Beyond Diet / No Refunds!

This diet plan is shown on TV and seems to be reputable. but it is far from it!

Even though they say this will refund within 60 days more than likely they will string you along and never get you a refund. I have been battling for almost three months on a refund I requested a week after my purchase (January 2016). They will offer you "free gifts" they will tell you to send another email to confirm you want to cancel, you can call but never get anyone to pick up the phone... trust me I have invested over an hour (on 4 separate attempts) sitting on the phone waiting.

This whole thing is a SCAM from start to finish. Don't buy. there are other more reputable companies out there interested in your weight loss success then this internet weight loss scam.

They buy you in for the low price (under $50) and as soon as you sign up you get prompted to invest more and more money. Thankfully I never invested more than the trial offer but others have lost a lot.

I am concerned with the internet safety of my purchase, thankfully since then I have cancelled the card and been reissued a new one. This is definitely a place where your information can be sold or hacked into.

Mar 18, 2016

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