Blue Tax / Irs help on back taxes

Odessa, United States

We tried blue tax to help with our taxes. They took $1700.00 out of my account after my paperwork shows $1200.00 was to be taken out and at the END of help they would take out remaining amount to total $3200.00. I always sent what was needed. Bank statements were needed all the time and I always got pushed to a different person again and again, only to start process all over for 4 years. I was called by the rudest of people demanding more and more money and more paperwork to only tell me that they were almost finished time and time again. I refused to send anymore money and requested a refund which they denied. So I only lost $1700.00 but I have gone to my local CPA and she has done wonders for us and we also got a refund!!! Blue tax... I win!!! You are a scam!!!'

Aug 09, 2014

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