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Had a great experience during the sales process, but one our payment was received we had several no call, no show's once the work was scheduled to start - leaving us to call them to determine what had occurred. Frank and Tyler Firetti were some of the most unprofessional folks I have dealt with, and their operation lacked courtesy, accuracy, or even general knowledge of process and what needed to occur. After the 4th no call/no show engagement we terminated our contract with them - they proceeded to charge us $175 as they had drained the pool and drilled out our hydrostatic plugs. When asked if the pool needed to be re-filled to prevent the shell from popping out or if the hydrostatic plugs needed to be repaired I was told by Frank Firetti (Owner) that my pool never had hydrostatic plugs (untrue, the folks that did the work reached out independently to confirm, also validated with another company). Last email thread I had with them is below:

Your contract is terminated. You do not have hydrostats in your pool. Nothing to drill. BHP bears no responsibility and shall assume no liability for your pool shell floating from this day forward.

Frank Firetti

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Jan 11, 2017

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