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M Nov 25, 2017

Hello my name is Malik Carr and I am an employee of Bojangles here in Elizabeth City North Carolina I'm here to make a complaint against a manager name Lacey she's talking behind my back and I know this because I be hearing the things she says about me she calling me slow she called me a [censor] she also is calling me a worthless piece of labor, then I hear her bringing my personal life into the workplace which as I recall is against policy rules and regulations therefore she is stressing me out causing me not to perform my duties as a crew member well and she's also is stressing my fiance and her sister out because my fiance and her sister are tired of hearing about this and so am I and she also be making faces when she think my back is turned when I asked her a simple question on how to do certain things and she also has a group chat on Facebook trash-talking me and I don't want to leave working at Bojangles but if I have to continue to work with her I'm going to have to quit because it is keeping me from doing my duties as a crew member thank you
Sincerely yours, Malik Carr

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