Bowditch Ford / not honoring warranty

I made the mistake of buying a 2016 focus from this dealership. 1 1/2 yrs later (last week) I brought my car to a very trusted mechanic who I have been dealing with for many yrs because my radiator was leaking. I was told to bring it to the dealership because it should be covered under warranty. I had my car towed from my mechanic to Bowditch. I get a call from them stating they will not honor the warranty because the were signs of impact. First, my mechanic would have told me this. Second, and keep this in mind, the crossmember was in PERFECT condition (I took pictures of it) and all of a sudden the condenser is leaking and it would cost me 1300 to repair. When my husband asked how is the radiator in such bad condition but the crossmember is in perfect condition, the answer we got was I don't know. I called my mechanic and they said the complete opposite. They did not see anything this ripoff place said. I called the Ford Corp and they suggested to take the car to another dealership for a 2nd opinion. I made an appt with another dealership. When I explained what Bowditch said about the car they even said it sounds like they wanted to get out of honoring the warranty. The person I spoke with actually laughed when I told them about a perfect cross member but the radiator is all scratched up and damaged. I will mention the ac in the car was working perfectly until they found fault and insisted there was a problem. They r nothing but rip offs and I will never do business with this dishonest place ever again. I have already told many people of this and actually stopped a person from going there.

Jun 05, 2018

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