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laptop computer, camera, printer

I seen a commercial during 2009 that blue hippo would help me get a laptop, printer, and digital camera. Blue hippo took almost $900 in my account and never sent my products, every time I called customer service they said that my laptop, printer and digital camera is on it's way but nothing came. The next time I called the number was not a working number anymore.

pay but never received computer and was done direct deposit

Payments were made direct deposit. Never received a computer. I try calling their 800 number no answer. Never...

missing promised gifts for odering

i completely payed off my computer before i even asked them to send it to me. and when i bought it they...

paid for but have not received

Nov. 2008 I ordered my computer and Blue Hippo deducted a $99.00 deposit from my checking account. Then every 2 weeks from then til Nov. 20, 2009 they deducted $91.98 from that same account and on DEC. 4, 2009 they took the final payment of $91.50 It is Feb. 26, 2010 and I still do not have my computer though I have tried contacting Blue Hippo by internet as well as phone.I tried to call again today and got a recording that the phone number I had dialed was no longer a working number and all the other times I tried that number I was put on hold by an automated system and no one ever answered.

  • Valerie Dec 20, 2007

    Blue Hippo is the same company as Financing Alternatives, Inc. They advertise on the radio stations and the use to advertise on the tv. I have not seen them on tv in awhile, but only on radio.

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  • Ch
    charles bennett Jun 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i fully paid off a computer in about a half way threw the paymaents i change banks i notify bh of which, they said i hade to tell them a week in advance, so the payment that week was miss, which was made up the next week.long story short computer paid off no computer.after a number of calls, they sent the for the free gifts they said im not intitle.because of the payment six months prior.called said cant speck with a boss very upset comsumer charles

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  • Co
    cortecia May 13, 2009

    I just placed a order with blue hippo they got allmy account information and told me to check my email for a response I checked my email and there is no response. Then they also told me to login to for my info the site is saying they have no record or I cant login in this is a bunch of ### and they are taking from my account.

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We did not get the things that Blue Hippo tolds us that we would get. Like LCD TV. Printer, camera. and a...

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never got any information about the product or my$800 they took for computer

Blue hippo took money out my account for financing computer and I never recieve a mail any computer any money and nit even the phone number on the paper work they send me works the bank cannot help me and I am now out almost 800$ for computer I never recieve I got the information off the advertising on tv and of it was a fraud why would they advertise to millions of people I need to get my money back and I want this company responsable for all the people they took money from it should not be so easy to rip someone off and the banks help them to do so e mail address is [protected]

out of business scam

SCAM, massive customer base has been informed this company is OUT OF BUSINESS owing thousands of customers possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars, This scam they initiated brings in poorer folks who cant buy a computer from DELL, and bilks them out of money they dont have by accessing their personal accounts thru a system called Payment Guard, This system allows BLUE HIPPO to be paid thousands, STOP THE MADNESS NOW.

  • Al
    Alice Russel Jan 15, 2009

    I made the necessary initial three payments/deposits and was suppose to receive the DELL desktop and matching printer in November 2003. I constantly called Blue Hippo about only to be told that the order was being processed. It took over a year to receive the desktop and a cheap, unservicable Lexmark printer; that never worked.

    I was forced to contact the BBB because Blue Hippo was continuing to either take money/or trying to take money from my checking account without authorization. I was given the run around for over a year and a half I ever received a computer or printer. Each time I phoned the corporate office, I was told that they had 'recently restaffed'.

    The numbers that I was given to speak to a supervisor were all recordings. I found this out because a disgruntled employee who was in the process of quitting, spilled the beans on the scam they were running.

    After receiving the computer, I found out that I had paid about 7 times what it would have originally cost had I purchased it from DELL myself. I called DELL and was told that there was nothing they could do as Blue Hippo purchased quite a bit of merchandise from them.

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  • Ma
    Margie Eastwood Mar 30, 2009

    Paid over $1300.00 to Blue Hippo and still no computer!! Have made several phone calls, emails, letters etc. always with same response "your computer will be shipped in two weeks" Now I have stopped the automatic withdrawal from my checking account and requested a refund, ha!! was told they don't give cash refunds I have a store credit. Well I dont want anything from that company except my money back.

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  • Mr
    mrbucket Sep 27, 2009

    Thie company accepts and takes your money by way of electronic transfers and does not deliver your purchase. When called upon, they say it will take 2-3 more weeks.
    Has been 3 full months since full payment has been made and still no computer monitor.

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  • Sf
    SF67guy Jan 20, 2010

    That's a ### company.

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item paid for and not recieved

Entered into contract to purchased a new desktop computer in July 2009. Paid $99 Activation Fee and then payments were debited to my account every Friday for $47.99. After 13 payments were made and all paperwork was signed and sent back as instructed. The computer was not sent. Called many times inquireing as to the whereabouts of the computer and was put off by BlueHippo stating they needed more time and that they were just waiting on a Tracking number from Dell. The contract stated that after 13 consecutive payments and paperwork filled out and sent back, the computer would arrive in 2-3 weeks. I waited longer and after 6 weeks without any other answer that the one stated above. I stopped payments from being withdrawn from my bank. $1016.84 was what I had paid them. They "canceled" my account and said I had a store credit for the above amount. I submitted a complaint to my Attorney General's office and BlueHippo responded with a letter explaining the Store Credit. I therefore went online as directed and selected a laptop which was priced at $916.52 and ordered it as was told to do. A sheet was to be printed out and sent with a money order in the amount of $73.67 for taxes and shipping fees. Bluehippo had enough money of credit to cover these costs but claimed "store credit" could not be used for these two things. I mailed the money order UPS overnight to the settlement department which read that as soon as the money order was cashed and processed that the Laptop would ship immediatly. Money order has been cashed and when I have inquired as to when my laptop will arrive, I have found out that is has not even been ordered let alone shipped as indicated by BlueHippo. I have followed everything they has told me to do to resolve the situation and I have been hung up on by a Customer Service Rep. by the name of Tyrone twice when I just asked simple questions. After each call when I try to call back there is a recording that they cannot answer due to technical difficulties. This is the recording that is played when I try to call and I have to enter my account # or SSN. This recording has been placed on my account only! Now I have paid BlueHippo the amount of $1090.51 and still have not recieved anything from them, the item I ordered is completely paid for and also taxes & shipping charges. If the laptop amount was deducted BlueHippo would still have $100 that I have not claimed for a product. Simply put BlueHippo Funding, LLC has $1090.51 of money from me and has not supplied any product at all or has even offered to ship anything.

  • Da
    darrellpotter Feb 12, 2010

    I Darell was making payments to Bluehipo for the amount of $145.00 monthly and paymenets weekly then I went to jail for about 4months for stuipied over my actions and while I was in there my bank acount got closed for an overdraft that I was not aware of for going over by $100's and got my acount closed because an overdraft and it left me in the whole im stll climbing out of.I got mail saying it should be there in a few weeks and I waited on it and never received anything for my payments I got bank recordsa nd the payments that Ive made.Im just wonder how I coud get somthing back perferable my money that I lost out on I want to sue the company for fraud!And the loss of my money and taking it out without my permissionI I was in jail and feel that was worngful of them to do that what would be my next step?Besides get an attorney what would be a good one to hire Ifeel like I was used and betrayed, lied to I just want some justice over this Iwant somthing done though I dont what I have to doas long as its done

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  • Da
    darrellpotter Feb 12, 2010

    I didnt see anything from the payments so I guess you could say im pissed off about it but I will sue them for it, I planed on doing that but its just alittle hard right now with no money but it will be done before to long I just got to find a good attorney to help and get the problem solved

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  • Da
    darrellpotter Feb 12, 2010

    Id apperate if someone could help me understand why I didnt get anything for all the money i put into it, what do I just lose out on it or what Im trying to figure out somthing on the matter of my losses can somone please explane it to me why?

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  • Li
    Lily Ortega Jun 25, 2010

    I paid off a computer almost 3 years ago, I'm still waiting for my free tv and 300 hundred dollor rebate that I was to get back after paying all of my computer. I must have called hundreds of times, but after each call the customer service people would tell me that to give 2 more weeks, it is on it's way. I ask many times to speak to a supervisor with no luck. I once made a comment to a customer sevice person saying that all this seems very fishy and sounded like a rip off, of course they hung up on me. I have names and dates of all the people I spoke to, but I guess I can consider my self lucky cause I did get a computer...the only reason I got hooked on the add was the free items.

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stole money from my bank account

Plain and simple they are thieves they took money out of my account with out a signed agreement and when they credited it back to me they kept 30 % for nothing and two years later I am still waiting for the tv I ordered the customer service has not responded to me nor have they sent my merchandise even after I sent another payment of $40 for shipping and handleing I want these thieves to give me back my $800.00 all of it not part of it and I want them shut down, they do not help anyone they are scam artist.

  • Ro
    rodrick moore Jul 27, 2010

    they took 100.00 from my account and never gave it back i want my money back a.s.a.p a bunch of con artist takeing people hard earn money if that was one of us doing this we would be in jail right now .give me my money back now!!!

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  • Ro
    rodrick moore Jul 27, 2010

    yall went into my back account a took $100.00 from me i want my money back now if that was one of us doing that we would be in jail just like yall should be u will be hearing from my lawyer ...thats for dam sure u crooks.

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scam and cheating

I ordered a computer from blue hippo in feb.08.I made a $99.00 Down payment and then paid them $34.99/Week till now. The agreement between them and me was that I made them 13 payments and then they would send me the computer. Well its now 1 year later and I still don't have no computer. I never missed a payment. Now they send me another layaway agreement they want me to sign. They must think that I'm totally stupid. They are definitely a big time ripoff. Every time I call them to find out when they would send me my computer they say its in shipping status. Thats been going on now for month.

  • To
    Tony Dec 17, 2008

    They claim that after 13 weeks of payment, you will receive your computer, well, I have been paying on my computer since March 2008 and have not received anything and they are still taking payments out of my account. I thought the FTC had them under investigation and making sure that they were compliant? What's the deal?

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they have $917.00 of my money

I started out to buy a Desk top computer and was supost to pay them for 13 weeks and I was to get the...

want my money back

Blue Hippo Claim that I would receive a computer after I contract with them...i have never gotten I contacted my bank...because I had the feeling that it was a scam...Now in the intent of getting my money back ...they gave a run around...I definitely do not want to do business with them...I need money back...and it seems that they are not willing to return my money...

no computer

I have been paying formy Dell laptop and I signed the financing papers and Its been 6 weeks no and they say that after singnin the paper work that you hould receive the computer in 2 to 6 wooks, now I have a message from Blue Hippo that my computer (laptop) has been ordered and shipped, and they state that you should wait 2 to 4 weeks for them to build and test the laptop and if you son't receive it by then they give you a phone number. Everytime I call them I get a stupid jurk that refuses to let me speek to a manager and I get the same line from each one I spoke to : ( I sorry for the delay and that your computer has been ordered and you should receive it soon) I;m tired of the bull ### from them and I'm about to take legal action against them for breaking the contract since I haven't gotten the computer in the time limit they give on the first paper work they snd you to sign and send back. They are quick to start taking money out your account but slow to give you your item you are payig for every two weeks at $46.45 and the laptop is costing me over $1900.00 Is there any one out there that can help all of us that has problems with BLUE HIPPO.

  • Cu
    customerbob1968 Jul 06, 2009

    don't bother with this charlie brown ###, his idea of fun is to go around on this board and insult others to get a reaction. This guy is one sick mother F_ck_r.

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ripping people off

Frist of all Im a proud American that value american princibles.I work hard for my money like most of us.Dont...

no customer service

I have been trying to assist a consumer with a complaint regarding Blue Hippo I called their media relations department and have not received a return call. I then called their sales department and was put right through to someone...the CSR's name was Zack and his ID# was 2100. He was most professional, courteous and polite but he could not help me. He then gave me the toll-free number for customer service, [protected]. Interesting fact I observed...when I called sales I got right through to someone but when I called customer service it took several minutes for me to be able to speak with someone. I guess you can tell what their highest priority is as a company...making the sale and getting the money. Customer service obviously is their second or third priority it appears.

When I finally got through and spoke with a CSR he refused to give me his name or ID number. When I asked to speak with someone concerning a consumer's complaint he told me that there was no one available to help me. I asked him to please get me a supervisor or someone in management to speak with me. He refused and hung up on me. I am not impressed with how I was treated by the CSR at Blue Hippo.

Consumer BEWARE and BE AWARE before doing business with this company. After the way I have been treated I would be very wary of them. If you do business with them, please make sure that you get everything promised to you in writing. Do not accept any verbal agreements made by a sales representative from this company.

If you have any concerns or complaints about Blue please email me and let me know. I want to know about your experiences with the company.

  • Ar
    arodiegirl Dec 15, 2009

    Yeah i cant seem to get through to the blue hippo now it just rings busy or nothing, I cant seem to get my free gifts or my rebate just always been told its on its way and still nothing over a yr ago and still am waiting im pissed off and ripped off

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  • An
    antonio n garcia Dec 29, 2009

    this company is a ripoff, they never send me my mailrebate & free gifts, now they phone is off & the website is not exist is gone

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  • De
    debbie ...very pissed May 02, 2010

    I did the same...BIG MISTAKE...I gave them my checking acct number and they started taking payments before I even did paper work. Package total was $1, 643.00...ugh...and Trying to contact for refund or other issues...forget do I get my money back? this started July1, 2008...

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  • Ja
    jacqueline wilson Jun 11, 2010

    i paid them 419.00 before calling them to cancel because i was diagnosed with breast cancer and was off work for 5 months they promised me that theywould allow me to order something from their catalog as the had no cash refund. I ordered a television, then they told me I had to pay the shipping and handling I then sent them a money order for $36.82 . Then they told me that it would take ninety days beforeI would receive delivery that would have been in December, 2009. Well that never happened and I am constantly being blown off. I don't have $455.82 to give their should be someway to recoup this loss.

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  • Ja
    Janine M. Jul 10, 2010

    I can't even seem to find a working number for them. My computer was paid off with them completely in January and I haven't heard a word from them and I can't get ahold of anyone to find out anything.

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  • No
    nosha Aug 14, 2010

    I've been trying to get my refund back from blue hippo since 2009 i recieved an letter and all its contacts were out of services now and my refund is still pending with them and i want my monies back in anyways possible their socalled online store for credit don't have anything but baby items and i don't want anything but my money back the hell with them and i hope some justice can be serve them for their unprofessional behavior for eternity they should'nt be able to deal with the public at all. ( boyscott their !%**$$# )

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  • Ma
    Manr Jan 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was a loyal customer paid my computer of in 2007 j have been waiting for some kind of item to come through, but nothing..I try to get in touch with the company but they don't have a working number or a web page ..This blows why would a company say they help people but all they do is take from their customers.. I'm out a free printer Nd my $300 dollers the contract said they would give me. But nothing but broken words and contract..

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refund of money

On or about 2/22/09, I called Blue Hippo for a Lap Top Computer purchase. After a lengthy period of time i...

awful experience

I ordered a computer from Blue Hippo over one year ago. My account has been paid in full since November 2008. I have written two letters and only got a response from one in September 2008 stating that my computer would be sent to me in 2 - 3 weeks. It is now February 2009 and I still have no computer. One sales rep told me that because I missed a payment in February 2008 I had forfeited my right to timely delivery. Blue Hippo gives false advertisement. They state that after making at least 13 consecutive payments your computer will be sent out. That doesn't happen. When you call customer service you are on hold for at least 20 minutes only to be told the same thing each time, your computer will be sent with the next shipment. If you ask to speak to a supervisor they tell you they don't have the ability to transfer your call. I have talked to numerous sales reps including Hugo, John Teasley and just recently Edry. I want my money back. The computer was ordered a year ago to be a gift for my daughter - a gift she never received. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and now am left feeling absolutely stupid! I could have saved my money and bought three computer by now. Blue Hippo does horrible business and makes promises that are not kept! As of today, February 24, 2009 I was told that they are sorry and this is an usual situation and my account would be noted as such. WOW! That helps a lot. Just give me a refund!

online fraud

I ordered a lap top computer from Blue Hippo almost one year ago. After the requirements were fulfilled they were supposed to send me the computer. Month after month they had excuses as to why it hadn't been delivered. I finally stopped payment and got four e-mails in one day demanding money from me. When you call the number they give you you are put on hold for however you can stand being on hold. I held for one hour the last time. I told them that I thought they were ripping me off and they got very angry and belligerent. I need to know how I can get my money back. They owe me over 1500.00.

  • An
    Anderson.V Jan 03, 2010

    Blue Hippo is completely rip off cause they had to send me my mailing rebate check, and i haven't received anything yet either those free items. I kept sending them e-mail no response, now no working phone number(1-800-778-4018. no website to get contact with them like ( has not been working for a month. I'v been sent like $2, 490.00 usd for a DELL desktop computer.So they need to be stopped abused people.

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unauthorized charges

I placed an order with Blue Hippo on Saturday, November 15 with my bank account to be debited for the initial payment on Monday, November 24. I called to cancel my order on Friday, November 21 which is within the 7 day cancellation window. But, after reading several reports on this company, I found that I should call my bank to stop payment on this transaction believing that they might still debit the account.

My bank needs specific information from the company in order to stop the debit. Is there anyone that could provide me information from a debit that was made to their account so that I could ensure that this company does not have the ability to debit my account today or in the future as well. I would certainly appreciated this information.

  • Valerie Oct 09, 2008

    Blue Hippo is nothing but a scam artist company they say that their products are affordable well no and then they say that they don't ask for any of my personal information wrong again they ask for social security number once again WTF? Third they always say that my product is on its way ###! Any ways to make this short they screw me over with about 400 dollars and it took the company 8 long months to send me my 19 inch monitor that isn't worth that amount of money anyway DO NOT TRUST THE COMPANY CALLED BLUE HIPPO!

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  • Co
    corena rubio Jan 23, 2010

    i also ordered a computer and cancelled i had to change my bank account they kept taking money out and i still never got my money or merchandise back 179.00 may not be alot but it is to me

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fraud and scam

Since I singed up to get a computer, march 9, 2008, I have done my part, paying bills like a good, decent and...

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