BlueHippo Funding, LLCripping people off

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Frist of all Im a proud American that value american princibles.I work hard for my money like most of us.Dont steal, dont beg, dont take the food out of childrens mouths. However there are a lot of big companies that are doing just that.Lets start by telling my story about BLUEHIPPO.I saw an ad bad credit get a computer. I said cool I can get a new computer plus rebuild my credit. See I just went throught a devorce lost my home to foreclosure, lost my job do to economic cut backs, lost my truck, and lost my family.So I was all for rebuilding.I then contacted BLUEHIPPO, got set up.They started taking my money.All was good utill they made me default on my first payment, by taking it out a day before payday.When I told them to take it out on payday.I got that handle, but I was not going to get the free merchandise.All I wanted was the computer. I can buy a printer and the other items from a second hand store if need be.Now its a year later($1, 488) still no computer.Now Im .I call give me my money back. Sorry Sir no cash refunds, WHAT THE @#$% DO YOU MEAN!!!Sir we dont give out cash refunds, you can order other items from BLUEHIPPO.So I went online Just to see what they had to offer.Ok fine no computer O%$#@ a nice FLAT SCREEN TV, 46" LC46d85u. Cool know we are getting some where.BULL%$#@!!! The tv was $1, 242.79 plus shipping & receving was $71.65 kinda high for S&R bout ok.The total came to be $1, 314.44.Remember they have $1, 488 of my money and now want me to send $71.65 in a money [email protected]#$% YOU BLUEHIPPO.BLUEHIPPO has been in trouble since 2003 for breaking all types of (Federal Laws).The owner & C.E.O JOSEPH RENSIN need to be put in prison just like all the other corporate crooks.BLUEHIPPO has stold, begged, and taken the food out of our childrens mouths.IT time for us(AMERICANS) to step up and put BLUEHIPPO out of business and all other big companies that take for greed. The BBB gave them the rating of F.To help in the fight. Go to Lets put a stop to CORPORATE GREED!!!


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      Jun 24, 2009

    I totally agree, this should not be happening when we the people have nothing and corporate America has it all. On top of it all they also have the government bailing them out of everything. Here it is regular ole joes have to pay the price for persons who are already rich. Where is the justice for the poor, and oppressed? Every dog will have its day.

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