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I have had 3 accounts now and each one i have spent a minimum of 1, 000.00 on. The first account they bann me for reasons unknown. The second account disappeared for no reason and they said they counldnt find it. The third account the bann me for sending a gift that they let you buy and the gift was sent because this person sent me a gift and i was told i was harrasssing. This company is a criminal enterprise.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Acworth, GALook up their profit for the past three years and find one players that hasnt been ripped off. You will never find one that hasnt. The games are rigged and do not go by odds as they say. My accounts are gone because i stopped buying. Also they owed me billions of chips from wins that were never paid. As of today i have an attorney and filing a lawsuit againist these crooks. If interested in joining a class action law suit againist Big fish games please send your information and lets shut these criminals down. Send information and issues to

May 03, 2017

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