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We filed two applications in early may 2011, one for me, the other for my wife and kids (2 year old and newborn). Bcbs of fl approved late may 2011, they denied coverage for my wife because she hadn't gotten her postpartum check up. Since my wife was denied, so were my two children under her application. The insurance agent told me children wouldn’t be denied, they just had to go underwriting process, but this was not the case. They were not approved and bcbs never explained why. I tried to get the kids switched over to my application. Bcbs of fl said that all we needed was a signed letter faxed to our agent requesting for the kids to be under my policy. I signed and faxed immediately. However, after more than 2 weeks bcbs of fl told me they had given me the wrong information and a formal application and underwriting process for my two children was necessary. Consequently, we applied for my two children to be under my policy on 06/01/11. Bcbs of fl approved my 2-year old daughter after 4 weeks of following up with the insurance agent and underwriters.

My newborn isn’t approved yet (as of 07/25/11). They are still reviewing his case. They asked for his medical records and we provided them on a timely manner. Bcbs of fl needed a maximum of 15 business days for underwriting, but they have exceeded this. My son has gotten sick and we have had to come out of pocket for vaccination and doctor visits. We follow up every day but no answer.

The bad business practices of bcbs of fl are: they denied my wife and kids coverage because of no postpartum checkup but they never told us she needed one. Because she was denied, my kids were automatically denied without reason. They have taken almost 2 months to underwrite my newborn’s coverage, even though their quality control timeline has been exceeded. We have tried to get the underwriters to move our case along, and the estimated wait time has been exceeded. We would have left bcbs of fl a long time ago, but we are all under them except for my newborn.

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      Oct 22, 2012

    I am a BCBS FL Agent and have seen this happen before. BCBS IS known for Dragging out underwriting and making ALL changes nealy impossible. I have stopped selling them because of the reputaion they negativley caused me. Now that i stopped selling them they have decided to keep ALL comissions that i worked for. I would go to United Healthone ..they are my first choice and the best overall company. BC is BS!

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