BodyLogicMD - Dallas / Waste of Money

Dallas, TX, United States

Reposting from another thread:
My wife and I were with BodylogicMD for 6 months, which equals two office visits, each. All I got out of it was HCG shots (used for weight loss, but I was already skinny) and supplements ($580/month), and all my wife got out of it was more belly fat. The doctor decided to add progesterone to get her estrogen:progresterone ratio in balance. Even a layman, like myself, knew that lowering her high estrogen levels would make more sense instead of raising the progesterone (all I have taken is Anatomy and Physiology classes). Well, she gained 20 lbs, and the doctor would not change her mind about the progesterone. My testosterone raised 8 points only, and the doctor wouldn't change anything. I never got the testosterone shots needed to raise my levels. I was sure the doctor would prescribe me the shots after the second set of blood was analyzed. Nope. She didn't want to change anything, even though I felt only a very mild increase in energy and sex drive.

So, I found something else. We both have been on the SottoPelle pellets for just over a month, and boy what a difference. HUGE difference, actually. Energy levels are back to teenager levels - positive attitude, even sex-drive (yah!). SottoPelle is significantly cheaper in everything from blood labs to the actual procedure. Now, my monthly average is cost is only $100, and $50 for my wife. With BodyLogicMD, our combined monthly expense was over $1000 (for mostly supplements!!). Blood labs are a 10th of the cost too. It just burns me up how much we spent at BodyLogicMD, especially considering the results, and also because it was mainly SUPPLEMENTS. I feel it was a complete waste of time and money. Oh, and my wife has lost 10 lbs already since quitting BodyLogic - 1 month only.

I suspect the problems we had with BodyLogicMD had everything to do with our age. We are barely in our 40's. And the doctor mentioned that she had to prove to her peers that she tried everything else before prescribing me testosterone shots, she specifically mentioned my age being the reason. Well, this just means that it would take years to get the results I was hoping for. As for my wife, I don't know what the doctor was thinking. She actually chewed on my wife for taking the supplements with crackers. She actually blamed the 2 crackers a day for my wife's 20 lbs of belly fat - what an absolutely stupid suggestion. If we wanted to be berated/lectured, I sure as heck would be paying this much for it. So glad I tried something else before giving up entirely.

I would suggest anyone that is younger than 60, to try something other than BodyLogicMD. I'm sure the 60+ age groups will feel a significant difference with BodyLogicMD. But for the younger, or those wanting more bang for the buck, try something else, like SottoPelle. Anyways, that's my complaint and suggestion. Best of luck to you all.

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