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I made an online purchase on July 1st 2009 at, and since then it has been one huge run around with this company. It was two weeks before I received the order (July 14th) and realized that the merchandise was of the poorest quality. Even my husband commented that they looked as though the necklaces were made by preschool kids. In addition to the poor quality, they were too small to fit around my neck and that was when I decided to return the items.

I should note here, too, that I had previously emailed them twice to cancel that very order and nothing was done. Anyway, I tried calling them using the phone number on the delivery box and there was no answer. I therefore called repeatedly ( like 8 times) that very day and still no response. The voicemail that comes up gives certain hours to contact them and I have always honored the hours, but still nothing. Left a message, no response. Sent two emails, one response: " I have fowarded this to our manager and she will be getting in touch with you before the days end with a reply." and obviously, there was no reply by a manager 'at day's end.'

Contacted them again by email and I was given a RMA number with no instructions, so I wrote them again and was told to ship with USPS. On July 24th my husband and I mailed out the package and I am still waiting on a response - ANY RESPONSE - from these people to let me know that something is happening. It has been over eleven days and I am still waiting in the dark to be refunded.

I know my story is long, but please, for your own sake, DON'T purchase anything from this website. The items are horribly made and their customer service is even worse! The only way I got a phone number was on that FedEx box they mailed - I previously searched their website and Google, but it was fruitless. They will give you a run around, NEVER return your calls and almost refuse to give your money back.

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  • J
      Nov 06, 2009

    My expertise and COMMON SENSE says that NO company can be in business for over 9 years, if they provide such horrible service.

    All negative comments being written are by competition ONLY. There is NO WAY a company can continue to GROW, stay STRONG, and KEEP clients coming back for more... if they weren't providing top-notch service.

    So heads up people... you wont be dissapointed. Their merchandise is excellent, the prices cannot be beat by any other online website, and they provide a phone number/email/and even Live Chat help for service... They have had continuous press for years.

    BombayFashions provided jewelry for my wedding and many occasions before/after. I have 7 family friends who have been buying from them for years. Anyone is able to contact me if they are having problems, but I'm sure this person WONT because its just a bunch of BS.

    It's sad that others wont let honest businesses succeed!!

    Veronica James- A very LOYAL client of for last 4 years - who will speak up.

    In this economy, only THEY cater to the market circumstances... All other sites expect us to pay $100 for a set, when the company offers affordable prices, most probably lowering their profit margins...

    So its SMART to shop with They are the best!!

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  • B
      Nov 13, 2009

    I have to agree to the complaint posted regarding Bomaby Fashions. It took three weeks for me to receive my order, never did I receive a response to my numerous emails and calls asking when my jewlery would arrive. I needed this jewelry for a wedding and ordered two week prior to the event. The company should of notified me that the merchandise wasn't stocked and in house but in some wharehouse in India and that it was being slow shipped. The website stated that it would take 3 to 5 days for delivery which is bogus! Also I demanded a refund and had to purchase the jewlery I needed with another reputable company. I returned the merchandise by registered mail. I kept emailing them constantly for a refund. The whole experience has been frustrating and a big head ache. After threating emails that I was contacting an attorney I finally heard back. This was three weeks later after they received my return. I did receive a refund but will never order from them again or advice anyone to do so! By the way this company has an "F" grade with the BBB. Enough said!! BEWARE!!

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  • S
      Nov 20, 2009

    This business was formally located in Illinois and recently moved to Michigan.
    I ordered the Indian jewelry two weeks prior for a party. The website stated it would take 3-5 day to ship I receive the jewelry three day after the party. It took over two weeks to receive. I tried contacting this company via phone and email asking when this jewelry would arrive but never received and explanation or an answer back.
    I then emailed numerous times stating that I did received the jewelry very late (over 2 weeks) and that I wanted to send the items back for a full refund and that I would contact a lawyer and the BBB .
    The person who runs this so called “business” did email me back after the threat and told me to return the jewelry and that I would receive the refund. I did send the items back by registered mail. I waited another two weeks but never received a refund. I emailed various times and finally the person informs me that a refund has been issued and expects it to see it in a few days in my account. I still have not received this refund and it’s been over a week. This experience has proven to be frustrating and stressful. This person who runs this business is a scam artist and fraudulent. How can she get away not refunding my money, isn’t that illegal? Also I kept all the correspondence of emails for proof.

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  • J
      Dec 16, 2009

    I agree I ordered three items from this company just recently December 1, 2009 and I received two of the items Late! but did not receive the third item, so I emailed and no answer, no answer again and till today December 16 2009, I still have not received an answer! and they have already charged my account twice! so my plan is to get in touch with my bank and report this scam!!!
    this company is scam !!!why does this country allow this? this people should be prosecuted! really.

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  • P
      Dec 20, 2009

    Bombay Fashion is the worst the service is just so terrible there is no way that you can reach them for anything the should finish the online store because i think no one would suit such kind of service

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  • L
      Dec 22, 2009

    Hello, First time I ordered from them, things came in a timely fashion and I had no issues. It wasn't the best quality I admit but then it was not expensive ethier. The old adage that you get what you pay for huh? I then again ordered and it was a total mess!! I never received my order, the UPS tracking thing never happened No emails, no calls returned, After 3.5 weeks finally they say its lost with UPS, they will trace it. Not to worry I will not only get a refund but my order will be resent free for all my trouble. 2 weeks went by, no refund no order, finally they do a live chat and give me a confirmation number for my refund, no mention of my order!!. No still another 1 weeks has passed...still no refund. So I had to contact my bank and start a dispute of the charges on my bank card. WHAT A HUGE MESS!! What am I to think now?

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  • S
      Jan 13, 2010

    I order from them when i recieve the order, eaerings are missin from set, sent 2 emails and try to contact trrough phone but nobody picks up phone, I will never shop from them, also their site is not secure because my credit card is hacked from their site

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  • J
      Jan 14, 2010

    The owner of this business Lotta has been a nightmare to deal with. She is a greedy, corrupt low life of a woman. Do not order anything from her! Bombay Fashion sells cheap quality junk! Their website is very misleading. I had the unfortunate exprience in ordering a few items for a Halloween party. I ordered the items a month prior and did not receive the items till a week after the party. I called and emailed inquiring where the jewlery was and never received a response. I contacted BBB and I finally received a responce that a refund has been issued I waited two more weeks for this refund and then I sent a threating email telling this person that I was contacting an attorney. I finally received a refund after 2 months of this night mare! By the way they have a "F" rating with the BBB and hundreds of complaints. Beware don't order anything you'll regret it!

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  • V
      Jul 29, 2010

    I completely agree with all the complains, they sell jewelry with lead, Its ban to sell jewelry with lead, Its cheap, Low price, Used products,

    Government should take test of products and BAN on such company which is playing with health of customers.

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  • M
      Aug 09, 2010

    I think you have it confused with Bombay Jewelry... not

    This is a very serious accusation towards

    Bombay Jewelry's website uses lead in their jewelry. Customers complained of their jewelry having lead in it back from April 2010., -stealers, -&-frauds!!/complaint/complaints/message/show/0/0/141949/0 is featured in nationwide magazines each month and celebrities like Oprah Winfrey & Rihanna wear their jewelry. Highly doubt Oprah is going to wear jewelry with lead in it.

    If the above isn't enough:

    Bombay Jewelry has F rating with Better Business Bureau:

    IRipoff has complaints on them: has complaints on them:

    The list goes on an on.

    Purchase from credible businesses only. Do your research first.

    Thank you.

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  • P
      May 29, 2012

    I completely agree. bombayfashions sells JUNK! I ordered a set of bangles from them for my teen daughter and it was a complete NIGHTMARE dealing with these people. The quality of the product was so poor, the image on the website and the bangles looked nothing liked the same thing. Whoever runs this business must be a greedy person taking customers for ###s.
    Their website is misleading and they make it sounds as though they are endorsed by numerous magazines but clearly anyone these days can pay for a spot in a magazine. Don't bother wasting your money here.
    If you make the mistake of buying this junk, customer service will remind you of your mistake and the clowns that run this business will only annoy you further.
    Whoever wrote the response in favor of bombayfashions must have a vested interest.

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  • D
      Aug 01, 2013

    ATTN people: LOOK AT THE BBB WEBSITE! Non-accredited and many complaints only! Take it from them, non biased and fair!
    Don't blame another company for your poor service and quality. Lead or not, your service is BAD! And many of your items are cheap quality! And you send damaged product. Your website even admits that items may be damaged and that you will not refund for damaged product!
    My husband and I placed two separate orders recently and both orders were missing many items, some damaged and some very poor quality. We are waiting on over $100 in refund for missing items alone!
    You took your phone number away from the website and don't respond within 24 hours like you promise. I got only one response promising a refund and that never happened. All other e-mails were ignored! I am no longer doing business with you nor will my friends and family who I have referred to you!

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