Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Florida / fraud

United States

I began coverage in 02/2014 with BCBSFL. Used their website to locate a Dr. who told me, after several visits, that he did not take my insurance, leaving me with several thousand dollars of bills. I made payments for February, March & April and discovered in April, when I went to refill my insulin prescription that my insurance had been cancelled on March 31. I contacted BCBSFL to discover that yes, my policy had been cancelled for non payment in April. I explained that sent April's payment and they discovered that I had so, they stated that they would send me a refund for that payment. Several weeks went by and I received no payment, no calls from BCBSFL, still no letter stating that I had been cancelled. I contacted the marketplace and was advised that I had been terminated wrongly by BCBSFL so they did a review and I was told my insurance would be reinstated. I spoke again to BCBSFL, who was not contacting me mind you, and was advised that yes, my insurance was reinstated. So, back to the website to find a doctor. The address of the office was incorrect on the website and then, when I did locate it, across town from where it was listed, I was advised that my insurance card was inactive. I contacted BCBSFL and they verified that yes, my insurance was inactive due to bills I owed for the months that they had cancelled my insurance. WHAT??? I was cancelled and had no coverage at all, how can you possibly charge me for a service that you were not providing? Terrible, bad, horrible experience. I will never deal with them again and would strongly recommend others not do business with them either.

Aug 05, 2014

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