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Blackberry / bad customer service and hardware faults

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I bought a phone a little under a month ago on contract upgrade, its a top of the range blackberry torch 9800 from mtn south africa from the waterfront branch and I was assured by the salesman that I had a very good phone and that I will not need to send it in for anything. I purchased the phone to travel with, I purchased the phone on the 9t of december 2010.

In indonesia on the 31st of december 2010 (three weeks later) the phone went into wht they call an "infinite reboot loop". This means that on startup, the progress bar will go to a certain level, then the phone will switch off, and startup again, repeating the process indefinitely. The blackberry torch is the best blackberry currently on offer, and is the most expensive, the phone is three weeks old and is rendered unusable. I have tried to contact the blackberry support on the 2nd of january 2011, the automatic receipt came back with a confirmation and saying that they will get back to me within 24 hrs. It is now the 5th and I have not heard a word. I am in singapore now, I had to go to the research in motion head office in singapore today to sort it out, where tey initially told me that they could not do anything about it, I had to go through my carrier (mtn south africa) but when I told them the story they have got onto it.

Thanks mtn, for leaving me dry with a bloody expensive faulty phone overseas, with no tech support!!!

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  • Mr
      18th of Jul, 2016
    Blackberry - Poor phone
    South Africa

    My blackberry started swtiching off power at will, regardless of battery being fully charged and it cannot be turned on until it decides to a few hours or days later. Found out that this is a very common problem with Blackberry when they over 6 months old. They used to fix this problem. Not any more! I was told at repair shop that BlackBerry has ordered no more fixing...and that the client must pay R1 800 and then only receive a used old reconditioned phone in return and you don't get your phone back!! Reconditioned phone!!! Puh!!! How dare they! This is their software problem, no-one elses! The repair shop says they are getting loads of complaints about #Blackberry .But that their hands are tied. I will vote with my money...I refuse to pay...and will buy another make on gumtree.

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  • Av
      18th of Jul, 2016
    Blackberry - Network Problem
    South Africa

    I have been with Vodacom fo the past year and a half and recently their service has been pathetic. For the past three months there has barely been network (EDGE) in the Newlands East Area (Durban) I have contacted Vodacom customer services on many occassions and they always seem to have different reasons as to why there is no network. Last week Wednesday (12/09/12) I called Vodacom regarding this "so called network problem" I was advised that within 24hours the problem will be sorted out, on Friday (14/09/12) the network problem was worst, I called Vodacom again and was advised that when they say 24 hours they actualy mean until they resolve the problem. I received a call from Vodacom advising that someone was working on the problem, on Sunday (16/09/12) I received a sms saying the problems was resolved and I for once after so many months had network access. This was short lived as yesterday morning the problem started again, I called Vodacom and the service advisor has now told me that when I purchased my phone I was suppose to ask the sales person if there is EDGE/3G in the area that I live in. This has surprised me as I have lived in the same area from the time of purchase of my blackbery. I have went on Vodacom Network map and typed in my physical address at home and work and I was surprised to find out that there is only EDGE/3G for a few hours a day {meaning 2hours) This is unacceptacble, I have been with other networks, namely MTN previously have never did have a problem with them. I haved also asked around and discovered that many other people that stay in the same area have complained to Vodacom yet nothing has been done about this problem. When will I ever have a decent network coverage? And why does Vodacom continue to add new clients to the network if they currently can not keep their present clients happy??? Is the Vodacom network over crowded???? What explanation can they give us for this persistent problem??? Will it ever get solved???

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  • Ap
      18th of Jul, 2016
    Blackberry - Lossed blackberry 9700 bold2 white

    In a party i lossed my blackberry bold2 9700 white

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  • Jo
      2nd of Jun, 2015

    I've given my phone in for repairs at vodacom, but they don't want to repair my phone. They say it have water damage but both the indicators on the phone is still white and the phone was not even near any water

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  • Re
      11th of May, 2013

    I have so much security on my laptop no one can get to me. And if they did they would find nothing. What Boost did to me is just plain and simple wrong, and this is the 2nd time they have screwed me. So I am going to tell everyone I can possible tell. Anyone that wants to contact me can just ###ing do it. They can look at my ### all they want, I have no credit card info. or anything that anyone could possibly get or be interested in on here. So, if you are interested in my welfare help me get those ### for what they have done to me.

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  • Br
      8th of May, 2013

    You have a potentially bigger problem than the ones you're having with your phone and Boost. What made you think it was a good idea to post your name, address, phone #, and email addy on a public website trolled by identity thieves, burglars, pervs, and worse?

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  • Re
      8th of May, 2013
    BlackBerry - problem with phone
    11524 Easy St.
    United States
    Phone: 5126196350

    I have a Blackberry that started saving my pictures to my phone instead of my memory card. This happened on Easter Sunday. On Monday I started calling Boost and Blackberry to get the issue resolved. Since then I have spoken to one or the other every day. I have done every trouble shooting idea I have been asked to do. My phone is getting worse it has other things wrong with it now. According to my warranty, it states, if there is an internal problem with the phone it is up to my carrier, Boost, to replace it with a NEW phone. I was sent a refurbished one which I am not willing to except. I have been told to bad this is what you get or you can have $30. off of any phone you want. There comes a time where you just need to do the right thing. This is the time. I will change carriers and the 4 people that I got to use Boost said they will all do the same. All of the payroll hours talking to me asking me to do the same things over and over again I could have a new phone. My phone number is 512-619-6350, please look into my history and call me.

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  • At
      2nd of Jul, 2012
    BlackBerry - Blackberry Curve Facing Alots Of Problem

    I am facing a lots of problem with my blackberry curve from the day I have purchased this blackberry mobile many times I submitted my mobile for the same issues in my handset but god knows what this blackberry service centre peoples are doing again and again I am facing the same problem.Today only i bought my phone from service centre after they had kept my handset with them from last 15 days ..But still i am facing earlier problems ...
    My Handset Is Under Warranty
    My Email Id : [protected]
    My Blackberry IMEI : 353487046984508

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  • Ha
      16th of May, 2012
    BlackBerry - If anyone is thinking of getting a blackberry, DON’T
    United States

    If anyone is thinking of getting a blackberry. DON’T. It is the biggest piece of crap I have ever had. I hate it. I’m in sales and I depend on my cell phone for business. I have had nothing but problems. I have literally 100′s of contacts in my phone for business and all of a sudden every single contact has been erased. All of my business info gone. And cannot retrieve It. I want to throw this phone out the window. I’ve lost sooooo much business because of this phone. DO NOT get A blackberry. It will ruin your life. It has mine.

    Now I cannot even see where my next business meetinbg is this week because of this piece of crap. I am frustrated. Now I have a contract and I’m stuck. I’m getting an Iphone tomorrow. So DO NOT GET A BLACKBERRY. I’m serious. I’m not the type of person that complains easy. You think when you pay for something you should get what you pay for. Apparently not.

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  • Ha
      10th of May, 2012
    BlackBerry - Blackberry gets heated while charging
    United States

    I have purchased a Blackberry Bold 2 just 9 months back for Rs- 21500.00 from my saving. Wid great excitment of purchasing a phone of a world famous & reputed company. To my bad luck there was a theft in my car after purchasing of 10 days my all things were stolen except phone & box(which I found from few steps away from my car) . There was a problem right from first day. There was a problem wid software d phone usually hangs & gets restarted 5 to 6 times in a day & dat to sometimes wen its gets restarted a battery logo wid a red colour cut mark on it displayes on d screen.

    Sometimes a ERROR appears on d screen. After which I have to take out d battery den only it starts again. Sometimes wen I put d phone at charging it charges but also gets heated from d back side. My mummy had told me several times to throw that phone take some other phone she says ” jaan hai to jahan hai “. I can’t do that because its my hard earned money. I had compromised wid d defect because I didn’t time to go to any service centre. But recently wen I visited there they said dey need d bill. But now d water reached to head mark. I had contacted service centre but dey they didn’t do anything.

    I was going to consumer court but someone suggested me to contact u. Looking forward for ur kind co-operation and positive feedback. Hope u will help me. I REQUEST u to take necessary. & appropriate action. Thanking you.

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  • Ni
      24th of Apr, 2012
    BlackBerry - Slow emails & delayed instant messages
    United States

    I’m so annoyed by this stupid phone that I am on the edge of moving to nokia or sony erricson.Can you have so many issues with a blackberry there is just so much —- that a person can handle I wonder if blackberry even take there customers complaints seriously… Its convenient to have this phone but I’m thinking of actually just paying more for unlimited internet access and dwnloads and just use my Ipad its ridiculous to have so many issues after eachother…I hope that they read my complaint because I demand last months service to be refunded to me including my BIS that I activated yesterday…

    BLACKBERRY SUCKS that’s all I have to say…and to my knowledge I have the right to take legal action against these people who are making me lose out on business everyday…

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  • Ti
      16th of Apr, 2012
    BlackBerry - I’m never behind with any of my payments
    United States

    I have a BlackBerry Bold on contract and my screen is giving problems. The display is blurry and patchy. On Sunday 18 September 2011 I went to the Bayside Village branch where the saleslady, Shahieda Smith, gave me all the wrong information. It will take 3 weeks for my phone to get fixed and I will loose all my data on the phone. She also promised me that the store manager, Faldielah Valley, will give me a call by the following day as I insisted that should they take my phone that I will need a handpiece to borrow as I have a business and all my emails are on my phone, etc.

    It is now Tuesday 20 September and nobody has contacted me and my phone is getting worse by the minute. I even offered to take my phone to the repair center to try and save time, but I got zero service and NO help. My phone is still guaranteed under contract – I’ve only had it for a year. I think it is disgusting – I spent almost R700 per month (sometimes more) and I’m never behind with any of my payments. As a customer I expect the service that I pay for.

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  • Ma
      5th of Dec, 2011
    BlackBerry - Faulty Track Pad
    United States

    I bought my daughter a blackberry curve for Christmas. it has been sent of once already and we got sent back a new one, which the screen kept going white with an error message. the one we got sent back has now also broken as we sent it of for repair O2 sent it back and said it was unfixable and it is still under warranty as it was purchased in June and I would like blackberry to tell me why they do not stand by warranties and replace this phone or fix it. 02 have said it is not possible to course the damage inside the phone that blackberry have said. I can not stress how ANGRY I am with this phone they are supposed to be good phones and there clearly not.

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  • Ba
      5th of Dec, 2011

    I’m so annoyed by this stupid phone that I am on the edge of moving to nokia or sony erricson.Can you have so many issues with a blackberry there is just so much —- that a person can handle I wonder if blackberry even take there customers complaints seriously… Its convenient to have this phone but I’m thinking of actually just paying more for unlimited internet access and dwnloads and just use my Ipad its ridiculous to have so many issues after eachother…I hope that they read my complaint because I demand last months service to be refunded to me including my BIS that I activated yesterday…

    BLACKBERRY SUCKS that’s all I have to say…and to my knowledge I have the right to take legal action against these people who are making me lose out on business everyday…PATHETIC !

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  • Ra
      18th of Oct, 2011
    BlackBerry - mobile lost

    r/sir or mam
    i purchase a blackberry mobile.but after some time it was stoled by some one.
    i got information that on this site if i register a compalind than u can help me to find my mobile.

    imei no:- 359429032658492
    lost in aug 2010
    no in use was 8527045257

    if u find any detals pls inform me on my mail id or my contect no
    mail id:- [protected]
    cont no:- 9311638111

    rahul garg

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  • Ga
      15th of Oct, 2011
    BlackBerry - defective and used

    Date : 15/October/2011
    Myself Gauraav Singh Taunk and today i have recevied blackberry 9530 with 3G mobile phone from indiatimes shopping on date 15/october/2011 which ordered on 8/oct/2011.

    My complaint is against the product which is not in good condition as it is used phone and accessories are duplicate (made in china) which is not at all possible because as we all know blackberry is from canada.

    And, i had word with the concern person in indiatimes shopping customer care service and in that whole conversation we had they said to me about the procedure of replacement of product service.
    I am not convienced with them in certain points which seems quite risky for or can say not in my favour at all when i had already paid full amount of rupees 9, 999/- plus 299/- for delievery charges on the spot.

    Blackberry storm 9530 with 3G (Complaint issues)
    1) Handset (used phone)
    2) Earphone (damaged and duplicate)
    3) Battery (seems duplicate by packaging or coverpaper of battery)
    4) Charger (not in working condition and duplicate)
    5) Software CD (not running at all)
    6) Mobile box is old without mobile model no. and tagged with again made in china which shows the product duplication.
    Note : Accessories are duplicate and made in china

    My concern is that in what condition should i believe in your terms and procedures because in that procedure they want me to give this product back to your concern person or will courier by myself to the address and then i have to wait for your time duration for 10 to 15 working days, In that case i have to wait till the new product comes in my hand during this period of time the cash which i had paid in the name of your company (indiatimes shopping) will be in your side in that return i will have nothing left during this replacement procedure for that i am unable to believe in this or making myself confident for this.

    So, please give me some best option considering my first deal in indiatimes shopping to make me believe in you.

    Thank you
    Gauraav Singh Taunk

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  • Ja
      23rd of Aug, 2011
    BlackBerry - Auto Page Useless Service
    United States

    I’ve struggled with Auto Page since the first time I’ve opened a contract with them (I really regret opening one THERE). I’ve got a Blackberry little more than a month ago and I’ve activated the blackberry service by dialing *147#. The service worked 100% until it expired a month later (Last week Sunday, 27th Feb 2011). I’ve phoned Auto Page and Stephan said that they should do it manually. I’ve faxed my details through and Stephan said that it will take 24 hours to be completed. I’ve phoned 24 hours later as the service was still not working and left messages (about 4), asking that he phones me back.

    He never phoned me back. I phoned again and the lady that answered said it will take 24 working hours. I’ve phoned today (05/03/2011) again (after the 24 working hours) and the lady that answered and said that she can’t help, all the consultants is busy. I said one of them must phone me, they never did. I phoned again and ask to speak to a manager and she said that the manager is busy. I asked to phone me back, never received a phone call back. I phoned again and spoke to Stephan. He looked on the system and nothing was done for my query.So I wasted all my time (and like R60 airtime) for someone to assist.

    The Head Ofiice nor the 0861 22 23 24 number works, as no one answers the phones. They are all lazy people working there and don’t even deserve to get paid as they are really not helping anyone. They can just close their doors.

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  • Ju
      23rd of Jul, 2011
    Blackberry - Scam
    Blackberry Company Online
    United States

    X-Originating-IP: [], Visafone Communications Limited, Victoria Island, Lagos (Major Scammer Hub)
    Return-Path: [protected]
    From: BEELINE COURIER SERVICE [protected]
    Sender: [protected]
    Subject: THIS IS OUR COMPANY NUMBER (+44 70457 84182) CALL US...
    Date: Thu, 5 May 2011 00:12:04 +0000

    From the online email ballot promotions held by Blackberry Company, your email have been approved to claim the sum of £400, 000 (Four hundred thousand pounds) .To file for claim, you are required to provide us with the information below for verification:

    Full Name:
    Mailing address:
    Permanent house address:
    Country of resident:
    Phone Number:

    Reply this email with the information for claim([protected]

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  • Un
      21st of Feb, 2011
    BlackBerry - Can anyone help please???
    South Africa

    Good day! I hope someone can help me! I purchesed a Blackberry 8520 just under a month ago from Hi-Fi Corporation in Vanderbijlpark Vaal Mall. A couple of days ago my phone started freezing, the screen just goes blank and it drop calls for no reason. I contacted Hi-fi and ask them what to do now. They informed me that I need to bring the phone in for repair that will take 2 weeks. Now first of all, why must a product i purchased just a few weeks ago be repaired alrady? i paid in cash for the phone, and believe me it was expensive! On top of that, i am mooving to mosambique in a couple of days time! can anyone please tell me if there is anything else i can do? i do not want a repaired thing!

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  • Av
      7th of Jan, 2011

    Sympathy to the negligence of MTN Chickenbadger.

    Others who read this and have had similar bad experiences with MTN, please feel free to visit to make private votes or public comments where you tell your good or bad stories.

    You can also email us at [protected] with your story.

    A Voice
    Avoid MTN

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