Bruegger's Bagels / overall experience

I used to come here every morning when Steve was the manager. I would come in at 6 when they opened and any bagel or food option I wanted was available. Steve even used to have my favorite bagel, the jalapeƱo bagel, ready for me. He did this for ALL of his regular customers and the store was packed at 6am. I have since come here with the new manager (white male, older) and he is terrible, absolutely terrible. Most mornings there are literally only plain bagels, about 6:10, and if you want any other kind, they will not be ready until long after 7am. They are NEVER prepared, and this morning, there were only plain bagels, and I have watched 9 people come in looking for bagels and leave because they are not ready or not even cooking yet. This is really a terrible way to run a business, and I am very disappointed. I am sitting here working waiting for the hash brown bagel (now 6:29) and I am told that it will be another hour. So, yet again, I will not be eating here. A woman just came in and asked if there were muffins and if they were fresh. The manager said that the two out were not fresh and they were not even in the oven yet.
I'm wondering why this store open at 6 if you cannot get what you want until lunch time. This store has lost a ton of business and I am very discouraged. I have bee overcharged the few times I have been ordered, and my receipt has been thrown away by staff before I could see if there was a survey to fill out. I'd attach pictures to this complaint of the "no bagels available" if I could. Coffee seems to be the only thing you can get here that is ready at 6am.

Jun 06, 2018

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