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I have done BPO's for this company for a couple of years. I have always gotten paid from the company, until last spring. Right now they owe me over $200.00 in fees. I have contacted them a couple of times over the winter, and they always tell me that I will receive what is owed to me the next month. Well, I have not gotten paid for my services since last April.

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      5th of Feb, 2011
    Broker Price Opinion - No Payment
    Broker Price Opinion
    United States

    I am a real estate agent, and I started working with Broker Price Opinion, when I was in need of some extra cash, $35-50 here and there. They used to send payments in 30 days of the BPO order being finished, then they started saying they would send payments in 90 days, and then payments stopped coming all together. After doing numerous orders and waiting for my money to come in, I called them and they told me that my payments have been "postponed" indefinitely because they weren't getting payment for the orders they put in!? Now I've taken my name out of their list of agents to contact for BPOs until I receive payment for the orders I've already done.

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      20th of Apr, 2012

    Same here. I do lots of BPO's. Most of the time the checks roll in regular and it's hard to keep track from so many vendors. The repuable companies have a system and it's easy to track. As an agent bombarded with work, I think nothing of it when another vendor calls. Sure I had it to the list. I started doing work for again early this year and discovered they have not been paying. I had same problem with . I stopped working for and I am preparing certified letters to send to . I sent the same letters to in July 2011 and wha la!!! I got paid what was due to me $900.00. Broker Price opinion .com is not in Wisonsin, According to my research it is located 8700 Turnpike Drive, Westminster, CO 80031-4301 . I cross referenced the phone # 303-991-9919. In the state of TN you can put a mechanics and material man's lien on a property when services, labor or materials have not been paid. But first you have to send a letter of non-payment via certified mail. I have 30 properties so I sign and print a letter for each property and put them all in a large envelope and send the large envelope certified. If they do not respond you can then prepare a Notice of Lien signed by yourself and take it to be recorded at register of deeds office. (not sure of the time frame) seems like 30 days. When the property is sold, the title company has to pay you. Keep your letter copies and your certified return receipt. Check your own state laws. Just google search your state name with the work code annotated. I have attached a sample. I put the work order number and the address. Log in to your broker price opinon account and print each property for which you are owed for. This is tricky because of the frames. Just click on the Info link on the line where the address is. The work order details will come up in a seperate window. It is still a challenge to print from here (due to frames). Highlight all the details and right mouse click and copy. Open a word document and past into the word document. Then print. I Saved each one and printed each one for fear the data would be lost or deleted. Good luck getting paid. email me with any questions [protected]

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      2nd of Jan, 2014

    They are liars and thieves. they are scam artists not paying Realtors for the services that they are contracting for. They are sending Realtors out on jobs with promises to pay and then refuse to pay. They lie everytime they are called and are told that the payment is not scheduled yet but will be, should be and they will look into it. NEVER happens. They are scamming hard working Realtors who are trying to serve them with utmost professionalism. They need to be driven out of business. Lying dirtbags. is the nicest thing I can say. They promise to pay and never do. NEVER NEVER NEVER do any work with this company. they are totally dishonest to all levels of business.

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