Brio Skin/Allegro skin creams / unauthorized credit card charges; deceptive sales practices; unordered product

Bluffdale, UT, United States
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On April 4th, 2017 I was browsing Facebook and saw an offer for an Allegro Skin Cream sample for $4.95 postage & handling. I put in the info needed and when I checked my account saw 2 charges each for $3.95 & .88. Assuming it was a website error and because it was only $4.95, I left it. Wrong!! After 2 weeks the 1st company charged me $103.00 and 2 days later the second company charged me $109.00. Company # 1 representative could barely be understood, but finally agreed to return my $103.00 minus $20.00 restock fee. No, I argued with him because I did not order the item to begin with, and did not receive the promised sample for $4.95. He said I will only get my refund after mailing back the only sample I got; and no matter how many times I said I would not pay a restock fee, I do not know whether I will be charged. Company #2- I spoke with Mike (Raj) and he also insisted I pay at least 40%-I had not even ordered or received a second sample, just been billed. He gave me a long tracking number and after management consultation, said that if the USPS would indicate that the item was undelivered, they would refund my money. Next stop, USPS, where after a 45 minute search they found the box which had been delivered in error to the wrong address. It was returned to the office for redelivery to me. Needless to say the USPS would not amend the delivery date to May 9th, instead of April 18th. I think this is a scam, plain and simple, and both companies have the same address, same uncooperative attitude. I have requested a return label, and cancelled the additional contract for residuals. The only thing "Mike" gave me was a Brio Skin website which had a whole set of conditions spelled out. Had this been posted on the initial offer, I would never have ordered my so called "samples".

May 11, 2017

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