Brown Mackie CollegeLow, poor quality education

I began attending this school in August 2009, and it wasn't long before I discovered that they weren't even accredited. They had people with no more than associates degrees teaching, but this was updated before I received my own associates. The selling point for me was that I could walk to school, and it was only one course per month for full-time enrollment. Brown Mackie is a business and medical school which makes a half-hearted attempt at teaching information technology (IT). They had no computer lab; in class, four used PC's were our "lab." Earning a Comp-TIA A+ certificate was mentioned, but the fee for taking the test was not included in tuition, as many colleges and universities do. No mention was made that an A+ certificate would be virtually required to get a good entry level job. No mention was made of the other Comp-TIA certificates. No mention was made of the cost for taking a test. Almost six years later, I still cannot afford to take that test, much less make my student loan payments. Whenever I go for an entry level IT interview, the prospective employer almost invariably says the same thing, if they do comment: "Oh, you attended Brown Mackie. Sorry about your luck." I've never heard from anyone about an IT job since I graduated four years ago, and I'm still stuck making less than $10 an hour. Avoid this school at your peril! They are only in it to collect money from the Dept of Education, and care nothing about your education. If there's a class action suit currently taking place, I need to know about it and put my name in.

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