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BitExchange Systems / bitexchange systems cryptocurrency script review

2-5 United States Review updated:

I wanted to develop the Off-chain atomic swap feature for the bitexchange cryptocurrency exchange script I got from bitexchange systems on Feb 1st.

I got the software installed through them. They took around 5 days and installed the software.

All the things did go smoothly but I really have a problem with how expensive this thing is.
I understand that the concept is new and requires research, it would be great if they reduce the price so a lot of us can afford it.

Feb 12, 2018
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  • Ob
      31st of Mar, 2018
    -3 Votes

    BitExchanger is a Big Scam Stay Away from them!!! They scammed me $1000, They dont code Exchanger Script, instead they just build the interface and they Dont even Intergrate the Exchanger to the Blockcain API, STAY AWAY, PAY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

    I Paid the guys called RAJ $1000 after telling me that the script is free and they charge $1000 for proffesional installation, Then he introduced me to Mansoon and another scamer callled Mohan he runs, their very good to get you in, before you pay them they give you attention up untill you pay then they ignore your messages and sometmes answers you. STAY AWAY, The worst part is when they finished with their scam site called script if you invest bitcoins on it they HACK IT and your BITCOINS DISSAPEAR!!! STAY AWAY, THIS KINDS OF PEOPLE THEY MUST BE COUGHT...

  • An
      1st of Jun, 2018
    -3 Votes

    This team does not stand behind their product. Paid for both a template and their so-called installation service support. We found issues with code namely minor issues because mid-tier. Their login and registration was not supported by anything. All we needed was the library. So, we reached out to the installation support team, and they would not respond back to our questions. They could not even help us with that. I am the project owner, and I wasted a lot of time with my devs to the point we realized their product and support was not worth it.

    Again, don't buy from "these" people.

  • Ni
      6th of Jul, 2018
    -4 Votes


    I have tried to purchase this for 24 hours but they send the details after two days.EVERY POINTS TO BITEXCHANGE SYSTEM BEING A SCAM. I used BITEXCHANGE SYSTEM product. The product will not work after 2 months. This project team does not stand behind their product.

    I paid for both the templates and installation service support. I found the issues in the code. Their login and registration were not supported. So, I reached out to the installation support team, and they would not respond back to our questions.

    I wasted a lot of time with my devs to the point I realized their product and support was not worth it. They have no phone number They have no office address properly.

  • Al
      30th of Aug, 2018
    Best Best Advice +7 Votes

    I(we) engaged with BitExchange to setup our Specialised Crypto Exchange in Hong Kong. The experience personally ( and as a company ) so far with these folks is phenomenal. We are entering the Phase 2 of the contract and all deadlines have been met with extreme professionalism and discipline. Yes, there is some delays here and there - but that is very reasonable for us. Been working with the them for nearly a year now, I can safely say that Some of the reviews made on these sites about this company is misleading ( maybe left by their competitors to re-direct customers ). Take an informed decision.

  • Jo
      31st of Aug, 2018
    +4 Votes

    Hi folks. This is Josh from San Jose. First of all, I would like to brush away all these mis-leading bad reviews about this company and service. Personally, Am very happy with the products I received and the quality. Believe me, For the price they provide - its impossible for anyone or company to even come near these guys ( Obviously, they are posting bad reviews about them in fake accounts ) .

    I started my engagement with these people by purchasing the DEX script and have bought near 5 scripts and services so far. They are prompt in reply and delivery. Am happy, My investors are happy. I would recommend them to any of my startup friends here in the valley. Keep doing the good job guys. God bless you!

  • Bi
      4th of Sep, 2018
    -7 Votes

    Hey Josh, or shall I call you Raj? You're nothing but Raj the guy who scams people posting this review well guess what, your time is over. Your scamming of people ends today. I'll post this everywhere to ensure that no more people get scammed. You got me for a few hundred and thank god I didn't pay you more.

    This software does NOT work. It's full of bugs and backdoors. You piss them off and they destroy from the inside out. They only take crypto for payments and you will NOT get it back. They are scammers and they know it.

    So, if you want to lose money then go ahead and pay them. You'll be back here posting a bad review just like me. Don't believe their hype, it's all crap and sadly we have no other alternative so this is not a competitor!

  • Ja
      16th of Sep, 2018
    +4 Votes

    These guys at least respond to my messages and pick my calls every time. And they fix everyday online review meetings for work that is been done for me. I dunno about what others say, but here is what I have to say: I have outsourced this work to 4 different companies before. Each one of them are terrible when it comes to responding once the payment is made(Sadly not many even know what Crypto business is all about). And finally Am left hanging. These folks at BitExchange are the 5th and Am happy.I have got 2 scripts installed by them and they work good. Am now getting a customisation done and Am happy I get a call from them everyday at 9. I see rapid progress. Thanks folks. Keep up the good work!
    FYI: I write this review so others make an informed decision when choosing your blockchain or Cryptocurrency development vendor.

  • Lu
      18th of Sep, 2018
    +5 Votes

    Am from Den Haag, NL. Am gonna write a bit of a detailed review of my experience. There is a lot of wrong Guidance happening here. As usual I read all the Bad reviews posted here at first. The support team at BitExchange warned me that they are mostly from other Crypto-Companies solely to mis-lead people. I had my doubt's and started working with another company ( have posted a review about them as well ). The experience was pathetic and finally understood that the bad reviews here are written by these competitor companies ( as BitExchange is giving the same products and service they give at a very low price ). The bigger issue is, the company that scammed me does not even know [censored] about Crypto!! but their sales people talk as if they are the masters! Man!, , , well Again I came back to the BitExchange folks and now have my SCM platform up and running. Am writing this review as the support person in BitExchange has requested to explain my bitter experience in detail, so others are not tricked as I was. See, All I can say is this Blockchain and Cryto are very bleeding edge. And the service and quality provided by BitExchange is more than I expected. Thanks. Please don’t hesitate t contact me.

  • Se
      12th of Oct, 2018
    -1 Votes

    I'm giving setup support for BitExchange. You can contact me. Skype: serifcuvak Email:

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