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They have the only Occupational Therapy Program in Atlanta, this is true. THIS SCHOOL IS SOO GHETTO!!! I"m being taught by people who have never taught before, but you are paying top dollar for a substandard education.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Atlanta, GAYou can not trust anything the Academic dean Carla Page says.The good news is that the way you can tell when she is lying, will be when her mouth is moving.Do not look, attend, or even think about going to this school.You will waste your time as well as a ton of money.

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  • Tr
      Sep 18, 2009

    I have NEVER liked Brown Mackie and have had several issues with this poor excuse of a college. I will not recommend anyone go there. They are vampires. The teachers are inexperienced idiots. The dean doesn't even return e-mails or calls and has lied to me. I tried to get help with tutoring to no avail. They gave me crap for needing to take off for health problems and for my mother's operation. Then they gave me grief for wanting to take a break from school because I was about to have a nervous breakdown and need some time off to take care of a few things and get my life back into order. They were really nasty. They act like they own you. It is a thrown-together mess. The programs are all made up as they go along. It is a joke. What a nightmare. I wish I could have went to NKU, Thomas More College, or Gateway in Edgewood. What a scam. A very high-priced and low quality, substandard education.

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  • Ke
      Jul 07, 2011

    what do u expect going to school in atlanta

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  • Pa
      Nov 10, 2013

    The OTA program at Brown Mackie Atlanta is a good program as long as you study, and kiss up to the instructors. Yes, they have their favorites and it is widely known throughout the program. You do work hard and your grades will reflect on how well the instructors like you. The current problem with Brown Mackie is when you graduate( which is another negative comment at a later time), it took the school 4 months to submit the OTA's transcripts to the NBCOT for our class to sit for our exam. Try finding a job after you pass. I have been looking for a job for 6 months with only PRN job offers. The field is flooded in the Atlanta area. The school needs to stop the program because the chance of any new grads finding a job is near impossible after spending 36, 000 for tuition + books and now a required I PAD. Find another career and DO NOT ATTEND BROWN MACKIE in Atlanta. Do not waste your time, money and most important you future in the OTA program, because there are NO jobs out there. Try PTA instead.

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  • Do
      May 08, 2017

    @PassBMC student Tulsa Ok Brown Mackie lie to me; I cannot finish my program, They already have my money, Therefore that makes them a scam.

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