Biolife Plasma Servicespoor customer service

I currently attend the location of biolife plasma on richmond avenue right off of westheimer road in houston texas I seem to have had a problem with a couple of employees that work for that company one of the employees an asian man with spiky hair gave me a look like he wanted to hit me in the face another woman a petite hispanic woman with long hair had lied about how many times that I donated. I've also heard them make rude remarks amongst each other and try to whisper it and then look over at me. This is a professional business so this behavior that is being demonstrated at this facility shouldn't be tolerated whatsoever.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Houston, TX So now I just don't trust a lot of the people that work there and I had submitted a complaint with the 1-800 number to your corporate office which I will also call again because I was supposed to have had somebody call me back in 24 hours it's been almost 72 hours now and they didn't so I will make sure I call your office today again. I shouldn't have to do that but i'm going to anyways that's what this complaint is about if you can somehow find out if whomever it may concern could be of assistance to resolve a resolution to this issue I would greatly appreciate you doing so.
Thank you

Name: christopher flores
Email:christopherflores.346. [protected]
Phone number:[protected]

  • Updated by Christopher Flores, Mar 22, 2018

    I expect for you to quit procrastinating and resolve this issue soon. Because if you make me like I told the representative at your corporate office I'll be forced to have to have internal affairs investigate the facility. And I'm not bluffing. oh and just for your information your customer service Representatives at your corporate office ain't exactly polite. So I believe it is to your best interests to do something and SOON.

    Thank You

Mar 22, 2018

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