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Blockbuster Video Online / bait and switch!

1 United States
Contact information:
Phone: 866-692-2789

Over the past summer Blockbuster video online enticed me to leave the Netflix online video service with a 'plan' of four (4) movies at a time in the mail with the option of trading them out for new movies at the store located in my city. I also received one BONUS coupon per month online to use as I pleased. Well isn't that a wonderful 'plan'? Yes my friends it was and I took the BAIT! This past November they informed me that I was no longer going to receive four (4) movies at a time but only three (3) AND I was no longer to receive the BONUS movie! This DOWNGRADE in 'plan' was actually going to cost me MORE a month than the original 'plan'!!

The E-mail that informed me of the NEW 'plan' stated that my subscription would run out if I didn't renew my subscription by the end of the month under the terms of the NEW 'plan'. I ignored the E-mail quite content to let my old 'plan' run out on the renewal date. I was cut off 10 FULL days before the renewal date because I didn't re-up. I was being RAILROADED into re-upping!! After SEVERAL E-mails which were answered with offers of cheaper and newer 'plans' I finally found a customer service (d) number (go ahead! Try and find it on the website!) and my card was credited the 10 days.

This gets better my friends. After re-considering for a few days, I decided that even at three (3) movies a month (still WITHOUT out the bonus coupon remember!) it was a semi-decent deal because you could do the exchanges at the store. I reluctantly renewed my subscription. ONE month into my NEW 'plan' I received an E-mail that said my NEW 'plan' was no longer valid and would be replaced by a NEWER NEW 'plan'!! Now this NEWER NEW 'plan' was going to cost me 10 DOLLARS MORE a month!!

I ignored the E-mail TOTALLY convinced now that I would NEVER do business with Blockbuster again. They charged my credit card AGAIN at the end of the month at the HIGHER rate WITHOUT my authorization!!! Again with the phone call and again with the crediting of my card! I IMMEDIATELY renewed my subscription with Netfix! They are FASTER, FRIENDLIER, CHEAPER, and DEFINITELY have a clue what customer service is all about! YES my friends you CAN find THEIR customer service (not SERVICED!) number on THEIR website!

The following is the text of an E-mail I received from Blockbuster shortly after I canceled the NEWER NEW 'plan'...

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for contacting BLOCKBUSTER Online Customer Care.

I appreciate you taking the time to notify us, Kevin Our goal is to strike the right balance between providing great value to our subscribers and getting a fair return for the company and our shareholders. We want to provide a variety of subscription plans to meet the needs of all our customers, both in-store and online. It's important for us to give consumers the most convenient access to media entertainment, whether thats through our stores or by mail, and are dedicated to doing that with flexible plans and pricing.

We've reviewed our pricing structure and have found that to get a better balance of providing great value for Total Access subscribers while still making it affordable for us, as of December 27, 2007, we have restructured the prices of our Total Access subscription plans. Please note that we're not changing any plan benefits; you'll continue to get all the same great benefits and value from Total Access. Of course, you're always free to change your plan.

We do offer Mail Only plans at extremely competitive prices. For example, we offer 3 out unlimited for $16.99 per month, 2 out unlimited for $13.99 per month, 1 out unlimited for $8.99 per month, and a recently reduced price of 1 out/2 max per month for only $3.99 per month. We are happy to offer a wide variety of options to meet the needs to every customer.

Customer Care Associate

The 'crock'holders weren't making enough MONEY??? My FIRM belief is that I was watching and sending back movies too fast so they wanted rid of me. They LOVE people that hang onto their movies for days or even a weeks! That way the 'crock'holders can somehow feed their children! The corporate greed and unethical business practices in this country are becoming epidemic friends. SOMEONE (we ALL) have to stand up and SCREAM we've had enough! My head is no longer in the sand and I'm learning not to be so DAMN spoiled! I will eventually learn to do without before I'll be EXTORTED!


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