Biolife Plasma Services / lost misplaced or never sent speed test got me deferred on 2nd donation of the week go figure

Springfield MO, United States
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Went to biolife plasma here in springfield mo on the west side of town where they gave me a speed test and lost it misplaced it not quite sure but at any rate they deferred me for my 2nd donation of the week.. Always deferred on the 2nd donation of $50 bucks... Go figure... I sent them an email which I got no response so I called them for 3 days trying to find out where my results were so I could donate... Needless to say they played stupid!!.. Someone obviously dropped the ball and I will start donating at csl wednesday.. If you are able to donate somewhere else I advise you do so if you want to be compensated for a 2nd donation

Jun 25, 2017

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