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I ordered a 49er ring for my wife's birthday in ocotber, when it said 4-6 weeks for delivery. When I didn't hear from them, they said that due to the high quality specialty item, it wouldn't ship until after christmas.

So I early november, a ring showed up. Covered in "made in china" stickers, this "handcrafted beauty" had a stone that looked like a broken piece of pink plastic. Nothing like the red, clear ruby in the advertisement.

I sent it back, with specific complaint and instructions that I wanted on that looked like the picture, with a ruby stone. I got back the same low quality piece that I had returned. I have sent several letters in to get this cleared up, but no response.

Latest news. Here is the letter from bradford exchange saying they will attempt to fix this in the future, but unfortunately the crappy pink color is all that they have.

Truth in advertising? I think not. Read an beware.

From: [protected]

Subject: re: thank you for your purchase

Date: wed, 31 dec 2014 17:38:56 +0000

Dear valued client, thank you for contacting We are always glad to hear from our clients and welcome your feedback.

Rest assured your comments have been forwarded on to the appropriate department for further consideration. We apologize for any concerns you may have and we will do our best to address these issues in the future. Unfortunately the color of the stone for the san francisco 49ers embrace ring is more on the pink side rather than ruby red which you expected and we are not able to change this.

Please respond to this email if we may be of further assistance. Sincerely, customer service cs:/em

Bradford Exchange
Bradford Exchange

Dec 31, 2014

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