there missing a little peace of glass and that beer was bad, flat here the number of the case budweiser lo9 m130b 1616 bud lightlo2 m130 2109 bought them a metro grocery store in fort-coulonge canada and my adress is yvon dagenais 1061 ostrom street bryson quebec jox1ho phone # 819 648 2475 and my e-mail [protected] thank you for your coraporation have a nice day

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  • De
      Jun 27, 2017

    I bought a 30 pack and one of them was half gone with a hole in it!! Another one has only God knows what it is because I sure don't!! Hopefully when I take this can back to the store They'll replace it!! I just can't believe these cans made it to the store!! I'm really disappointed!! I've drank Budweiser for over 30 years and this is a first and hopefully the last! Hopefully I don't get anymore like this!! The code on the 30 pack is DEO553 11-30-19 and the expiration date is 7/28/17. Yours truly. Deb Cullum Boise, Idaho

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