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I was a client of bludomain for 3 years and I didn't even realize how terrible it was until I started hosting with someone else. The template was really nice, easy to work with, limited in some ways but it seemed good to me. Until I needed help with things. Customer service was absolutely terrible, it would take days to get answers to my emails and even then they were vague answers.

Then the billing problems. Pricing is comparable with other hosting and domain registrars, nothing to gripe about there. Two years ago I stopped receiving invoices for my domain name. Lucky me right? Wrong.

A few weeks ago I moved my website to a new hosting provider. After a few requests to bludomain to let me transfer my service, they refused to let me. I was told I owed a fine for late payments. What in the world? I emailed back asking what for and they said they had decided not to send out yearly bills and to just do it every 4 years. They then said I had to pay for the years [protected] and 2013 all in one chunk right now or they wouldn't let me transfer my service. They held my website hostage to make me pay for services they never billed me for plus for future years I wasn't going to use! Just to be sure I read through my whole terms of use (it's on their site) and it says nothing about 4 year billing cycles.

I cannot stress it enough to stay away from them. The templates are terrible for seo, they look very nice but are just not worth it. There are dozens of other places to go for hosting and a site, stay away from bludomain. I'm not sure if i'm allowed to plug another site but i've switched to hostgator and it's awesome. 24/7 live tech chat, it's so awesome. :)


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