Buckmasters5 year subscription, plus numerous products to go along with this magazine.

Sent payment in full $136.90 by check to Buckmasters 11/21/2018. Was to receive a 5 year magazine subscription and a new Buckmasters DVD, embroidered cap, a Bear & Sons Cutlery Knife, window decal, Tinks #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure, and so called other subcription benefits. Got a mag from Nov 2018 and Dec. 2018 only and nothing else. All these things were to come when subscription was totally paid off, which I did. Called numerous times they said 3 times it's in the mail since last year. I want a full refund of $136.90. After investigating this company seen there are thousands of people Buckmasters have RIPPED OFF. Account number #[protected], invoice number #[protected], bill date 11/2/2018.

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