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Budget Suites / awful overall

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My hotel stay was AWFUL. . . I rented a room for one full week. I had previously stayed at Budget suites at different locations and was satisfied with the room, staff and my accommodations. But I would advise everyone to stay away from this Budget Suite off 360 highway in Grand Prairie, TX. The staff is very rude and unfriendly. My room did not include a microwave oven when I asked why no microwave I was told very rudely by office staff that “I didn’t pay for one”. The room had roach motels in every room of the suite including the cabinets and closet. The bed was awful and the blood stained sheets that I paid for did not fit the slippery Plastic mattress . The towels that I had also paid for was thread thin, yellow and dirty. The TV made an awful buzzing nose when turned on. I wanted to check out after the first night and was told my credit card would still be billed for full week NO REFUND! Also note that if you get a corner suite that is an additional charge but this info is not disclosed to you at time of check in.

I was also told when I checked out that I would have to remove the trash from the trash can in the room before I could get my deposit back. I was told when I checked in the deposit would include clean up after leaving. When I complained to the manager/clerk on duty I was told "This isn't the "Best Western" I am a real estate agent and have a lot of relocation clients. I will never recommend this facility to any of my clients as a matter of fact I will strongly advise NOT use this facility! I feel consumers should be made aware this particular facility. This facility doesn't have customer service or a corporate office (that can be found) for complaints, which makes me wonder if they are aware of the scams and do not want to hear their customers concerns.

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  • Co
      18th of Nov, 2009

    Yea this company has no reachable corporate office! they are wittingly SCAMMING people. I recently went to the san antonio location and was bitten by bed bugs one night to the point i had to go to the doctors, when i called to talk to the manager to let her know she rudely said "OH no, thos arent bed bugs thos are from a spider". insulting not only MINE but a DOCTORS intelligence.. she has a heavy indian accent and obviously has no background in customer satisfaction. i'll never stay at one of these transiet motels again. Unless you are a bum, crackhead, or prostitute this place is not for you

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  • Du
      31st of Dec, 2016

    @codyr84 I totally agree with the comments above regarding San Antonio property and the entire staff being RUDE to an extreme. I am staying at this property for 6 weeks now, it's infested of roaches and other insects, it is the clientele they have as mentioned in above comment. There has been no Hot Water in building #2 for a week now, TAKING A COLD SHOWER IN WINTER IS NO JOY!!! I called to complain each day and their response was, "we have ordered a part that is needed to fix the water heater", it's been 6 days, part has not arrived:-( LIARS!!!
    I requested Manager Jan to move me to another building, she says "what if in your own home water heater breaks down" my feeling, DAMN IT this is a hotel!!!
    Plus I do own a home, and my tenants will never get this response from me ir suffer.

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  • Tx
      20th of Oct, 2010

    budget suites corporate number for texas is 469-865-2450

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  • Sh
      1st of Sep, 2011

    The place is genuinely a total rip-off! The price isn't "budget" either at $850 a month without any maid or linen service. Abnormally high taxes and surcharges are added to the bill. Referring to the Fossil Creek,
    Fort Worth, TX location, the place is as ancient and poorly constructed as can be. The appliances are from the 70s (never seen anything like them in my lifetime). The entire place rattles and creaks as if hit by an
    earthquake. The place is overrun by miscreants and thieves. There is virtually no security and definitely no privacy. Above all, the staff is the rudest, most obnoxious and vulgar bunch imaginable. Customer
    service is non-existent. This property should be shut down and quarantined ASAP. As a customer, please do yourself a favor and stay away from this property!

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  • Te
      10th of Apr, 2012
    Budget Suites - mamnnager
    budget suites of america
    United States
    Phone: ????

    Terrible management rude acts like not even concerned bout your business would never stay again think Mgr dose not like whites rolled her eyes at me and my husband rudest person Ive n ever in countered don't go there people!!

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  • Te
      10th of Apr, 2012

    horrible mngr treats you like your trash we stayed there dont do it buyer beware

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  • Ta
      5th of Sep, 2012

    Corporate address for Texas is 4545 Fuller Drive Irving Texas 75038. The Budget Suites in San Antonio has carpet that is torn and stained with holes in it. They waited until after I had been there 6 weeks before deciding to harass me over my service dog. They accused me of not picking up after her bathroom trips which was a total bogus LIE and of letting her be off leash. Part of her being a service dog is that she i well trained and does not need to be on a leash to be controlled. The rooms are nicely laid out but there is NO maid service and you are charged an arm and a leg for a outdated room with no maid service and unless you are a complex favorite you will get harassed for any little misstep you make. Bottom line: DO NOT STAY HERE, it isn't worth it.

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  • Sh
      20th of Feb, 2013

    I moved from MA where I have lived all my life to Irving TX because I lost my home and everything from the crash. I came here because there is work here, I am in the Budget Suites in Irving. It is the worst place I have ever stayed and that is saying something I have travel a lot. The first apartment I had was making me sick I was a landlord in MA I opened the heater it was covered in toxic black mold. I called and told the manager nothing was done I cleaned it as best I could with bleach. A week later I went to the office and told the manager about the black mold she didn't care. No one works here the staff is so lazy your lucky if they will wait on you to take your payment. They are to busy talking on the phone personal calls and talking to each other. Every time you call for a problem nothing happens no comes to fix anything the staff is not just rude but forgive me stupid. I moved into a different room I have been here over 2 months I had to see a doctor I was getting worse. I am on a breathing machine now coughing up black stuff with some blood in it I have MS have for over 20 years. But I have been in remission for many years I take really good care of myself, people like me will die because of no immune system from MS with that mold. I built one of those closet things for my bedroom it has a white cover you put over it and zip up. I woke the next morning and it was black as night, the walls around the vent in my bedroom also were black it is all over the apartment. I called the office she said will you be there right now so we can come take pictures I said yes, 2 hours later I walked to the office and said you need to come look now. The manager came she was in shock from what she saw it was so bad she had never seen anything like it. She took pictures, after she talked to cooperate she said we need to get you out of here. But I don't' know anyone I am very sick and they want me to move my stuff to another apartment by myself they will not help me. Also they tried to get me to sign but not read some paperwork I read it. What it was is me releasing the company from any liability of doctor bills coma and death. They are treating me like I am nothing, and I looked at other places because I have no place else to go but I have no help to move over there. When I told the manager she said oh well take your time stay in the apartment as long as you need until you can move. I am in danger here it is getting worse every day one entire wall is water damaged now it is coming through the wall. I loosing motor function, having confusion loss of memory I getting really sick. DON'T EVER STAY HERE!!! I am also getting a lawyer I worried because I won't sign the paper work they will just throw me out on the street. I plan to fight and make them pay for what they have done to me is there any budget suites that are good?

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  • Tx
      21st of Oct, 2013

    I moved in to the San Antonio location August 2013 to escape toxic black mold in my other apt. I of course checked the room out before i I moved in. I have one of the newly remodeled "luxury suites" with faux wood tile. Now it's close to Halloween and I'm still here. It took them 3 months to fix the bent top rail of the closet doors.

    Also, the pool lights went out in Sept and are STILL OUT after almost 3 months. The pool and spa are supposed to be open until 10PM. They are closing them now at 8PM. Major bummer since the pool is part of my physical therapy... No word on when, or IF they will bother to repair the lights.

    Bottom line: this (San Antonio BSuites) is a 10 MILLION $ property owned by BILLIONAIRE Robert T. Bigelow (4640 Eastern Ave
    Las Vegas, NV). The card I have for the general manager says "Quality Suites @ Budget Prices". A big "NO" to both. Also, I tried calling the "complaint line" 469-865-2450 and get "Enter voicemail number". Also the toll-free number (866-877-2000) on their website is also defunct. What a load of crock!

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  • Ro
      27th of Mar, 2015

    I stayed at 8150 N Stemmon Fwy, Dallas TX 75247.For the first month I paid $260 a week after that it drop to $230 a week.But when you see it ad in the Green Sheet it say $189.There is no where for the children to be outside.If they are 17 they can not be outside without a parent.They Security officers are very rude & not train.they have bed bugs & roaches

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  • Da
      17th of Jun, 2015

    I had to stay at the Budget Suites at 2219 Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV.89130. I was charged a $50 dollar cleaning fee that I was told I would get back once I moved out. It has been over 6 weeks and every time I call the location, people are rude and absolutely no help. They put me on the third floor and when I told them I needed a room on the bottom due to knee issues they wanted to charge me a transfer fee of $250 so I called a Dr friend and had him send them a note stating I couldn't climb the stairs. Very over priced since you have to supply all your own linens ( sheets, toilet paper ), as well as pay for the internet weekly. I had major issues with my key not working and I was told to just keep trying that eventually it would work. If it hadn't been so urgent that I needed a place I would of researched this place and found a better place to stay. Wouldn't send anybody here,

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  • Mi
      26th of Sep, 2016

    I stayed their in a no smoking room marijuana smoke every night was coming from several rooms into my room
    I tested for work never had or wanted marijuana test came back positive
    When I told management before and after they did nothing filing a Law Suit

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  • We
      12th of Dec, 2016

    I recently stayed at the Budget Suites in Lewisville Texas it was a horrible experience there were rats all over the room and rat droppings even inside the refrigerator I actually killed three of them and took them to management in a Walmart bag they laughed at me and told me to buy rat poison they told me it was because of the cold weather in trying to find a warm place to stay it was disgusting I never cook there I have to go eat out all the time because it was disgusting that you can even cook want to touch nothing I actually moved out 3 days in advance then they tell me that it was going to take a month for me to get my hundred dollar deposit back after I clean the room better than what it was when I moved in I don't recommend it at all I'd rather live outside in my car then to live in a place like that

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  • Jo
      29th of Jan, 2017

    Phoenix budget suites 2702 w. Yorkshire has bed bugs paper thin floors i can hear my neighbors snore and complain at every footstep i take . I tip toe in my room and its cramping me and my life. Whats worse is that im on the third floor and i have hard wood floors and im charged extra for that because its a delux apartment because wood floor? Extra $18 a week for hard wood floors?

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  • Jo
      29th of Jan, 2017

    Some one keeps dumping their trash next to my room because theyre too lazy to walk to the trash dusters. My kids were playing looking for worms and managent told go home. They came back crying saying a lady with a clipboard told us to go home we're not allowed to be out here playing?

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