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Posted: Apr 28, 2017 by    

maple nut goodies - product recipe change

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I am another unhappy customer relative to Brachs Maple Nut Goodies. Like many others I have been hooked on Maple Nut Goodies for many years. I have always purchased by the bag at Cracker Barrel and more recently in bulk (5lb to 7lb bag) via Amazon. I only buy the products that state they are brachs and when I get them the bag always has a Brachs description and nutrition stickers on them. I bought a 2 lb. bag in November 2016. They were the product I had been buying for years and were excellent. I purchased the next bag in April 2017 and they had changed completely. Different color, smaller in size, different tase and hard texture as opposed to the softer and chewy texture. I then bought another batch from a different seller and they were bad as well ! Please tell me this was only a temporary product test that has gone bad and the "real" Maple Nut Goodies are back!!! Seriously, I cannot buy any more Maple Nut Goodies if you do not go back to the originals !
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A  19th of Jun, 2017 by    +7 Votes
Totally agree that Brocks maple nut goodies are NOT GOOOD!!!
HARD TERRIBLE and not worth buying. I also buy this on a regular basis. I will no longer purchase this crap.
N  19th of Jun, 2017 by    +5 Votes
Maple nut goodies are NOT GOOOD! Hard and has a disgusting coating. HARD AS A ROCK. WILL no longer purchase this crap.
A  19th of Jun, 2017 by     Best Advice +7 Votes
This Maple nut goodies are NOT GOOOD! ! Hard as a rock.
A  19th of Jun, 2017 by    +5 Votes
Terrible. The outside has changed. Smaller and very hard! Was once our favorite. No more!
A  19th of Jun, 2017 by    +4 Votes
I am very disappointed!!! This was my husbands moms favorite candy and now they almost chip a tooth when eating them. This is as bad as the coke scandal. Change back to original chewy recipe fast!!! Please!!!
A  19th of Jun, 2017 by    +3 Votes
I was so Embarrassed and Disappointed with the NASTIEST, HARDEST Maple Nut Goodies candy by Brach's ever! I purchased this candy for my husband as a birthday gift and the previous statements were 'ours' about this candy when we tried to bite into it and both of us spit it out. Luckily this wasn't the only gift I gave him. We promise to NEVER purchase this candy again.
A  19th of Jun, 2017 by    +3 Votes
I'mgoing to continue to buy them to look for the old soft inside hard shell goodies and if I keep getting these new ones then I will be returning a lot of bags... Good luck Baruch's
N  20th of Jun, 2017 by    +5 Votes
I just googled this... to make sure it was not me or that I had a defective product. I checked the expiration date/fine. Taste horrible... inside and outside are diferent. WILL NOT BUY ANYMORE!!! Was a family favorite. If it is NOT BROKE>.. don't TRY to fix it!!! PLEASE CHANGE BACK to prginal recipe. You may be saving a few cents..but in the long run... you will lose a LOT Of $$ by losing a LOT of customer!!!
A  20th of Jun, 2017 by    +2 Votes
I just returned a bag to the store and got my money back. This was the 2nd bag I had purchased within the last 2 weeks. Threw away the 1st bag, nasty taste and different texture. I thought I had purchased a bad bag. I have eaten these all my life and am very disappointed in this change. 😕
A  22nd of Jun, 2017 by    +5 Votes
Whomever is responsible for the changing recipe of my favorite candy should be fired!! I have been eat Maple Nut Goodies for over 40 years. My mom use to buy them for me as a kid. I have purchased 2 bags myself the past few months and my brother bought me a bag recently for my birthday. I told him they changed the recipe and he seemed shocked. I ate two of them and threw the bag in the trash. I will not be buying any more Maple Nut Goodies until the old recipe returns. The bags should be marked as "New Recipe" or "Now, tastes like [censor]" until the original recipe is back. I will also not be buying any Brach's products until then and will tell every one I see. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. gw-fort worth, tx
N  22nd of Jun, 2017 by    +2 Votes
@lawdogcoins Sorry...typo...have been eating Maple Nut Goodies for over 40 years.
N  16th of Oct, 2017 by    0 Votes
@lawdogcoins Ditto!
N  22nd of Jun, 2017 by    0 Votes
I am soooo disappointed that the delicious chewy maple nut candy is now a hard stale tasting crisp pile of yuck! Please for the love of all things good, go back to the old recipe!
A  23rd of Jun, 2017 by    +2 Votes
So sad they decided to mess up a good thing.
Wanted to surprise my husband with a bag.
I purchased today. He told me they were not good. Said they are bad, stale, hard. I said 'New Recipe '
So, I tried one, horrible. So sweet, harder than hard candy. Can not chew at all.
I work in a Retail Store that sells them, ; have had customers return them!! Now I know why!😡
So, I hope there is someone who cares, and is listening to customers.
Oh, by the way, I am returning mine ASAP
N  28th of Jul, 2017 by    +4 Votes
@Carolyn Nicodemus Goody,

A  25th of Jun, 2017 by    0 Votes
I just bought a 14 oz bag at Walmart of Maple Nut Goodies, I was excited that I got the last bag and they don't sell them just anywhere in my area. I was so disappointed. They were small and hard. I can hardly chew them they are so hard on my teeth. These were among my most favorite candy but if the recipe has been changed permanently I will no longer purchase them.
A  26th of Jun, 2017 by    +4 Votes
Why did Brach's change the Maple Nut Goody?!!!
They were a classic candy for years and years and now they are awful. I agree with all the complaints.
The outer coating is soft and yucky...and way to sweet now. Whatever has been done to the inside is hideous!!
The inside is SO HARD PEOPLE CAN NOT CHEW IT, and the majority are saying they felt like they could break a tooth it's so hard. I had the same experience.
A  3rd of Jul, 2017 by    +2 Votes
I am very disappointed with the Maple Nut Goodies I just purchased. They taste awful!!! Why would you change a product that has been successful for so many years? Bad decision!
A  6th of Jul, 2017 by    +2 Votes
I bought some of these a couple of months ago at a Amish bulk store in Tn. They were awful not the Maple Nut Goodies I have been eating most of my 70 years. Until they go back to the original ones I will never buy them again. I too think whoever had the bright idea to change should be FIRED. Whoever did this is costing the company a lot of money.
A  11th of Jul, 2017 by    +2 Votes
Yup, and I cannot even taste anything like maple. I wonder if they are just having them made by a different manufacturer. If so, who is the old manufacturer selling to? I WANT THE OLD RECIPE!
A  19th of Jul, 2017 by    +1 Votes
I agree with ALL the above. I had been buying three to four bags at a time. After they changed to hard junk I will not buy any
more until they go back to something I can enjoy and chew. GO BACK TO SOMETHING I CAN & everyone ENJOYED.
A  20th of Jul, 2017 by    +1 Votes
I love Maple Nut Goodies and just bought a new bag tonight as a special treat - have not had any in several months - and boy was I surprised - definitely not the candy I have been eating all these years. very small and so hard you can barely bite much less chew them, even had to spit several out. Agree! want the old recipe back! - these taste like the filing was overcooked and leave a burnt taste in your mouth. I will not be buying these anymore if this is the new recipe. I complained to Brach's but now that I see everyone else post here guess they will not be surprised about my complaint. My jaw hurts from trying to eat these candies, and not good for your teeth either!
A  20th of Jul, 2017 by    +2 Votes
We had been looking for this favorite candy of ours for some months... finally found it in our grocery store. Agree with other comments... it doesn't come close to the real stuff!! The maple tastes like fluff with a bit of flavoring, and the candy inside is rock hard! What a disappointment... won't buy it again! It's the stuff that chips teeth if you bite down on it! The old candy was just right... chewy and wonderful flavor...Another example of ruining a great product after a buy-out!
N  28th of Jul, 2017 by    +1 Votes
@Maritina Me either,



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