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I have been very sick and my husband bought me a ring from Bidz, hoping it would make me smile. Well it did, but when I got to where I could get out and wear the ring, I got very upset. The second time I wore the ring, a diamond fell out of it and of course I have no idea where. I have been in contact with Bidz by email about my ring and of course I have not heard one word from them. It was a couple of months before I was well enough to go out to wear the ring so I know they could care less about that. They have their money and I have a ring that is no good to me at all so they are very happy. My husband is upset for spending that amount of money and I can not even wear it. You know the ring was value no where near the amount they said it was worth but is was worth the money he paid for it. He had it appraised before he gave it to me. It was appraised about 3, 500.00 less than Bidz appraised it. To me that didn't matter, I loved the ring and I loved the that my husband was trying to do something good for me ( he always does), but at that time, he and our children were afraid I was not going to make it. He actually won the bit on 1-1-08. I do not understand how companies can cheat people out of their hard heard money. The ring was paid thru PayPal and I can not even get a response out of them. I do wish someone would do something about this company.

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  • Sh
      29th of Mar, 2009
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    I was completely scammed out of any merchandise at all!!! BIDZ.COM and the seller are one and the same person, amazingly enough and I was told I had to send the money TWICE because it did not register in their system the first time. I refused and was told that I would neither receive a refund or the merchandise if I did not comply with their demand of sending it again. It's a complete and total scam outfit & I am demanding action be taken by the attorney general - there are way too many complaints out there for nothing to be done.

  • Sk
      21st of Apr, 2009
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    They spam craigslist using redirectors such as,,

  • Ha
      30th of Aug, 2009
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    I absolutely love Live Jewelry Auctions !! You have to watch what you bid on, but for the most part it's Great Quality - Italian imported and often name-brand! I entered Live Jewelry Auctions through and it brought me right to quick registration on the network! I Love them! 5 star diamonds!
    -Sheila Northram

  • 39
      14th of Nov, 2009
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    This is in response to Alexa. I was touched by your post. I'm so sorry to hear that after all you had been through with your illness you and your husband had such a negative experience. I have ordered from before and most of the time dissappointed. They are currently under investigation for Fraud, shill bidding, and tax evasion. I hope they all end up in jail. Out of all of this I hope you take some comfort in your husbands beautiful gesture - he sounds like the real gem!
    Sara from Toronto Canada.

  • Xc
      15th of Dec, 2009
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    Thing is, complaints here are valuable in informing people about the unscrupulous dealings of but best thing we can all do, is start making complaints to the relevant authorities and by flooding the directors of bidz email boxes.

    Complaints can be made to...

    The Los Angeles Police Department.
    The FBI, IC3.
    Federal Trade Commission.
    Better Business Bureau.
    Securities and Exchange Commission.
    US Department of Commerce.
    And anyone else you might think of. I have!

    Bidz directors email addresses are...

    CEO / David Zinberg.
    President / CTO / Leon Kuperman.
    CFO / Lawrence Kong.
    COO / Claudia Liu.
    CCO / Larry Russell.
    Vice President / Executive Secretary / Marina Zinberg.
    Auctions Manager / Vilius Zukauskas.
    Don't bother with customer services, there's a contradiction in terms. Go directly to the top people and flood their email boxes.

    Don't forget, when approaching the authorities, where you can, provide any evidence you have. Emails, photographs, copies of bidz web site pages, anything that might be relevant. Join me in a campaign to bring these fraudsters down, it is time we did.

    And I hope you all have a very merry Christmas.

  • Ta
      20th of Apr, 2018
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    @xcellent My value judgment is that it's a scam. I bought a ring with a certificate of quality, where I evaluated the "jeweler specialist" with whom this company cooperates. On the site and in the certificate, the estimated price was $ 21, 000. When the ring was bought by me, for $ 3, 500, I saw a terrible stone, in three days I was at 5 jewelers who were simply in shock. Each of them gave its price, and it was no higher than $ 850! I could not do the return, because I had to go abroad, on a business trip for 45 days. I think that the prices they put on the site are fictitious, they do not correspond to reality. If you go to the site, take any ring, bracelet, watch and look at their characteristics, then show these characteristics to decent professionals. To not be sued, they sign this fraud in very small print, which is almost invisible: * Appraised values ??are determined by 3rd party appraisal companies. These companies are not affiliated with The appraised value is usually the highest retail value for the item. does not guarantee the appraised value to be accurate nor the ability to resell based on the appraised value price.
    Thus, they mislead customers and use other people's money, as it is difficult to get money back from them.
    I have another bad story with this company, do not receive a refund, my second order was a clock of $ -190. Not having received hours, as, having bought them, the jasper asked for a refund. Amanda M. (Customer Experience Specialist) promised to return the money in 7-14 business days. But, more than a month has passed, no money, no response to emails, no opportunity to get through. Completely ignored!
    I think the actions of this company are criminal, buyers mislead, use other people's money for personal purposes. If anyone has suffered from this company, I propose to unite and apply to the appropriate state structures to protect American citizens from fraud.

  • Ce
      9th of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    My experience was quite good, and I have purchased 5 items, and all of them were lovely and none have broken.

    Although it's kind of obvious that they appraise items higher than they might be, I still liked the jewelry I purchased, and the gifts purchased for my mum were very much liked (and my mum continues to like and wear them).

  • Bi
      21st of Jun, 2011
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    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for taking the time in providing feedback regarding your purchases and your experience at We assure you that we treat all customer feedback and suggestions seriously. You may always contact us directly for any assistance by phone, email or bold chat. We have revised and updated our policies to improve and provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. We stand by our merchandise 100%. In case you receive a defective item or an item not as described, you may return for a full refund (within the 30 day time frame period). We are sorry that it took some trial or error and that you feel you were mistreated. Fortunately by submitting this comment, you have helped us make a change for the better. We sincerely thank you for your input and would like to hear from you regarding this post or any other concerns at We hope you will take the time to visit our site again to allow us to provide you with excellent service.

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