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WOW, I buy a lot of merchandise from online retailers and can say without a doubt that Buds is THE WORST company out there.
I ordered a gun on 2-6-11 and waited the full 6 business days they say it can take for a payment to process before trying to contact them per the terms of the site. At that point I tried calling - no update available. Then I tried email - not allowed because the order is still in processing. Sent a fax asking to be contacted - nothing. Then I tried live chat - constant disconnects if you post an actual question regarding your order but the secret there is asking a basic question such as "product question" then Gary will answer you which still didn't do me any good he just told me to call the sales department to get things straightened out. Apparently they did not enter the payment data for my e-check properly so it declined but no one bothered to contact me when that happened. In the meantime the gun was sold out and the next batch was supposed to arrive by 2-17-11.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Lexington, KY Didn't happen and as of 2-20-11 they still don't have any but they think they'll be in this week. Tried the chat again on 2-20-11 and got nothing but "well, you can either wait or cancel your order" I gave Gary a piece of my mind about the experience and he ended the chat session before I even got to cancel the order. Called the sales line and Jeff was confused as all get out because the gun wasn't even listed on the website anymore. He finally figured it out and said they have a tracking number for the shipment and it should be to them this week - of course he didn't know when (isn't that the point of a tracking number??) I asked if they would be willing to next day the gun to me when it arrived at their location. The shipping guys said not unless I paid for it. That's just some world class crappy service that wasted 14 days of my time and cost them numerous other purchases from me as well as my network of friends. They may have low prices but you get what you pay for and in this case the pain was just not worth the $4.00 I would've saved had they actually delivered on the purchase.

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  • Ia
      Feb 26, 2012

    Posted two reviews today. One a very positive review about my first order and the service I received. The second was mostly positive, but questioned a very long delay in product delivery and lack of communication. I also questioned if the poor service was in any way related to their push to get customers to join their VIP program which promises faster service among other things. The website edited out my comments regarding the long processing time for the one purchase, with a message to me explaining that only comments regarding the actual product were left in the review while other comments were edited out as the were not related to the product. Funny thing is, they left the very positive comments regarding the service I received with my previous order. Guess the reviews you read on their site are not to be trusted.

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