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Blue Hippo / Scam

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We did not get the things that Blue Hippo tolds us that we would get. Like LCD TV. Printer, camera. and a 320.00 rebate I don't believe that Blue Hippo was true about what they said they would give me. i have read other reports from other customers about how they didn't get the stuff that they were promised from Blue Hippo. I do believe that this is a SCAM. Another thing is about the REBATE that they claim they would give, but inorder to get it i had to go online, and when i did it still didn't come.

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  • Va
      15th of Sep, 2008
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    I am one of many very unhappy BlueHippo customers. I unlike many did receive my computer but not without a run-a-round that would exhaust a marathon competitor. My nightmare began mid 2007 with a late night order to BlueHippo, with hopes of collecting, research, and retaining information for a future business I had in mind. After dealing with BlueHippo for months the dream of starting my own company was washed out with the despicable and fraudulent acts of this second party computer distributor.

    The same happened to me as so many others but I took it to the public. I closed my checking account, published a paid add in our local paper searching for other victims, called the BBB in MN and Baltimore, MD, called the police and an attorney, then the Attorney General's office in both MN and MD. I kept records of every action I took and then sent it all to BlueHippo's Head office.

    After speaking to the Attorney General in Maryland I'd found out BlueHippo had just settled a case via the Attorney General's office with just over 300 unhappy customers. She had encouraged me to get my info into her office ASAP, as well as anyone else from my area because the next case was already being worked on and soon to be filed. She emphasized quickness because she believed BlueHippo was preparing to move out of Maryland. After contacting BlueHippo about my newly collected info, three weeks later my computer was at my door step via DHL delivery.

    The delivery was six weeks after my checking account was closed. Although I never received all the extras I did have the computer and I have never heard from BlueHippo again. I say this because what was going to be a $2100 purchase turned into an $800 purchase, and although I had signed a contract they found out I could still collect through the AG's office for breach of contract on their part.

    Don't think you can't collect call the Attorney General's Office in Maryland. I would love to know how you made out. Good luck and God Bless!

  • Me
      29th of Dec, 2008
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    I have paid Blue Hippo in full for my computer I paid them 2, 099.00. My last payment was 9-19-2008 and today is 12-29-2008 and They havent sent me anything Not even my computer. They keep telling me its in shipping process you will be called wait another 4/6 weeks. Blue Hippo is clearly a scam. If anyone has any idea on how I can go about retrieving my computer or my money please feel free to contact me at
    Thanks You

  • Jo
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    I am just find out about Blue Hippo. They did the same to me. I can't believe they are getting away with ripping people off. From the first time I called to complaint and was put on hold for nearly an hour, I Knew something was wrong. You can reach them by phone or mail.

    What I can't understand is that; how does the government continue to allow them to air their commercials on TV. I will not stop until I get my money back and them some.

    John Lopez

  • Ch
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    this is still going on why are they in busines my nightmare stated Aug of 2008.

  • Tr
      11th of Nov, 2009
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    It has been two years and they still will not give me my money back so i tryed getting something different though them with the money they owe me and they say they need more money. please dont use blue hippo they are a scam. now how do i get my money back out 600.00 dollars.this is not a way to help people with bad credit they take your money and run and when you try to call them it takes forever to get thur. i am not giving up. will keep trying to get my money back. instead i went to walmarts got the same computer cheaper i put it on lay away please dont use blue hippo scam.

  • St
      10th of Mar, 2010
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    my name is steve lamy i had placed an order for their promotion sale in computerswith free printer and lcd monitor, two days later from the order i canceled it .i was given a confirmation # comfirming the cancellation and a promise to credit back to me any amount of $ charge to my checking account.i later found out from my bank institution they started to redraw money from my account and still to this date 3/9/ hippo stole numerous monthly payments from my checking account and in my wife account at the same time with out permission .It has been a year and a half i have not received any computer from them as to say well we made a mistake your cancellation did not go through and we have been charging you so heres your computer and and with all the promise with thin the comercial. nothing!!! I am pissed!!! .i have been trying to contact customer services relating my money they stole from me .none of the phone numbers are in service. i need my money back its a lot for me i dont make much and i have six dependent. this is really wrong someone should do something about this . i put a stop to it with my bank but we are still out of $1, 247.74. my advise to anyone who will read this is, when you give your personal info on line or over th phone is do check on your accoount periodically making sure when and if you cancel any order don't trust their lying stupid comfirmation # giving to you, because they could go behind your back and continue to steal from you .allt hey need is the acount number giving aproval you originally give to them before the cancellation dont be a foul .dont be like me . i was so busy working to put food on the table for my 6 kids and my lovely wife i never paid attention and check as to what was going on in my checking and saving account and because of it my family are out of 1, 247.74 and i am not sure if i will ever see it back fromt those ### at blue hippo the so called the computer sale of any year. for me is the stealing your money while you are looking or paying attention in your affairs deals. i am pissed Obama shoul do something about this and the jidge who grant them bankcrupcy should have make sure that all victim gets their money back.i am sure they are really bankcrupt. give my children back their money you bunch hypocrits god will get you for this in judment day all you who was part of this scam.!!!/.

  • Do
      28th of Sep, 2010
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    I have waited for almost 2 years for a credit that is due to me for $196, I have paid the $26 for shipping and have not received my order, my name is Donna muff 9373 Hagar Shore Rd Watervliet mi. 49098 home phone 269-463-8382. I cannot reach anyone, the phone numbers I have are all invalid. jut refund my money and I will be happy, and also refund the $26 I've spent for shipping cost, , I'm getting tired of waiting for this matter to be resolved, I'll be waiting to hear from someone about this credit.

  • De
      30th of Aug, 2011
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    I am writing to tell all of my story on how I am being scammed. I don't know where to start on getting this problem resolved. But mabye by getting the word out will help.

    It started last July of 08 when I was trying to get a computer and came across Blue Hippo. They are a no credit check, low bi-weekly payment place that helps those to get things such as a computer or TV or cameras. My choice of electronic was a Dell computer. I called blue hippo in hopes that they could help me get a computer to better myself in my education. They sent me paper work to fill out and send back to them. I filled them out as soon as I got them and sent them back the very same day so that way my delivery was not delayed, I set up the payment for automatic withdraw so I did not default on any payments. They told me that I need to make 6 to 13 payments to build a short credit history with them, which is understandable, so I waited. After about 15 payments I started to worry so I decided to give them a call to make sure everything was still on track. They told me that everything was received and they sent the order to Dell and that it should be sent out as soon as possible. Well a few months went by and still nothing so I called again and they again reassured me that it is on its way and that it would be here before Christmas. well it is now almost may of 09 and lets say the least I still have no computer. My computer is suppose to be paid off in full at the end on June. I have just over four hundred left to pay and have paid well over 15 hundred dollars to it, and still have nothing. I have called numerous times within the months and they keep saying the same thing. so I decided to do a little research and come to find out I'm not the only one. I read allot of cases all over the internet that identical to mine. people who have paid thousands of dollars and have no computer. there are people who have reported this to the better businesses bureau and taken action they felt necessary but still I have not herd of one case that has been resolved. I have stopped the payment from being taken out of my account but I am afraid that they will send it to collections like another case I read about.

    I am writing in hopes of some kind of answers if there is any way someone who reads this has some sort of advide that they can inform me of please feel free to contact me, or even just to let people know of what is going on.

  • Ma
      2nd of Nov, 2011
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    I called blue hippo in 2007, for a computer the representative ask me for my checking account number and i gave it to them, n that following month they took got money out of my account and when i called back within that month to cancel my account and i ask for a refund they wouldn't give me my money back, they gave me store credit something i did not want, i was mad and hurt.i felt like they got my money and ran with it.i feel like it was a scam they advertised on t.v.

  • Me
      22nd of Jan, 2014
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    I have been trying now for the lastthree to four years to recieve some type refund from the U.S. BANKURCY COURT IN PENNSIYANA TO NO AVIAL THE CASE IS STILL BEING TRIED CAN PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRIEATED THANK YOU.

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