Borderlinx / negligent, cheating and disgraceful

United States

At the time I registered as a member, Borderlinx was not a "3D Secure" merchant. Customers were not required to have a mobile phone in order to pay by Citibank credit card.

Used Borderlinx services and paid by Citibank credit card several times with no hassle.

Borderlinx sebsequently participated as a "3D Secure" merchant without notice. Customers are then required to have a mobile phone in order to pay by Citibank credit card.

Having no knowledge of the changes (negligence of Borderlinx), I placed an order as usual and had the order delivered to Borderlinx for shipment. I do not use mobile phone and therefore cannot pay by Citibank credit card any more to release the shipment.

Borderlinx Support suggested me to modify the payment method to PayPal.

I accepted their suggestion, but when I tried to make payment by PayPal, I discovered that the shipping charges for payment via PayPal (US$33 something) was ridiculously higher (more than 40%) than that via Citibank card (US$22 something).

Borderlinx Support insisted that the shipping charges had not changed, but did not allow me to prove the changes.

To prove the changes, I need to modify the payment method from PayPal back to the original Citibank credit card. They said the payment method could modify once only and could not change back.

This is cheating and disgraceful. I wasted my money on the order unreasonably withheld by Borderlinx and wasted my time in negotiating with the unhelpful Borderlinx Support.

Borderlinx admitted the accusations of cheating and disgraceful act but denied the negligent act. For more details, please visit

Jul 13, 2015

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