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4:37 pm

AutoCheck - False Report Caused my Warranty voided

I purchased a Certified used Red 2010 Hyundai Elantra with 10, 000 miles on it and slightly damaged from a prior collision but the car was mechanically sound. from Advantage Hyundai, Hicksville, N.Y. in 2011. I brought the car in for service over the years to Advantage with no problems. In 2015 I brought my car for an oil change and was advised by Richie Spalletta Rep. the warranty was voided due to an AutoCheck report that stated my car was in collision in 11/25/2014, but it was an incorrect report and no collision happened. The Service Manager Mike at Advantage called me and stated the warranty was voided and I must pay insinuating that I lied and the vehicle was in collision. The manager and I were involved in a dispute and he wrote me nasty e-mails that were unprofessional and disparaging. I wrote to the owner of Advantage who did not call me back. The Manage Mike nastily in ALL CAPITALS AND MEAN WORDING e-mailed me back refusing to call me as I requested.
I brought my son's 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport in for service on April 4, 2015 and the Rep. Richie Spaelletta was not friendly and stated that the 2 year oil changes were finished early, which they did not do for my Red Elantra. The free oil changes were stopped to discriminate against me for complaining. Richie stated that I needed to rotate my tires and I advised him that I purchased new tire due to the poor ride with the original tires so no rotation was needed. Richie also sarcastically said you did not change the air and cabin filters. I stated that I was never advised the car needed those parts and the car is only 1 year old, he was trying to get me on anything he could.
I request $5, 000.00 in damages from AutoCheck for issuing an incorrect report on my 2010 Red Hyundai Elantra. The $5, 000.00 is what I will file in small claims court or Arbitration if needed due to the poor service and voiding my warranty after learning that Autocheck report was incorrect. The incorrect Report stated in error that my car was in a collision on 11/25/2014 and it was not. AutoCheck verified that my car was not in a collision and withdrew the incorrect collision on my 2010 RED Elantra. The newly issued report on my car remains incorrect as it states my car is Blue, when it is Red. Hyundai voided my warranty and refused to fix the horn forcing me to pay due to the incorrect collision report. I purchased the Red Elantra slightly damaged and they refused to warranty the repair of the horn assembly when the horn stopped working at 30, 000 miles of a 50, 000 mile warranty.

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6:38 pm
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AutoCheck - No Response

I had purchased autocheck service of runing car history unlimited for a month option. After few days, it gave me the message that my account has been temporarily disabled and to contact them in order to enable it. Since then I have sent numerous emails through their forms but to no avail. There is no phone no. listed in their website so I am not sure how to go ahead.

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We purchased an "unlimited" month of auto history checks and my account was frozen after 2 weeks. We were searching for very specific types of vehicles and ran over 50 checks on some specific makes/models, looking for a vehicle with specific options, many of which were not listed in the advertisements. After the account was frozen, I sent 3 emails requesting help - no answer from anyone. I then contacted Autocheck by phone to find out why the account was frozen and if I could get a partial refund for the unused month that we paid for and never got to use. I was told that we are in their computer as "auto wholesalers" and that our home address was listed as a business address! The representative I spoke with was very rude and implied that I was lying about not owning an auto wholesale business and that WE were fraudulently using their service for business and not personal use. What a crock! They are a bunch of scammers - do not use this service, particularly if you are planning to look at a lot of vehicles. I guess I misunderstood what "unlimited" meant!

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2:01 pm
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AutoCheck - False Records

Autoquest was selling a 2007 Porsche Targa via Ebay. The AutoCheck report with the car showed no accidents. However, I purchased a CarFax for the car and it showed there had been an accident and airbag deployment in 2007 which AutoCheck did not report. I had been told by others to always do a CarFax because autocheck was incomplete. I contacted the car...

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