Boardmansonline service

I was given a voucher to use at Boardman's for my birthyday. On their website at checkout there is an option to submit a voucher code. Having used a voucher code with the last month, I know this facility works. However it will not accept my gift card number. When I called into their gift card center, I was told there is no voucher option available online. I informed the very bored sounding sales person that I was looking at the option. The conversation got increasingly heated as she insisted credit and an account card were the only options. I insisted I had used a voucher code within the last month. She said it had changed. I asked why the website still offered the option in that case - "they are working on it". If you remove a facility online - remove the functionality - it makes it impossible as a client to navigate your system otherwise. Now I have to drive back to the store and do not get to make use of any of the online only deals. Disappointed and inconvenienced is an understatement.

Feb 04, 2017

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