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Mar. 30, 2017 layton biolife
I asked a question to the girl wrapping my arm if you had to have all of the mar 30 2017 layton clinic alan, a nurse at the layton clinic, documented untruths on the computer on my records as a result of me simply asking a question regarding the saline solution. I asked the girl bandaging my arm monday, out of curiosity if you had to have the entire bag of saline. I had seen someone have gatorade and not have to have the saline. Honestly, I don't like the saline. She said she thought that you had to have half. I wondered why they had not told me over the course of a year that you only had to have half of the saline. That peaked my curiosity even more and I asked "really, you only have to have half?" she said "I don't know for sure, let me ask someone". Alan, who I since have found out was a nurse, answered that you had to have the whole bag or only got partial payment. He asked why I asked, and I said I was wondering because I didn't like it and had at one time had a problem with swelling, (which I thought was due to the saline, talked with the nurse a year ago, stopped coming so frequently, and then it stopped happening.) so, this happened a year ago for some unknown reason and I was cleared and haven't had a problem since. However, he documented on the computer that I had said to him that I had problems every time that I donated. Lie number one.

Then, when trying to make an appointment to come back to donate that thursday, there was a note stating that I needed to call to schedule. When I did I was told that I needed to just come in and talk to the nurse and they'd get me right in. I came in and alan, who didn't state he was a nurse, asked me if I knew why I was there. I stated that I had no idea. He sat at the computer and told me it was because I had stated that I had edema every time I donated. I told him that I definitely did not say that. He said that I would have to have a note from my doctor saying that I was okay. Note: I had a physical there in feb. Just weeks ago at which time I was cleared with no edema. I asked to speak to a supervisor who then after telling him the situation said I think he made it into a bigger deal than it is and left the room to talk with him. When he came back he told me that alan said that he had checked me that very day, ten minutes ago, and saw that I had pitting edema on my leg. Lie #2.

He did not examine me at all! I had no idea he was even a nurse. I only found out when I asked to see a nurse to be cleared so I could donate and be on my way.
I will not be donating plasma any longer. I don't see why I should see a doctor for a problem that I do not have to get a note stating that I do not have the problem. Especially when I was just simply asking a question as to if you had to have the entire bag of saline, I got my answer and was on my way. I had no problems with swelling at all and haven't. Why would I want to schedule an appointment for a problem I don't have. I have already had my yearly exams.
You should have a nurse identify themselves as a nurse. I thought he was the go between person before I saw the nurse. I sat in a room to see the supervisor only to have the supervisor listen to me and go in and out of the room to talk with alan. Why wasn't alan in the same room at the same time with me addressing this? Then I could have asked him to his face why he lied about checking me. What is the deal with these employees?

I feel that my time there should have been compensated. I was perfectly willing and able to donate and was not told otherwise, while trying to schedule. They didn't even check my legs if they were concerned! I actually showed my ankles and leg to the supervisor to prove that I was fine. He told me he was not a nurse. So, I said then, let me see a nurse! That was the first time that I learned that alan was actually a nurse.

Mar 30, 2017

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