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Oakbrook Park, Illinois, United States
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It is the policy of Ferrara Candies/ Brachs to NOT guarantee freshness on their products as soon as it leaves a retailer, despite remaining months of a freshness date, as per a Ferrara Business Manager named Destiny.

Buyer beware of this poor quality and diminutive reputation for candy. I purchased two large bags of candy corn which was abnormally stale and the company states the guarantee is NOT valid!
I called the corporate office after not having any correspondence with the Consumers department. The stated business product manager said she does not provide a last name as policy, but was indicative on the procedure of the company. I will state that the consumers department called me back, and it was Destiny. This company should not be in the business of food products due to lack of freshness, zero concern for product and a "business manager" stating the guarantee is not valid once the product leaves a retailer.

Jun 22, 2017

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