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Ft. Smith, United States
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Who is the ### in your R&D department that thought making a recipe change to your Maple Nut Goodies was a good idea. You need to fire their ###. REALLY!!! It use to have the shiny outer hard candy coating and soft chewy insides. Now they're the complete opposite. The outside is soft and nasty and the inside is like a rock. Your company said they were going to fix the problem. When? When hell freezes over? This is the third bag I've bought in the last six months and they still taste like ###. You have lost me as a consumer until you fix this problem. I have loved these since I was a child, why did you have to ruin such a wonderful product. How many consumers have broken teeth since the change. Your company must love litigation, otherwise you would have changed back to the old recipe by now. People keep buying this ### because they think you are fixing the problem. I want my damn money back.

May 13, 2017

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