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Brown Mackie College / Terrible experience

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I have attended BMC of fort Wayne for more than a year and a half. The first issue I had was in my third month of school. I was in psychology, and the instructor had no experience teaching adult students. As a matter of fact, the only thing that she had ever taught was elementary school. I decided to give her a chance anyway. (after all, BMC was taking care of my education.) In my second week of that class, I had not learned anything at all. At the time, I thought she was the worst teacher that anyone could ever ask for. My classmates and I all went to the dean, about not learning anything in that class and requesting some kind of assistance with it. We were all told that there was nothing that could be done and we needed to stop giving her "attitude" and do our school work.

A few months later I got a notice saying that I qualified for a state grant. I was ecstatic. I gave it a few weeks to post to my account, and then followed up with financial aid. $1150 of free money that I had earned disappeared! It was not applied to my loans and it was not applied to my excess funding check. When I spoke to financial aid about it, I was told that they had not received it and knew nothing about it.

Yet another few months later, I was scheduled to take an independent study class. I was excited about this because I had been teaching myself for quite sometime anyway. On my day of orientation for this class, I was told that all assignments would be in the folder for me in the library on Mondays. I checked the folder prior to leaving and there were no assignments. I came back on Tuesday and there were still no assignments.

I tried to contact the instructor who was in "charge" of the class and could not even get him to reply.

The following week, I don't know why, but I checked my grade for that class and I had gotten zeros on 4 assignments from the first week, that I had not even received. I attempted to speak with the dept chair, the dean, and anyone else that I could get a hold of and no one could seem to help.

This continued until week 3 of my class, and I finally managed to leave work early so that I could find my "instructor" in person. I finally spoke to him in person, and explained that I had left several messages and I was pretty irritated that he would not respond or make sure that I had my assignments. At that point, He told me that he never checks his email, or messages "because there are always so many."

In dismay, I got the assignments from him, and kind of gave up..

There was too little time left in the class to complete all of the assignments, so I did the bare minimum to pass.

After my final grade was posted I was surprised to see a B as my overall grade. I looked at the assignments that were graded and he gave me points for assignments that I did not even turn in.!

My point to this story, is that the education at brown mackie is not even sufficient enough to be considered below average. They do not challenge students in any way, and the majority of the instructors are only there for a paycheck.

After months of this, I finally began checking into other colleges in the area. I knew the most challenging part would be to find a school that would accept BMC's credits. I found a school, and decided to transfer.

now since I had just began a loan term (the first month of three months) I wanted to make sure that I would leave there with out owing any money.

I met with my financial aid advisor and explained that I was leaving, when and why. Then told her that I wanted to make sure that I would not owe any money to BMC because I was leaving after the first month in a term. She and another FA advisor, told me to leave $1500 in my student account and that is what would be refunded to my loan holder and I would not owe any money, thus would not have to worry about a hold being put on my transcripts.

Two weeks after I left, I went into BMC to fill out a request for my 18 months of transcripts to transfer to my new school. I was told that I had a balance due of over $2000, and there was a hold on them until the balance was paid. As livid as I was, I marched down to the financial aid office and asked my advisor what happened. She said "they messed up and sent back all of your loans." I said "what do you mean?" She explained that instead of refunding 2 months worth of loans to my loan holder, they sent back all three.

I tried to contact the business office about the matter and no one would return my phone calls. So I decided to fix it myself. I called my loan holder and explained the situation to them and they were more than willing to send back whatever money that was needed. The next step for me was to contact BMC and and let them know this information. I did just that, and spoke to the assistant director of financial aid. Now let me remind you that these classes are 4 weeks long and it is one class a month. When I spoke to her she said that I had to be in school 30 days before I could be eligible for any student loans. I explained to her that, if that were the case in there class structure, no one would ever qualify for any student loans. It doesn't matter rather it is 3 months or one month, in a 4 week long class you will never meet a 30 day attendance criteria.

She continued to argue with me and then hung up.

I since then have conducted much research on this school, finding out that I am merely one example of how corrupt this school is and how they have left an unimaginable amount of people empty handed and broke, rather it be through blatant fraud, or a lack of a quality education.

Please save your self the biggest mistake of your life, and pursue a degree somewhere else.

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  • De
      11th of Jun, 2010
    -1 Votes

    where did you find that will take your credits i am in the same boat not learning anything bee there for year so dot want that time and money wasted please email me at i am in the IT feild and they offer no certificates needed to get a job in the feild i am screwed

  • Ih
      17th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I unfortunatly graduated from there. No university accepts their degree. They should be investigated by the FBI.

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