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Biotrim Labs / fraud

1 Hong Kong Review updated:

I got scammed by this company. I placed an order on Jul 18th but then realize the amount was incorrect as my CC had called regarding the charges. I phoned their customer service right the way on the same day (Fri afternoon) and wish to cancel the order. She said she can't do that and have to pass to another person to handle this matter and had assured me that they will contact within 24 hours. I did not receive any calls from them and my mobile never rang. Their office hours are closed on weekend and no one pick up. I had emailed their support regarding this matter but no one reply. I got an email that the order had been shipped on Jul 20th. I called this morning Mon Jul 21 and ask to cancel the order. She refuses to do so said it's already been shipped. I told her I spoke with your customer service regarding cancelling the order and was assured that I will be in touch within 24 hours. She said her system showed that someone had contacted me. I told her it's complete BS as my phone never rang and no call came in from them. I asked her what time they call she couldn't tell me and insist they did. They are lying, as their office hours was shut I tried to call again the same day (Fri) around 7pm their phone didn't go through as office hours is over. They said they had called but they never did. The whole return call thing was a scam and complete BS. If they had called I would have had a call log from that number or even a missed call but there was none. I had contacted my CC reporting a fraud on those transactions and have to wait for update. I cannot cancel the courier as I only have to tracking number. I will refused the package and tell them to return to sender when they deliver. On their website it says call customer service to cancel your order any time. If you cancel after the order has shipped we will be responsible. I had called them right after before the order been shipped and they did nothing to help cancel the order and prevent it from being shipped. They lied and commit fraud.

Anyone else can suggest what I can do? Appreciate help in advance.

Jul 20, 2014
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  • Hi
      14th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    I placed an order with Bio trim labs for Cambogia Ultra 5 pack- Order Ref - 0A0A17812CB8505F85257D11003AC4BC
    on July 15th and its going to be a month, and I have not received the shipment. I have made the payment online and was promised delievry within 3 to 5 days. Its going to be a month now and no response from them. Please help - I have asked them to refund if they cannot deliver the product.

  • Pi
      29th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    I placed an order on 31st July and was told 5 - 7 working days it's now a month and still nothing, they are quick to take your money but not so quick to refund when their goods don't arrive. Will give them another two days and then open a fraud case against them with my back.

  • Ja
      30th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    Fraud to the core as they said INR 1775.00 but charged me INR 9873.50, that is lot of money. I have asked to cancel my order and yet to get an response. I feel sorry that I fell for this marketing fraud so easily without any second thought. Hope to see some response soon. Any people from India who has faced the same fraud, please respond.

  • Ef
      13th of Oct, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I believe i also get cheated already. Placed my order on the 25 September for 2 bottle each for the purelife cleanse and pure cambogia ultra. Only get email confirmation from them but no receipt given and i dont even know how much i am been charged. Call the number that was provided but it was not in use. I then quickly call up my credit card provider and blocked my card and get them to issue me a new card. Anyway it a very pricey lesson learnt for me. Please be careful and dont fall into the same scam as me.

  • Ra
      12th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    This is Ramesh from India. I believe i also get cheated by this company. Placed my order on the 20th Oct for 2 products each for the purelife cleanse and pure cambogia ultra worth Rs.20000/- each (10000 each). Only get email confirmation from them . Even after so much of reminder mail I haven't recd any product or reply mail. Call the number that was provided but it was not in use. Anyway it a very pricey lesson learnt for me. Please be careful and don't fall into the same scam as me. If company head is seeing this mail and still if this company has any shame then reply me against my product orders (PureLife Cleanse Confirmation (#77001F508D) and Pure Cambogia Ultra Confirmation (#77001C5F1E). any way I am about to lodge complaint in ciber crime police station in 2 days so that action is taken against this cheat company. Please . Please . Please kindly don't get into trap of this cheat company .

  • Vr
      13th of Nov, 2014
    -1 Votes

    I have ordered Purelife cleanse (#7100164EE6) and pure cambogia ultra (#7100161E5C) on 14th oct 2014 but till date didid not received the order and now they are not even replying to my mail. The cc no they have provided does nonot exist. Please help me what to do.

  • No
      10th of Jan, 2015
    0 Votes

    Same experience with the rest. I ordered purelife cleanse and pure cambogia ultra and after waiting for months, I had to get it from the Phil. Post office and they charged me thousands for taxes. Then after a month, my credit card got hit by P428.40 which I want to dispute. No one from the company wants to answer my emails and my credit provider can't do anything with it. Please help me stop this scammers as they cheat on people BIG TIME!!!

  • Un
      23rd of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    I was charged twice the price as shown. They did not have anything that indicate the final amount to be charged. When I managed to get on the chat online with this operator named Maddie. She was so ing arrogant and dared me to call up the bank for unauthorized transaction. Claiming that the bank will understand them. What a. I demanded my full refund and she is giving me all crappy excuses. WTF

  • Mr
      31st of May, 2015
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    This is Fraud and cheating. I have orderd one product but the money got deducted from my card is much more. There is No product and No refund till now. none of them responding from the site. The toll free no they provided does not exis t.

  • Lo
      25th of Jun, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Reading all these reviews, I now realize that I'm not the only one who got scammed. If there is someone that could help all people involved, maybe action can be taken to bring this company to court to avoid future issues with company. I was suppose to pay only for the transport costs (5 euros) but my CC will be charged for 135 euro ! I intent to keep the goods and pay nothing at all because I already blocked my Visa Card and informed Visa that the reason was 'fraud'. See what will happen at the end of the month.

  • Se
      21st of Jul, 2015
    +1 Votes


    I also placed an order back in March for one months' supply at Euro 29.99 but my Credit Card was debited Eur 114.99 even before I received the order. I telephoned them only to be told I had mis-read the offer and there was nothing they could do.
    I did actually receive my order but then they have started to debit my C.C. each month for Eur 9.95. When I approached them about this they said I was a ''premier'' member. I told them I had never agreed to this but they just said their records show different and it was up to me to prove otherwise!!! and that they had no intention of returning the money they have taken from my c.c. When I threatened to report this to the police they just cut me off. Is there anything that we can do to stop this blatant fraud ???
    Would welcome your comments.
    Liz - Dublin Ireland

  • Re
      18th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    I have also been a victim of this company, I live in Dublin, Ireland and read an 'article' that I thought was from an reputable Irish daily newspaper endorsing natural slimming tablets. So last thursday I ordered ONE bottle of Pure Cambogia Ultra and ONE bottle of Pure Life Cleanse each costing €22.99 but when I checked my bank account it had been deducted €260.20, I couldn't believe it. Firstly I would NEVER spend that type of money on tablets and secondly I cant even afford it. I rang my bank immediately but they weren't great help, they said I was to email the company and cancel the order and send copy of email to my bank. On their website it states that you can cancel the order, you just have to ring up first thing Friday morning I rang but was told I couldn't cancel the order as they were already shipped, which had to be a total lie. I asked to speak to a supervisor but she just repeated the same mantra, couldn't get any joy out of them. I cant believe I have been a victim of this scam, I have read all the complaints on this form and took the advice one one gentleman and have emailed complaints to Salt Lake City Police, the delivery company that deals with Bio Trim labs (PDM Deliveries) and Salt Lake Business Bureau, it is unbelievable how this company is still able to trade after so many complaints. It will also be interested to see if I even receive these products, feel so, so stupid, Im usually very reluctant to place an orders on line or give out my bank details but as a lady who is always trying to lose weight, I was totally caught off guard. I really hope I get answers and some answers from Salt Lake City Police, will keep this forum updated.

  • Re
      9th of Oct, 2015
    +1 Votes

    They charge credit cards without informing customer from subsequent months.

  • Fa
      9th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    I freaking hate these people how are they allowed to be on the net is beyond me!!!They just charged me over £120 for something they were advertising for £18 and a free bottle and they have not send any receipt of confirmation!!!

    Something has to be done, surely this is illegal and must be a way to get back your money.

  • Ay
      28th of Jan, 2016
    -1 Votes

    I live in South Africa, ordered 3months supply and have received nothing to date. Countless emails and I am just ignored

  • Ju
      22nd of Feb, 2016
    0 Votes

    Fraud. Got scammed. I live in Chile and they charged my CC without my approval with an extra US$55...Still waiting for the refund but no reply from this people and no product . I'll block my CC today.

  • Lg
      28th of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    I just fell into this scam today. i ordered less than 24 hours and my bank said they are flagging this transaction as fraudulent. Having gotten the notification I went to the Biotrim website to cancel my order. Sent to cancel my order. Also did the live chat thing. Surprise surprise it is a Maddie who replied. Same thing. Can't cancel order, already processed yada yada. I still insisted that they cancel my order and do NOT ship. And initiated a refund request. I am not holding my breath on any action from them. However I called my bank to cancel my credit card. They can no longer charged me any extra. I also took screen shots of my order pages indicating price, charges etc and showing the lack of invoice and return policy or money back guarantee. I also took screen shots of my chat with "Maddie" demanding a name of the company representative and contact details. Then another "for the record" demand that I want to cancel my order now and do not ship. Of course Maddie suddenly stopped responding. All these I can use when I dispute the charges with my bank the next banking day. Including their email confirmation on my order. This is my final attempt to get my money back. I might not be successful in getting my money back but I'm putting this out there so any new victims will know what to do next. And please, for your sakes, it is inconvenient but please CANCEL your card asap so the auto charges will stop. Also there is no such thing as no cancellation policy. Or restocking fee which is what I am anticipating as their next response.

  • Ru
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I placed my order on 16th of March 2016 but have not received anything yet. Now I want to cancel the order. They say shipping takes 14 to 21 days as I was sincerely expecting to get my order any day, I gave them even more time. But after 6 weeks of delay, I emailed them and they replied that they will send the shipment again. I even verified my address. Still nothing has arrived. Now I checked their terms and conditions (which i didn't before), and it says refund possible only within a month. Does this mean they will not refund me even though I have not received anything? Please tell me if anyone has been successful in claiming their refund due to delay in delivery.

  • An
      5th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    Is there nothing that can be done to these ###? I ordered a product that was advertised for R245 and was charged R1680.00! I immediately sent an email to their support centre requesting a cancellation. Literally 2 mins after i did the transaction. That was the saturday evening. Monday afternoon i got an email stating that my order has already been shipped and they can not refund me. WTF

  • Es
      8th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    I have got cheated by this company as well, I purchased the diet product from them "Pure Cambogia Ultra" more. Than four months back and they promised to deliver with 4 weeks maximum but unfortunately nothing received. They are really cheaters and thiefs and I am wondering how USA government or police leaves them without taking any action against them unless the owners is a very big shot.

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