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1 Sandusky, United States

First: my payment history with Buckeye Cable had been consistent and on-time for several years, until I became late only one month. Second: my funds to pay the cable bill were delayed, so, I had to request that my due date be forwarded to the 10th of the month instead of the third of the month. Third: a surprise fee of $72.00 was added to my bill for the request. Lastly: Now, on top of the ridiculously large bill (for basic cable, phone, and internet), the entire amount must be paid on the new due date, or suffer termination of services. Never mind the constant internet interruptions from a "reminder" to pay the bill, [or else], and letters of cancellation.

This feels like price gauging and harassment, at best. I am seriously considering a change of services, completely, if Buckeye Cable feels that this is how loyal customers should be treated.

May 28, 2015

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