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This place is so out of the loop when it comes to employee morral its not even laughable. They fire at will and believe everyone is replaceable. I have watched female employees deal with blantant sexual harrassment on levels from co-workers to management. They play pass the buck and their raise's are worst than fast food. In three years with the company i received less than 3k increase. They force you to hide things from state and government agency's as well as acrediting bodies for fear of being closed. Thats just want should happen. Dont waste your money attending this place! They charge anywhere from 200 to 300 dollars a credit hour and their a crappy little two year school! Take your money to a real college.


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May 16, 2013 6:22 pm
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I was a student at Brown Mackie College in North Canton, Ohio, I went there for almost a full 2 years for a medical assisting associates degree and was told that I could get a good job and that they were accredited . I went through 2 years of getting loan after loan because I was told that I needed it. The teachers never knew anything about what they were teaching, in the 2 years I had a manager at walmart as a teacher and a manager at starbucks that was not much older than me. I was 20 years old and a single mom, I thought that I was making my life better so I could provide for my child. The comment that was made about the teachers letting out early is true we were told that we could come in and sign in and leave some of my classes we just watched movies and talked about random subjects that had nothing to do with the subject. I remember watching American History X in one of my classes. If you would ask the teachers about something they would say the answers in the book to find it. I was 3 month away from being done I thought when some of my friends that were trying to do their recommended hours were getting turned down for the jobs. The employers were telling them that Brown Mackie College was not accredited and that no one excepted them as a real college. Now I owe $35, 000.00 in student loans and never got anything of a degree now I feel like I cant go to a real school because I will never pay off these loans. I will never be able to live a real life and give my child a real life because I have Sallie Mae coming after me for loans with monthly payments are more than my monthly income. If anyone knows anyone that can help or any action that is in process please let me know.

Jan 17, 2012 9:18 pm

I attended Brown Mackie College - Findlay and graduated. While I may not agree with their business ethics; I will say that they are by no means a "easy" school. I found myself challenged on many ocassions. One example is a 13 page research paper for Comp II, creating pivot tables in Excel or a 10 minute Power Point for Public Speaking. The management may not have it all together but there were some very good teachers that made you work for your grade.

Dec 09, 2011 11:29 pm
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Hearing all these complaints justifies the problem as a student i had with officials. I am in Arizona and I filed a complaint with the state board for private postsecondary education which goes up in front of the.complaint committee DECEMBER 13, 2011 at 10am. under student complaints V. c. #12-S005 Brown Mackie College. complainant: D.F.. this meeting is opened to the public and I encourage you all to be there or teleconference. by calling [protected] then enter the room number. *6323253* the star key must be used. thank you


BMC is not a bad school, they obviously made the wrong choices by employing people who lack the professionalism that they must have portrayed during the interview. It's so easy to look back and say bad things about a former employee but I have seen instructors tell students that they can leave. I have had students tell me that the instructors don't care and they have prejudged them in many cases. Do you all think that public institutions don't make money? they are a business as well. There are many students who have attended these schools and are still unemployed and unemployable. If the former instructors were so good at there craft, why didn't they work for these awesome institutions in the first place? How many students go to these public institutions and take "Zumba" classes just to keep their name on a waiting list? And no one bothers to tell them that they are wasting their life time loan limits. BMC proclaims that they are a career college and the goal is to get you into a entry level position in your career field. It is for individuals who already know what they want to do, and for whatever reasons have failed to do it in the past. Woe to the person that lies to get a person to start school, the reality is that some people need to be encouraged to change their lives, many of you would still be doing nothing if someone did not speak life into your current circumstances. We should be adults about this and be accountable for our own actions, whether a teacher or a student when you were getting a check from them they were the best thing since slice bread. But now that you have left them woe to you who spread melious things because you didn't work out. Before "passing the buck" do some soul searching were you the best teacher or student that you could have been?

I also am a BMC student...well WAS...up until a month ago...I need help from fellow students or past students. I have only 4 CLASSES TO GO and I get kicked out because they say there is a new rule that suddenly took place that they were unaware of...and let me tell u I am getting an attorney. I have had it. I lost a baby a couple months ago and failed a class do to surgery and my lose, and i retook the class the next month, suddenly I am kicked out on academic dismissal. They said i could appeal it and they could allow me to come back but if i fail one class the rest of the program I'm automatically out for good. and they want over $20, 000...screw that...please help I need all OHIO students or past students help with any info Ill join a class action suite or start my on but I will not pay them anything.

I, too, was ALMOST victim of Brown Mackie College - Woodlawn/Cinti location. They almost got my husband, too, but after the garbage I went through with their admissions office and financil aid something was telling me to "Don't do it!" Glad I listened to that little voice because if I hadn't I believe I would've been very discouraged. The financial aid officer I worked with to finalize my paperwork tried to pull a switch-a-roo on me and I'm sooo glad I had them speak to my husband over the phone because I just wasn't getting their payment process -- she almost didn't speak to him because they didn't have a "Right to Disclose Private Information" form on file yet. Whatever! I'm giving you the phone AND my permission to speak with him. At any rate, at first everything seemed peachy-keen with what I'd be receiving, i.e. qualified for a Pell Grant and the rest went to student loans. Then, one week later, I'm being called to come back in because the paperwork had to be "redone" after our tax information was processed. Ummm, I thought that's what was being done on my FIRST visit. Wrong! All of a sudden, I'm being told I was going to end up OWING around $300 within the first 90 days of attending because the amounts changed on the Pell Grant (I was getting far less than previously told), and that my loans were going up. There were other issues as well but that was due to major miscommunication between financial aid and the admissions office. Excuses, excuses. And they do like passing the buck or using the phrase "Well, admissions really doesn't know what all goes into the financial aid application process". I would hope to God that they WOULD know and not just volunteer information or say "yes" to things before actually saying certain things won't be a problem. All in all, Brown Mackie College may be a good place for someone who just wants to get a degree that doesn't mean much and just so they can say they've been to college and have an associate's degree. If money, or lying, or cheating you out of a good education is no object to you, then Brown Mackie is the college for you! Just don't expect to be working for any major companies like P&G, General Electric, AstraZenica, or any other Fortune 500 companies.

Jul 08, 2011 4:22 pm

I teach upper division humanities and philosophy courses at BMC--and yes, I have a "real" degree, from a top-five program in my field. I have been here for more than two years, and despite experiencing some of the challenges listed above, overall, I enjoy my work and my students. I have never been asked to inflate grades. My curriculum input has been implemented. At my campus, admissions reps are watched like hawks to ensure that they provide correct information. Our number one goal is finding students good jobs. I would suggest, as many here have, that any prospective student research his or her chosen school carefully. Ask questions. Talk to the department chairs and teachers. Talk to employers.
My biggest frustration has been students who don't take their work seriously. In one of my classes, the students were angry with me because I required (in a four week course) a 7-10 page research paper, numerous threaded discussions, and four difficult exams. They told me, "This isn't a real school. We shouldn't have to work this hard." And I responded, "If you want your degree to be worth anything, then you have to work for it." The strength of BMC's reputation depends on the quality of our graduates and their ability to get and keep good jobs. My campus administration gets that. My students are starting to get that.
I am really sorry to hear about these bad experiences. I would also suggest, as a product of the state school system, that BMC provides some things you would never find there--in my campus's case, a schedule that allows you to be a full time student while working, small classes, free tutoring, dedicated academic advising, and the ability to graduate in a timely fashion. When you compare the cost of one course at our school to the local state college's tuition, it looks like ours is twice as much. But when you add in the mandatory student fees, we are only a few dollars more per credit hour.
BMC (and for-profit schools in general) are not right for everyone. As a student (and a consumer), it's your job to make sure you are making the right choice. And it's my job to give you the best education your money can buy.

I have worked at BMC for 8 months as an admissions rep. When I was hired in, I was fed a whole lot of BS about how the company has high ethical standards and are all about compliance and doing the right thing for the student. This is absolutely a bunch of BULLSH*T. Just wanted former students to know that I believed in all of it too. I am all about helping students. I have integrity and am an honest person. I genuinely believed I was helping people make good, sound career choices. We are subjected to 2 "stand-up" meetings a day to report on our aggressive recruiting. We are humiliated if we did not make over 100 calls a day, interviewed 4 people a day, or set 6 appointments. Alot of pressure is put on admissions and the constant threat of losing your job, was always hanging over your head. It is a hostile environment to work in. I, needless to say, can no longer stomach doing this job. I always had the best interest of the student at heart and not about the number on the board. I am on the verge of being fired...I now see what a bogus situation this is by the management team. They are a bunch of yahoos who have cracker jack box degrees from on-line non- accredited institutions like the BS they push every day. They treat their employees like crap...I will be handing in my resignation on Monday and trusting in God that another job will be provided. I can not put up with the endless lies they feed us about EVERYTHING. This has been an emotional roller-coaster ride. WHAT A LEARNING EXPERIENCE. I NEVER want to work for a proprietary school again nor would I recommend it to anyone!

Jun 02, 2011 6:59 am

BMC=false hope, and greed is the main issue why the college runs the way they do. You reap what you sow, and I will get my justice.

Why do BM Akron and Canton constantly advertise for adjunct (part time) teacher? Is there some kind of problem with attracting instructors for the long haul? Are the working conditions at BM Akron and Canton driving away good teachers, or is it the "department chairs" (hahahaaaaaaaaa! AKA, flunkies), punitive harassment of instructors? BM needs to be shut down. Gov. Kasich, thoughts?

I am very thankful to read and consider all of the pervious blogs, but one issue that no one really has put any emphases on, the main topic that should be considered is the actually benefit from each student. The inital reason that I googled this website was to find out the achievement rate and also any jobs that students recieved after graduation. I am sorry to read the things that go on within management but that doesnt excalty effect the outcome of the students. I am more concered with the jobs that students recieved after graduating... Could anyone talk about that or do anyone know anything about that ? please and thank you.

Nov 04, 2010 1:26 pm

I'm a student at BMC in Indianapolis. I'm four months from graduating, and looked into my student portal last night and discovered they had tacked four more classes to my schedule. Mind you, they allowed four classes to transfer from IUPUI here in Indianapolis, but it seems like the amount of classes they allowed transferred, they were trying to pick up somewhere else. And to make matters worse, the four classes up until this month, were only two classes they split. I'm sending a letter to the Attorney General's about my concerns. I have to pay for my classes out of pocket, so for them to tack four extra classes on my schedule especially when I'm about to graduate, is full of crap. Also, like all the other complaints about this institution, it's a joke. They have people teaching classes that teach as if everyone came to the class with prior knowledge of the subjects and the deans and heads of departments don't listen to the students. They take the instructors side no matter what, even when they are clearly in the wrong.

Nov 03, 2010 8:32 pm

I am a FORMER employee of BMC, of 2 locations since I transferred about a year and a half after being there. I worked in Admissions and saw the most awful practices. The managers quite clearly state that it was our job to get the students in the seats and then it doesn't matter after that. We were trained to give the best customer service ever right up until the first day of class. Once that student sits they were hooked for the $ and it counted towards our quota.
QUOTA - every admission rep had a certain number to meet. Which makes sense, every job has requirements. But we would get yelled at on a regular basis and be told how much we all suck at our jobs and how we are all replaceable. Management was extremely sexist and would argue over who got to deal with a "hot" student coming in that day. I had glowing reviews 5 months straight, had a bad month and then got criticized repeatedly for not making my numbers. This was by far the worst job I have ever had for both staff and students.
I would see students come in there who had no reason to go to school, it was obvious it would be a waste of their time and $ but admissions would constantly enroll whoever walked in the door, and harass potential students by phone until they came in.
When I transferred to the other location it got even worse. The Admissions Director screamed at us constantly. Literally screaming at us and getting red int he face every day. I took a medical leave of absence and was told that I couldn't tell anyone else that worked there why I was on leave. I wasn't allowed to talk to anyone from work when I was on leave and when I came back to work the director was not understanding in anyway of my limitations after surgery.

Quitting there was the happiest day of my life so far! I feel horrible for the students who go there and for the people who work there. It is an awful institution that does not care about the students in any way.

Is there anyone out there that has completed the ota program and found a job?

Aug 27, 2010 4:52 pm
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I wanted to respond to "Readbetweenthelines" I hate to tell you, but you are/were so proud of the fact that Phoenix on Line, took your credits from BM. Have you looked up all the complaints and lawsuit against UOP? I hate to tell you this, but I think you jumped from the frying pan into the fire itself. I'm not saying this to be cocky or rude. They accepted your credits, so that you would enroll in their BA program. Money for them, you will find the same results "Out in the Real World" to their degrees and non-transferable credits. I'm sorry to be the one too tell you this, but do more research, and get out while you can.

Jul 24, 2010 12:03 am

I attend BMC. I have not owed the school anything. I have recieved my money on time everytime. I have great teachers that have been in the field that they are teaching. I enjoy my time at BMC and I have already started at a law firm because of the knowledge that I have retrieved and I recently enrolled in October 2009. Whenever I have questions my teachers and counselors are always there for me. Also I have had it easy because I think ahead and make sure my FASFA and things are completed way before the due date and continue to keep up my scholarships. I also dont buy my books fromt he school so my Brown Mackie account is always on the positive. I keep a close eye on my account and not just my school account. Nothing gets past me and I appreciate this school because I would not be making the 20 dollars an hour at the age of 19. THANKS BMC sorry everyone couldnt get the same experience as I am getting. But my school is also in Indianapolis so I dont know what to say.

Jul 23, 2010 4:44 pm
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I just left . Somehow, someone decided I was homosexual and the whole school knew, it's a hideous deal. Blatant harassment in my opinion. Federal agency to handle it though. Why does it take 4 years of school to teach 3rd grade3 phonics but two years diplomas to teach tech college students. I'm jus sayin. They have an Southern Ohio grad as the assistant dean. WTF. It is ho's and felons and dopers.

Jul 08, 2010 6:29 pm
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What I hear are a lot of disgruntle ex-employees of Brown Mackie and it is very unfortunate that you were the people who were suppose to be there to help these people who many of them would not survive in a four year college and desperately needing the extra attention that teachers who care will give them at Brown Mackie College. You make comments about some of them being ex-convicts, if they have paid their debt to society they are "EX" convicts who deserve a chance to make a better future than their past. EDMC is a good company to work for and they are one of the most compliance driven organizations that I have seen.
Admissions is probably one of the only departments that actually care about the welfare of the students. When the so called Professional teachers put them down and ignore them because they may have had challenges in life at some point (who hasn't). What we see are people that deserve a chance to make a turn in the road without being judged.
You all recommend that students only seek four year colleges or state funded colleges, when I have witnessed many students who have atteneded these school graduate with tons of loans and no job nor any help in finding one. Many of them are forced to take classes that they don't even need to hold on to them while being placed on two and three year wating list, Is that fair? We are a career college and our goal is to help these students who are not looking to make a career out of college but too make them employable.
In a job market where jobs are scarce we had a 89% job placement rate. So before you all start to throw stones, evaluate why you are not there if teaching was your passion then that passion should be to teach anyone that wants to learn, rich, poor, "A" student of "D" student Felon or not. Don't find fault in Brown Mackie because it is a business, because everyone at every school you know is getting a paycheck and the money is surely not growing on trees for them either.

Jul 07, 2010 2:35 pm

I am a Student currently attending BMC in Phoenix AZ. This college has have its up and downs and has gonna thru so many dean's and ST chair persons and vice presidents. Its not even funny. This school does not have there heads on straight at all and this new ST chair person is saying that we have to bine by her rules or ur out! Its [censor]ed cause most of the people that signed up for this program was TOLD that are classes will ALL BE AT NIGHT. Then this new chair person comes out and says that we have to change our schedules to morning classes for are clinicals.. THATS BS! I am about to seriously transfer my credits somewhere if they don't get there heads out of there [censor] and fix this!

Jun 27, 2010 12:10 pm
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Hello all interested,

I am sincerely writing to obtain support from anyone who has intimate knowledge and is willing to back it up concerning my personal experience with Brown Mackie Nursing College of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I will withhold my name, but anyone who reads my complaint will know who I am or at least heard of me. I am hopeful that I will find someone who will be able to help me prove the lies told about me by students and staff at this school which led to my having to leave this campus and finish my degree elsewhere at my own expense. I was harassed on a daily basis by a group of students who were motivated by one Asian man and my former wife who left this campus when she discovered I was enrolled as a student there. The Asian man was discussing in class his daughter’s health problems of a personal nature, who was only six years old at the time. The descriptions he was making didn’t fit the normal hygiene problems of a six year old, but that of a young woman who was sexually active. I found his discussion offensive and disturbing and I reported it to my academic advisor. The information was then told to him by the Dean, who is now the president and from that point on he worked the student body like a politician bringing about lies about me in order to destroy my credibility. My former wife was only too happy to provide additional personal information ab out me to make matters worse. These students tried to have me dismissed several times with lies that I was making threats toward them. False phone calls were made to the school saying that certain people’s lives were in danger by someone posing as a sheriff’s deputy. Rumors were spread that I had killed someone and gotten away with it. I was also openly labeled as the next “Virginia Tech Killer.” My former wife had breached my medical files and lost her job as a result of a HIPPA violation at Parkview Hospital and then employed at St. Joe Hospital, where I was accused of being drunk and asked to leave the clinical site. Even though I could prove I was not drunk with a blood alcohol test which showed I had not had any alcohol to drink for six months, the school refused to make the situation right. These students would repeatedly go to clinical instructors and tell them lies about me and to watch me close, because I was a dangerous drunk and a killer. Several months in a row I was prevented from attending clinical and class while their lies were investigated. Upon graduation, I filed a complaint with the Indiana Civil Rights Commission, in which the school wanted to disclose the name of the person who falsely accused me of being drunk, but with their protection so that I could not jeopardized their clinical site. They also stated among many lies, which I met with their behavioral specialist on a weekly basis, which never happened. As far as I knew, the school had no specialist on staff and referred students off campus to a counseling service that was not affiliated with the school. I am trying to expose this school as well as their protection of a student, who is an ex police officer fired for abusing and harassing people. I have no idea why they would seek to protect him, and my former wife who also has a history of violating privacy laws. Although, it is clear these individuals have clear motives to harass me and keep me quiet, now the school has seriously crossed the line. While I know I attended no secessions with a behavior specialist working for the school, I fear they will stop at nothing, even forging records. They have also lied in a federal investigation which took place prior to the state investigation. It seems the staff at this diploma mill is more than willing to cover their tracks when it comes to me and are willing to tell grand lies to discredit me. There is more to this story, but I have told enough. Anyone who can supply me with proof of their activities either with similar stories or first hand proof of what this school has done to me personally will be greatly appreciated. I have filed an appeal and I won’t stop until I find justice in this matter. The way this school behaves on all levels is repulsive and as a student attending their college, they have your back up against the wall and have all the power especially when you are in their nursing program. Their program director has no problem walking all over students and working out lies to pass who she believes should be passed according to her politics. I was an honor student and quite frankly, taking their tests was like shooting fish in a barrel for me. Other students had problems only because they didn’t study and expected the test answers to be spoon fed to them, which occurred in every class on a weekly basis.

Again, I need your help. Please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.

Jun 08, 2010 5:31 pm
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I am a current instructor at BMC in Indiana. I am afriad to post the exact location because of treats to my job. Its in northern Indiana. I need the advice of a good attorney about what is going on here. Accredidation time is approaching and rumors have flew about staff having to lie about what really goes on here. I am a proffesional teacher, with a master degree. I started at this school for the experience and I am afriad they are going to smear my reputation by forcing my hand against these inspectors. Please help. I am at a lose at who to talk to or trust. No one at the BMC is able to help. In fact they have treatened my job with other issues that are not true. Good Doctor, I beleive I work at the same facility you did. I don't know. But I think I could be of some help to your cause. Regardless I will NOT lie about this school to anyone. I will retain my honor at all cost. It's getting thick and I want to join with you guys. I can't do this alone. I will fight the good fight, but out numbered I will eventually fall.

It is just you and your slightly skewed view of the world possibly that keeps you from seeing the "big picture". So I will spell it out for you, this "school" has and will continue to steal financial aid money from students, allow EEOC violations against staff, students, and others as long it does not interfere with their ability to make money while providing NO educational EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER FOR THE INSANE AMOUNT OF MONEY. If a student goes to a school and is informed that it is legitimate then they must assume this is the case. The reason I have decided to take this and all other proprietary schools on and make them accoutnable for what students are PAYING FOR IS BECAUSE WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS MORALLY WRONG AND ILLEGAL. The simple fact that you do not want students or previous employees to get together and discuss what goes on at these campuses is a direct contradiction to what should happen and what you state. How are students supposed to be able to make the "informed decisions" that you speak of when you do not want any of them to blog on any of these types of web pages and sites in order to provide the same information you say they should research but do not want them to discuss on these types of sites? Your argument holds no water and makes no sense when it is a continuous self contradiction. God help you if your view of your campus changed for any of the reasons others have had the strength and courage to attest and bear witness to on this site. This too will make you look like the hypocrite that you have already demonstarted to us all that you surely must be.
Good luck with the rose colored glasses you wear and I hope that the reality of what BMC/EDMC is and how they continue to operate in the greyest of areas legally is about to become VERY BLACK AND WHITE THANKS TO FOLKS LIKE MY SELF. Since there are now 3 campuses, Merrillville, IN, Lexington, KY, and NOW Atlanta, GA ALL filing EEOC lawsuits and complaints against your school, you better make sure to graduate while their is still the facade THAT HAS BEEN BMC/EDMC TO GRADUATE FROM. See you in the press. :)

Apr 14, 2010 2:14 pm

I would say that if you dont like the school you attend or TEACH at then go somewhere else. ### and moaning about it wont change anything. What kind of instructor would belittle the school they represent? Those of you who do are probably the ones that students such as myself feel like do not care at all. Change your attitude. i am currently a student a BMC Kansas City and also have some complaints. Those complaints are having to do wth money and certain teachers that seem to not care about their role as an instructor or their students(example: the ones who have been posting on this site) If as a student you graduate and can not find employment maybe you should look at yourself and ask why you are not a viable candidate for the position. Could it be because you dress sloppy, or more likly do not speak proper english? Everything aside i love the way the program is set up. As a single working mother, this gives me the opportunity to get a degree and provide for my child at the same time. Nothing in life is perfect. Do your research and make the best decision for yourself. I request the teachers who have so many negative things to say take action to make changes to benefit all BMC students and teachers. My suggestion to you is to quit. I do not want my tuition dollars paying someone who does not care.
Satisfied BMC Kansas City Medical Assisting student


Update from "THE GOOD DOCTOR"
An update to the case of the Merrillville, IN campus and my pending lawsuit against them for a variety of reasons. We are almost set and ready to finally file both of our lawsuits against the management team as well as several of the department chairs working at this campus. I have won a court case against this campus already in the state of Indiana when several key officers of EDMC perjured them selves under oath during testimony and the judge threw out their sorry attempts to smear my self and my instructors at the time. It has also cost the regional vice president for this campus Tony Rios his job. They stated that he retired but we all know they gave him his marching orders as a result of this case and the amount of scrutiny/heat that I am sure it caused him. I want to go on record now as stating that the current president of this campus, the interim dean, the head of EDMC HR and at least 3 0f the department chairs are all going to finally answer for their parts in the illegal games that have been played out at this campus and I want all of their jobs as an end result and I will get it according to our attorneys.
There is also another department chair in Kentucky who has filed a law suit against the same individuals that I have at the corporate level for some of the exact same reasons. That's right BMC, we all talk and we are fighting back and we will win in Indiana and we will win in Kentucky. The revolution and revolt against predatory for profit schools has officially begun and we are mad as hell and we will not take it anymore. We are bringing the fight to BMC and EDMC, and I want them to know there is not a damn thing they can do to stop justice from prevailing and from those who are right from being heard and from suing their collective assess off. It's go time you ###, let's take it to the court rooms of America BMC & EDMC this notice is served to you both, see you in court and its time to answer for all the wrongs you've done to all of my students and the rest of those who have until this moment not had a voice!
I will continue to keep fighting this fight because it is the right thing to do, and to fight all of the BMCs of the world, like Westwood College, who are just as pathetic and manipulative in their approach to students as I can. Stand up and be heard, you have a voice as students who have been victimized, for God's sake use it, file lawsuits, generate public opinion, go to news sources in your areas and take the fight to these ### on every street corner in every town. Do not let them treat you unfairly and illegally, fight back now.

Apr 09, 2010 8:10 am

Amen Savior. Thank you for your contribution. Have you ever noticed how they mainly advertise during Jerry Springer and Judge Judy, Mathis, or Judge whoever? I transfered there from Owens Community College because Owens was sending me 40 minutes away four times a week and Brown Mattress Stain was right down the street. BIG MISTAKE! I did not learn anything in my two years there except how to tolerate looters. Oh well, who is John Galt?


I'm a current full time employee instructor at Brown Mackie Atlanta. All of the above mentioned comments on this forum and other numerous forums like, still understate the current culture and environment at Brown Mackie. The admission department alone should be charged with fraud and literally lying to student to make commission sales and bonuses. All potential or new students are told that they transfer all of their units to actually universities and colleges. Unfortunately do to the humble backgrounds of the students (poor, homeless, single parents, illiterate, and mental disabilities), the student don't possess the know how to verify the information that they've been told. Admissions is completely predatory on unsuspecting student and bend over backwards to enroll any type of student.

On the education side of Brown-Mackie Atlanta, the leadership is completely lacking especially with the President Sydney, who behaves more a like a plantation owner than a true leader (I'll let you read in between the lines). Her knowledge about anything academic is truly lacking and she's would be lost without the help of the few legit department chair. The culture at the school is very untrustworthy, where fellow faculty and especially the department look to backstab and sully the reputations of the same co-worker they smile and converse with. Many of the department chairs are spies for the President and there's no real teamwork among those who should be pulling people together. Many of the department chair are not qualified to lead a deparment let along teach at the school. Fortunately for the school, there exist many exception adjunct (part time) instructors who truly are skilled in the instruction of the students, but their hard work is under valued and not appreciated. President Sydney promotes only those employees who brown nose and worship her humor and wardrobe. The career services department is a complete due to their lack of job placing newly graduated student, their main functions is standing in the hallway talking with students and appearing to work. The caliber of students has actually diminished and unfortunately these student who need actual teaching from adult learning facilities will never be given the help they need and will only collect more debt and be unable to be hired at a legit workplace.

The former dean quit in the middle of night and the school has been without a dean for 5 months. There's actually been new deans who were hired, but immediately rescinded their offer even the light of an instant raise. The lack of leadership, trust, competence, and morality is staggering. This is merely just a job to pay the bills for me while I look for a much better situation. This school should absolutely be invested for enrolling students who have no business attending a school and receiving federal financial aid. Here in the state of Georgia, a year bachelors from a real state university will run for about 24k for tuition over the 4 years. Brown Mackie's cost of education for their 2 year worthless and non-transferable associates degree is about 22k. These kids and adults are being swindled and hopefully something is done from reporting the dean for her incompetence to the shady department chairs (IT, paralegal, and surgical technology), and the cutthroat admissions. Brown Mackie Atlanta is a fraudulent institution and a breeding ground of amorality and an organization running the greedy scheme for the parent company EDMC.

I am a current student of brown mackie college lpn program, I hate this school with a passion the only reason why I am still attending is because I only have 1 month to go I am really close to quitting. in the beginning when I was registering and meeting with the administration rep they seemed so loving and caring and i felt as though they were really concerned with the needs of the students. YEAH RIGHT ! Come to find out they want OUR money but they dont really want US african americans and africans to succeed this is a very wicked school. These teachers want us to fail and will even go so far as to make us fail. They indirectly put us down to make us feel like were nothing and don't have what it takes to be in a professional field. This has been such a humiliating experience to me, at clinicals they give us the hard patients that takes about 30 medications keep in mind that I always love a challenge because it helps me learn more about what I am doing, but i know that is not the reason why they give us these challenges they expect us to become overwhelmed and give up.There are alot more racial experiences that I have encountered but im going to save those complaints for the department of education. I feel sorry for these people come judgement day.

Mar 17, 2010 10:07 am

I am currently a student at BM in Lenexa, Kansas. I am having all the same problems. I was told that they had just got their accredidation back and was also shown a long list of schools that my credits would transfer to. Now I'm told I have to double up to be ready for my OTA clinicals by June. I had been trying to get an answer since January (it's now March) and was just informed yesterday, right before a huge exam that I have to pay $9, 000 by June! I said to financial aid that I can't afford that, she said "well you could start saving" really 9 gran in 2 months! This whole situation is their fault for one they just realized after I have been there for 8 months now that they started me too early I should of waited until Dec. to start instead of Aug. I would not have to pay anything if they knew what they were doing. There is an entire group of students that are enrolled in the OTA program that this is happening to. This is ALL about money. To top it all off none of my credits will transfer after I was told and shown a list of schools that would take my credits. So I have worked my butt off to have a 3.94 with perfect attendance, I have wasted the last eight months. There has to be something that we can do, this has to be illegal!


A good rule of thumb to consider; when something is too good to be true, it ususually is. A university or college that is reputable will always have programs that involve dedication to a very rigorous but not impossible curriculum. It will only be easy to those with high SAT or ACT scores. A college that allows classes to take place for only one month will never be accepted as a regionally accredited school. It simply won't pass the requirements. This is a fact. It's in writing and available to the public. Take the time and money to take the proper steps to enter a legitimate college or university. Study and prepare for the SAT and/or ACT exams. After receiving your score, make application to a regionally and nationally accredited public or private school of higher learning. Private schools will have a third accreditation for being a private school and properly accreditied. This is public information available to everyone. Last, like millions of other prospective college students, make application to the school of your choice. Good schools are very choosey as to who they admit. If your scores are not the best, a properly accredited community college is the perfect place to begin. After your grades are stabilized, transfer to a university. A good way to check the validity of the statements made by "salesmen" like registration personnel is to call other properly accredited colleges and universities in your area and ask if the credits will transfer. When I was younger, I was guilty of not taking the time to thoroughly check out particulars. I learned through trial and error to always check for complaints posted online, check the Better Buisness Bureau and don't be pressured into signing a contract you really don't understand. The law defines "Fraud" very clearly. If you feel the admissions personnel presented misleading or false information to you that they knew to be false, please contact an attorney. Admission personnel go through training and are given printed facts to present to the students. They are aware of what is fact and what is false. Research Westwood Academy. This is an almost identical situation and there is a recorded settlement. Good luck to you.

Feb 17, 2010 4:15 pm

I ‘m a former student at BMC, I graduate this year and I am so happy. I have been there sense the doors open; I really like it here and YOU ALL ARE RIGHT! It is a money thing, they do cost to much, they don’t return your calls, They DON”T EVEN KNOW YOU OR CARE ABOUT YOU ANY MORE AFTER THE FRIST 4 MONTHS, and the ONES THAT DO CARE ARE SO CONSREAND ABOUT YOU THEY FIRE THEM.
IT will all be over soon, and it’s over.. I wanted to come back after getting my Associate Degree, but it’s a not going to happen no time soon.. I just hope they really get together.

Good Luck and God Bless
Class of 2010

Jan 15, 2010 10:11 am

I am a current student of Brown Mackie College/Atlanta. When I first registered for BMC I did notice some b!#*@^it. Yes, unfortunately we have discouraged faculty, rude students and maybe even so, useless credits.
BM College is what you make of it. In this recession, you could go to an ivy league college and still fail at getting employed afterwards. If college was the answer for everyone now, there would not be a great recession. I went to a white technical college and it shows on my job. The students there are supportive of one another, the faculty cares whether or not you can grasp the lesson concepts or not. I brought this attitude with me to BMC. How many of you bloggers have joined the tutor clubs to help other students with their struggles? How many minutes before or after class do you spend with a 57 year old student who's never had a use for computers before? Think about it people it starts with us. No students- no money- no school. The ball is in our court when you really look at it. If this were a white technical school, they would help each other through and I've seen it before.

Jan 13, 2010 11:44 pm

I am a student in the OTA program at the Merrilliville, IN campus. I was pregnant when I started here in Aug. and was discriminated against because of it. I had FOUR people try to talk me out of going to school, including the department chair who made me sign papers saying that I understand that I am pregnant and was advised to start in July instead of January. You cannot make an appointment at financial aide unless you are a new student. Current students have to wait for 'current student hours' which are 30 minutes before class and during class. Everytime I've gone in there, I have waited for about 45 min-1hr to get seen. During my most recent encounter, I heard several people talking in their cubicles and saw 6 aid representatives walking around. The girl at the desk said that only one person was doing student hours that night and I would just have to wait.

I think this place is a joke, too. They are just trying to make money. The gen. ed. classes are a complete waste of time. The department chair at my campus has total disregard for her students. She is too worried about getting her own opinion in and being right all the time that she does not listen to her students. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AT BROWN MACKIE! I have been to 3 different universities and have a bachelor's degree. I don't know why I decided to waste my money here instead of going straight in to the OT program at a REAL university. They overcharge for this education and overpay their faculty. I don't know how they got accredited. My teacher said that now that they are accredited they can start changing things until its time for the accreditation commitee to come back! UGH I HATE THIS SCHOOL!

If you do still choose to go here, DO NOT BUY YOUR BOOKS FROM THEM! They are turning at least 150% profit. This month, my books were about $317 from the bookstore and brand new at Barnes and Noble, I paid about $155. Also, DO NOT OPEN YOUR BOOKS UNTIL YOU NEED THEM. I have not even opened any of 4 books for my current class and my last test is Tuesday. I'm not going to need them!

Dec 16, 2009 8:23 am

I am so sorry about your experiences at BM. Don't give up, now that you know how to do school, buck up and keep going to your local university. You WILL succeed. And thanks for sharing your story; hopefully it will help other people from us from mistaking a shortcut school for a REAL education. Good luck, Former Atlanta Student!

I attended BMC in Atlanta, Georgia at the newest location on Peachtree St. I blame myself for not verifying my admission counselor's information on the school's accreditation before signing the contract to attend. I was swayed by the "convenient" 30-day classes. I received full financial aid plus a subsidized and unsubsidized loan and it was approved for future quarters . After the first week, I knew I had made a very bad decision by signing their contract. Like many have written, I experienced the very poor behavior of students in some of the classrooms such as talking on cell phones all during class, letting their phones ring repeatedly as though they thought everyone wanted to hear their ring tones, cursing, clothing that would be unacceptable in most schools and just really bad childish behavior. I also witnessed the Academic Dean going class to class one morning threatening to expell any student caught using drugs in the poorly lighted parking garage the school used. She stated to everyone in the class that it would be a shame to get kicked out of the building after just moving in because of people smoking marijuana on the bottom level of the parking deck. It became very obvious a majority of the students attending were students who would not otherwise be admitted to a reputable college or university. I had classes with students that I could not understand because their grammar was so poor and was made up mainly of slang terms . The BMC student body in Atlanta during the time I attended in 2009, predominately consisted of poor and what appeard to be uneducated African Americans. A majority of the students were unwed mothers who were dependent onthe financial aid they received for living expenses. I knew of mothers who stated this to me. I doubt seriously that any of the students had taken an SAT or ACT exam and many didn't know what these test were. I did have the priviledge of meeting a few really great students who didn't fit in with the BMC majority because they were truly "college material" but signed the contract because of the 30-day "convenient" classes or were older women returning to school. It was impossible to learn the subject matter in 30 days we all soon learned. A majority of the learning was done on your own and online regardless of an "on ground" schedule. After taking a Microsoft Applications 2007 class and not knowing how to use the applications after completing the class with "A+" as my grade, I decided to give notice that I would be leaving. I was amazed that the gentleman sitting next to me could not type but still made an "A" also. I fullfilled the agreement of attending one full quarter and withdrew. I don't understand why people write that they could not leave. I am now finishing up my first semester at a local university, with a 3.99 GPA. None of my credits transferred from BMC and I am thankful I only owe less than $2000 in unsubsidized loans to Sallie Mae for classes in which I learned nothing . I took the Microsoft Applications class over again at the new university, received an "A", and actually know how to use all of the applications now.

What I took away from my BMC experience was that in the future, never sign any type of contract with financial obligations before having it fully explained in detail to include the fine print. I learned that I should have visited the school while classes were in session to observe who the student body consisted of. I learned that there is no "quick and convenient" way of getting a degree, that it takes hard work and determination. Last I learned that I should only attend a school with the proper accreditation to include the accreditation by the state of residence also.

Dec 13, 2009 9:41 pm
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I am a current student at the Findlay, Ohio campus and I am now questioning the validity of the school as well as ms mya. First of all, let me say that, so far, I love the school! The teachers seem genuinely concerned about their students. I do not see any of the drama mentioned in a previous post. All of the students are respectful and courteous of others, and the teachers are, too. There are a few immature kids there, but remember that some of the students are literally just out of high school. I was a bit offended by some of the comments on here by teachers, regarding this school as being for welfare mothers and ex cons. So what? Is it so horrible for someone to try to better themselves? Not everyone is born with a silver spoon up their bum and a rich mommy and daddy to send them to an upper class university. Some of us know what it is like to struggle through life and not have everything handed to us! I'm 32 years old and it took me many years to take the steps to go back to school and I truly enjoy going to college, even though I got a late start! I enjoy learning new things and starting here has boosted my self esteem tremendously! As far as people only going to BMC for the loan checks, bmc is now doing away with giving the leftovers to the student, unless they prove that their family needs it.. and so what to that, too? It is our money, our loan, we have to pay it back no matter what it is used for! .. A lot of people are mentioning that some students can't even read or write. Well, BMC requires a high school diploma or equivalent, plus they get your high school transcripts and everyone is required to take the compass test before starting classes! Not to mention all of the paperwork that has to be done, at the school, before starting classes? How can all of that be done if someone can not read or write?

I have done a bit if research on BMC and was disappointed to find out that some of what others have said is true. For instance, nursing students are wasting their time if they plan to get further schooling, because no one else will accept BMC credits?! Also, the Vet Tech program is not an approved accredited school by the AVMA. The Findlay campus has applied for approval but has not received it yet, therefore, anyone who graduates from the Vet. Tech. program before the school is approved will have 2 years of nothing because they will not be able to get licensed! I am currently on the waiting list for Vet. Tech. as this is something I have always wanted to do, and BMC is the only Vet. Tech. school close enough for me to attend! I am very disappointed to hear about this and will be doing more research into this as I don't want to be wasting my time or my money!

It's difficult to know what to believe because every school has the haters. Some of these sound like pissed off ex employees of BMC just trying to talk crap... or Jeff Fox up there who just wants to blow up his ego by trying to show how intelligent he is!

Dec 12, 2009 5:23 am

I am a current PN student in Findlay I am in my fourth month and already I have told my family that so far, yes I try really hard and so far I have 3 A's for the courses I have taken, now I find myself questioning the validity of my grades. I will say the instructors I have had up to this point appear to care for those of us who really care about what we do. Is anyone speaking on the Findlay location? I am just curious because i TOO am a single mom paying $415 a month out of pocket on top of the loans, and grants.

Dec 03, 2009 3:29 pm

Hi, just a note, my previous post was directed to Micki Holliday's rant re: BMC critics, and not the respondents on this board. My apologies for not having been more succinct, I am not familiar with this tool. Also, in my years of teaching at Brown Mackie, I have encountered bureaucrats such as Micki who are making some good money and have a little fiefdom going on at BM, but are not looking at the educational big picture because of their myopic self interest. The students suffer while Micki and the staff have little birthday parties for each other and drinks at Applebees after work, planning what color to paint their pathetic apartments. Poor Micki, poor BM students!

Dec 03, 2009 3:10 pm

Errors in your post: individuals lifes: individuals' lives. Your second paragraph is vague and unfocused. Your third paragraph contains a glaring pronoun agreement issue and sladering is actually spelled SLANDERING. Guess this is the message that students are trying to send you BM folks: You are careless amateurs with little education and a lot of chutzpah. As far as people signing their names when "sladering others, " MY name is Jeff Fox, and I think you are an idiot who drank the Koolaid.

I am an employee of Brown Mackie, proud of the association, proud of the assistance and hope and opportunities we give to people. I left corporate America and a position that financially was 3x's my current compensation because of the huge impact this institution can and does make in individuals lifes.

If others are dissatisfied, I would look to them, rather than make excuses or produce ridiculous and untrue statements. Whenever there is an issue, an intelligent, talented, assured, or respectful individual would deal with it directly and with the person involved. How unassertively and mean to instead use a public forum to repeat issues that are generalizations, gossip, or untruths.

I am amazed that someone will not sign their name when sladering others.

Micki Holliday, Director of Career Services and very proud of the many accomplishments students and colleagues have achieved.

Nov 27, 2009 9:57 pm

Brown Mackie is a joke, especially the Nursing Program. Brown Mackie, trash mackie, what a joke, it's so sad to be a student there. The teachers are all liars and are taking advantage of the students, they are there because they have nowhere else to go.


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