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Blockbuster Online / terrible customer treatment!

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I have been using Blockbuster Online for the last 9 or so months. The delivery has been slow, approximating 3-4 business for me to get the movie. But it did not really bother me, as we were remodeling our house and did not have as much spare time to watch the movies. When Total Access started, I began to return the movies to the local Blockbuster, so my kids could get instant gratification through their kids' movies and we would wait for our movies through mail. It seemed that the shipping was even slower when we returned it to the store. After multiple complaints, they said they finally set-up their systems to be connected with local Blockbusters, but it still did not solve my problem. It got so bad at some point that I did not receive a movie for 10 days. So I began to bombard them with inquiries, saying, that's almost 1/3 of the month and I am missing out on my rentals. After 10-12 exchanges with customer service for about 3 weeks, they finally shipped me a few movies and gave me a free 1 month of subscription, for which they charged me! So I had to go back and tell them it is supposed to be free - as in no charge - and they had to reimburse me after 2-3 exchanges again. After this, I noticed they added these nice "Returned at the Store*" signs by your movies in Queue. So I thought, ok, my feedback helped. During the next two months, they sent me two scratched up and broken DVDs, so I again sent feedback and asked to re-send. Then they sent a wrong DVD and I again sent notification, asking for the right movie to be sent. Then a few days ago, I got an email saying, we "noticed a large number of DVD customer service issues reported on your account" and therefore we will suspend it while we review your account. I sent a complaint saying, "thanks for the way you treat your customers who provide you with feedback to allow for better service" and then they canceled my account! What does that tell you about their service?!

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  • Pi
      14th of Mar, 2009
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    they changed their plan rules and they suck!
    they now count the free in store exchange as a movie being shipped which means if you return two movies they will not ship anymore until you return the in store free rentals plus you still have a limited in store exchange which shouldnt be if they are counting my free exchange as if they shipped it out to me.
    im pissed off and may go back go netflix. at least there customer service was alot better and where always there to answer a question.




  • To
      29th of Jul, 2007
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    So I'm not alone in this. Recently I was notified that my BB On-Line membership was suspended because "there have been a large number of customer service issues reported for my online subscription service over the past few months." A couple of days later I received a hostile email from BB On-line saying my membership has been cancelled. When I was finally able to speak to a customer service rep, she told me that I have been "expelled" from membership. "I can't tell you anything more," she said, "I wasn't the one who cancelled your membership." I find this kind of comment from a cust svc rep, who is supposed to represent the business and not herself, unacceptable. Surely I made numerous complaints about their service, ranging from shipping the wrong disks, putting disks in mismatched jackets, shipping damaged disks, and delays in shipment causing lapses in my queue. Now they cancelled my membership because I have complained too much, as if I have committed some gross crime !! What a way to treat a customer!! I wrote them a letter of complaint, but never heard back. I just filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau.

  • Ke
      10th of Aug, 2007
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    Same thing happened to me. Was paying for 3 movies at a time and only receiving 2. Complained about it and then my account was suspended and then canceled. Blockbuster sucks.

  • Th
      5th of Sep, 2007
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    I was a customer of BB online for about 7 months. BB decided that they were going to up their rates at the end of August, also this is the second time they have raised their rates. My subscription started from the 14th of the month and continued on for a month. So, on August 14th they charged my account the full price and then canceled my account on September 1st without notifying me. I called them and told them that I was just charged for four weeks and received only two. They sent me a couple of coupons, gee thanks. I think I will be giving Netflix a chance. BB good luck, you were already going under. Next time remember some business is better then NO business.

  • An
      14th of Sep, 2007
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    I'm so happy that I did a google search and found this website.

    I'm currently going through the same process.

    They either ship me scratched and damaged DVDs.

    Several times for the past years, I don't receive movies at all for nearly two weeks.

    I've asked to speak to someone on the phone, but now that I know that they're going to try cancelling me, I think I'll switch over completely to Netflix.

  • Ed
      12th of Mar, 2008
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    Yeap, thank God I cancelled on time since in less than 6 months they raised their "basic" "Total access" more than double!
    Total BS, Netflix aint that good either, I guess I'll try Hollywood Video

  • De
      16th of May, 2008
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    I have been having the same problem. It is taking a week or longer to get my movies shipped. This is dated 05/16/08. Nice to know they will probably cancel my account. What terrible customer service. They have stopped responding to my emails.

  • Je
      19th of Jun, 2008
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    I just received the "we may have to investigate your account if you keep complaining" email. A threat? I don't think so. Our month ends next week. I'll wait til they send me my next 3 movies and then guess what, I'll cancel and they can beg me to come back in a few months after we revert to netflix. I wish they weren't so greedy! I think they're getting a fair deal. We rent approx 15 movies/month for $20. If we weren't on a plan, we'd rent far less. I would NEVER go to Blockbuster and pay $4/movie. They're fooling themselves if they think this is the way to increase revenues.

  • Ji
      4th of Jul, 2008
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    My account with Blockbuster was suspended after 4 years because they said they were unable to charge my credit card. The same one I have been using all along. I called AMEX and was told there were no problems with my account and that there were no declined charges from Blockbuster. The customer service rep at Blockbuster told me that they would attempt to charge my monthly fee again in 10 days. He also stated that my billing cycle would remain the same. So I was supposed to wait 10 days with no service while they worked out their technical issues and I was going to foot the bill for that time. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Customer (non)service was a huge waste of my time and energy. I went to NETFLIX and signed up(with the same credit card BTW) and had my movies the next day.

  • Ki
      5th of Jul, 2008
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    On July5, 2008, I arrived at Blockbuster in Louisville, Ky. at 10:10 a.m., and the store was not open. The store number is 21435. At 10:15a.m., I left the parking lot to go home as another lady was pulling up at blockbuster, whom I thought was the employee but was not. At 11 a.m., I contacted the store at home, and an employee answered the phone and stated that the store was open. I therefore, I drove back to blockbuster, and the store still was not opened. The lady that had pulled up when I left the first time at 10:15 a.m., was still sitting there and stated she did not know why the store was not opened. We could see the employee walking around, but she still had not opened the store. As I sat in my car, thinking the store was going to eventually open, I also told other customers that the store still wasn't open yet. They asked me why, and I told them that I did not know. My question is why didn't the employee have the store opened at 10 a.m. so that myself and others could rent more movies? What the employee did this morning was a very bad reflection on blockbuster. I am considering closing my account due to what I experienced this morining. In my opinion, the employee could have posted a note on the door stating that the store would not be opened at regular time. As bad as the economy is, including gas, why should blockbuster customers have to make 2 to 3 trips, due to the store not being open on time. I will contact a representative on Monday to follow up with this complaint. I DO NOT feel that blockbuster members should be treated in this manner. My question is what is going to be the solution if this problem arises again?

  • Ja
      16th of Jul, 2008
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    I had experienced may of the same problems from Blockbuster Online. I am shocked and disgusted at the way I have been treated by customer service. I am planning on making a complaint at their corporate office. Here is the information if anyone else would like to do the same.

    Blockbuster Inc.
    1201 Elm Street
    Dallas, TX 75270
    Phone: 214-854-3000
    Fax: 214-854-4848

  • Al
      8th of Aug, 2008
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  • Al
      8th of Aug, 2008
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  • Sh
      23rd of Oct, 2008
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    Blockbuster said I never returned a movie when I specifically remembered returning it because it was due back before I had a chance to even watch the movie. They charged me full price for for the movie and I cancelled my account. What a joke!

  • Mr
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    My recent experience with Blockbuster's customer support was frustrating and terrible. They make it very easy for you to give them your money, but the smallest problem will reveal just how little they care about you as a customer.

    Not only do they not value their customers, they don't even have a phone number on their website. The only way to contact them is through a feedback form on their website.

    I filled out their "feedback" form, asking for help in resetting my password. I explained in detail that the normal password-reset procedure didn't work. I received an automated reply with steps on how to reset the password! So I sent them a second "feedback" message, asking for their help in resetting my password.

    Only after using their feedback form twice did I get a response from a real person with Blockbuster's phone number.

    Once I finally got the secret phone number, I was treated to a dysfunctional voice menu system. It would say things like "If you do not know your account number, say 'I don't know it.'" Long pause...then it would kick me back to the main menu!

    After 8 minutes dealing with their voice menu system, I was finally routed to a call center in the Philippines, where I waited 15 minutes on hold.

    The man I spoke with was Eugene, who was incompetent and had no common sense. For example, he told me that, in order to change my password, I would need to log into my account. Now I'm getting irritated. Several times he put me on hold, doing who knows what. But I do know he wasn't resetting my password.

    He told me to go to this weird URL:

    What the hell? Of course it gave me a "404 Error: Page Not Found." At this point, my frustration is building, and I finally just asked, "Eugene, do you have the capability to reset my password or not?" Long pause...then he said no.

    I told him to transfer me to the cancellation department.
    He told me they didn't have one! "Then how do I cancel my account?", I asked. He once again told me I would need to log into my account to cancel it. "Eugene, do you understand that I called you tonight because I cannot access my account?" This is when he put me on hold again. When he came back, he said he would reset my password!

    Before my next billing cycle, I'm going to cancel my Blockbuster online subscription and just go back to Netflix. I've never had problems with them. Sure I've had problems while a Netflix customer, but they took care of me and I never had a problem WITH Netflix. So Netflix, here I come!

  • Fr
      15th of Apr, 2009
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    Blockbuster Online customer suppport sucks big time! With their stupid policy change mentioned above (they now count the free in store exchange as a movie being shipped) I can't get all the movies I'm paying for.
    On a side note, the free exchange at the store was one of the major reasons I chose blockbuster over netflix in the 1st place, and now they really have no edge.

    I called customer service because I never recieved a movie and checked my queue to see when the stupid DVD was coming, and saw that it was exchanged for some crappy movie I saw at a location I don't even vist. I called customer service to tell them it was not me who used the coupon and all they could say was "We don't see that your account rented this movie, perhaps a family member used it" I informed them this was not the case and that whoever used the coupon was not authorized to do so and I want that movie off my queue (it shouldn't even be linked to my account in the 1st place!!!) since they obviously didn't use my membership card. They said they would have it cleared up, but the movie is still in my queue and I am unable to get another movie until the let's call them coupon thief returns the movie if they ever do.

    Does anyone else have trouble with cusomter support? I mean where they just try to read off a script and talk over you? Like I called to report that it wasn't me who used the DVD coupon and had a rental out and the lady just kept telling my store account wasn't used to rent it...REALLY THIS IS WHY I'M CALLING!!

    This shouldn't even be happening...I am still paying for membership and if they took the time to investigate they could find out who rented that movie on that day and either get them to return the movie or charge them. This is so crazy that they can use a DVD coupon that probably got delivered to the wrong mailbox and hold my queue up!!!

    They need to remove it and figure out how to stop this. I'm just going to cancel and go to netflix after this month is up.

    haha ok sorry just had to get it out, I mean it's a simple fix and they are not doing it for me

  • El
      12th of Oct, 2009
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    Man, I completely agree. The first week I had blockbuster with my trial was great. I got 5 total movies with the 3 out at a time policy. The second week is when all the problems started. They sent me a DVD that was scratched to hell and after I reported it as "unplayable" they refused to send me anymore DVD's so I had to cancel. Weds, Thurs, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday went by with three available slots in my queue and nothing was being shipped. Their excuse was all the rentals are "new and unavailable" so I added 100 old releases to my queue and still nothing. I figured Blockbuster out, they try to impress you the first week and then all your problems start in week 2. Take my advice go to netflix, you will receive movies every 2 days. One day to ship them back and one day for them to receive the DVD. Wtih a 2 out at a time plan with netflix, I can probably get 16-20 dvd's a month which is a lot more than it looks like I was going to get with blockbuster and I had a 3 out at a time, 5 in store trade in plan. I only had 7 dvd's shipped to me from blockbuster in two weeks, and I traded into the store once so 8 total, and nothing shipped at all in week 3, so say they sent me 2 or 3 more week 4...that's only 11 dvd's for a price that is about 5 bucks more than Netflix. You do the math.

  • Am
      5th of Oct, 2012
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    Majority of you all (maybe all) have had horrible experiences with BB try having one in person with a Manager. I went into a store to rent 3 movies and decided to only INFORM the manager that each time I RETURN a movie blockbuster leaves me a voicemail stating they are going to charge me for the entire cost of the movie Unless it is returned. The movie had already been returned by me and 2-3 weeks later I get a voicemail stating I will be charged full price for a movine that blockbuster already has. This happened to me twice, the last incident a young man over the phone told me that it was due to the movie being placed in a drawer instead of being checked in, which he did while on the phone with me and apologized. I told the manager on duty of this incident and he stated, "Well the barcode must have been rubbed off, because we don't just throw movies in a drawer. Let me pull up your account." He said well, I don't see where someone told you the movie was in a drawer and we refunded you the money." As if I am just going to make that up. I only wanted the manager to be aware that I keep getting phone calls when I return movies so please fix it! He insisted that I was refunded. Tyler (manager), I understand. I am simply trying to inform you of an issue I (a customer) am having. He was argumentatvie and defensive. I asked for a refund for the movies that I thought I was going to rent and asked Tyler for the number to corporate. He gave me the number to a customer survey. REALLY Blockbuster!? You employee dishonest people who have no understanding of quality customer service. Furthermore, if people do not keep a watchful eye on their bank accounts we will be charged for movies that we have already returned. Would that not be considered stealing? How many stores has blockbuster had to close? Why is that?

  • Ri
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    Blockbuster Online - Misrepresentation of services/change of cortract without prior notification
    Blockbuster Online
    United States

    After 3 years of being a loyal customer, this business changed a prior agreement, stopped sending me 3 movies at a time as promised.Complaints directly to Blockbuster were not satisfied.

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