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Bethany Christian Services / Scam and cheating

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Bethany Christian Services is a scam. They are in it solely for the money. They do not care about the needs of the parents or children. Don't let the Christian in the name fool you. They can't be trusted. The communication is terrible. We were told not to call our social worker. We were only allowed to email her and we would go weeks without getting a response. If we tried to call her, we would get called into a meeting with her boss and get yelled at like children. They are very nonsupporting and should not be in this business. If you are thinking of adopting, do not use Bethany Christian Services, particularly the office in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

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  • Re
      27th of Oct, 2008


    I hate to hear that you had that experience with Bethany. I have a great friend of mine who adopted her son through them here in Atlanta. She and her husband had no trouble whatsoever with them and still maintains contact with their office. Perhaps it was the office (or person) you dealt with.

    I wish you all the best with your adoption journey. It will work out for you and your family in spite of that episode.

    Best Regards,

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  • Mc
      31st of Mar, 2009

    I just spoke with a friend today who is working with Bethany. She said she would never use them again or recommend them. She said that they just blow them off when they make inquiries. Her husband was told to "calm down" when he called to try to get an update. The date when their child is supposed to arrive seems to be a moving target.

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  • Am
      25th of Apr, 2009

    Horrible experience Bethany in Grand Rapids, MI. I have gaurdianship of two children who have been assigned to Bethany. They do everything they can to undermind any progress the children are making. They are in this strickly for the money. I should have followed my first instinct to have another agency assigned to the children.

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  • Mc
      13th of Aug, 2010

    I gave up my daughter about 8 months ago and I was going through Bethany Christian services. I realized now that it was a terrible mistake, the adoptive parents don't even make an effort to contact me and make me feel comfortable. It's an open adoption but I rarely ever see my daughter and when I do try to write them, they have their case worker write me back instead. And also at the visits, their case worker is always there. I feel like I'm being monitored because I'm a bad mother or something. I don't regret giving up my daughter but I regret giving her up to these parents. I feel like it's all an act, of course they are going to be nice and caring when they want your baby, but after everything is all said and done, they could care less about you. I just feel that all Bethany is concerned about are the adoptive parents and not the birth mom. It shouldn't be that way, it should be fifty-fifty. It's not like I didn't love my daughter, I just wanted her to have a better life, but I thought if I chose open adoption, I would be able to have a connection with my daughter and the family, I guess I was wrong.

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  • Bu
      13th of Oct, 2011

    This organization does NOT "keep families together" as they tout. My son was left out of the entire process of an "open adoption", which does not only seem unethical, but illegal. Unfortunately, we were unable to retain a private attorney to fight them or the birth mother. This "christian" organization was nothing of the sort. I am starting at the District Attorney's office and will work my way up to State's attorney and to Federal, if necessary. This is a travesty.

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  • Ad
      29th of Dec, 2011

    My husband and I adopted our son through Bethany in 2008. I have nothing but good things to say. We had a wonderful experience as did the other 8 couples who adopted around the same time we did and went through the process with us. I am still in contact with my son's birthmother and we have a great realtionship that was encouraged through the agency. I plan to return to Bethany in the future to adopt again. I was in constant contact with my case worker and even now over 3 years later I can still call and talk with her. Everyone who I know personally who adopted through Bethany only has good things to say.

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  • Da
      20th of Feb, 2019

    @Adoptionmama Are you being paid? Really! How many people have to be deceived before the truth sets people free. God is light and in Him is no darkness at all! DO you recall this reading God's word? Did you adopt again? I can see through your hollowness. Everyone? You know personally? How many people is everyone? Could you give us names and numbers?

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  • Ch
      24th of Jan, 2012

    I contacted Bethany to get information about international adoption knowing that at the time we did not qualify for any of the international programs. We wanted to get the information so that we could plan and save to make this possible when we were eligible. I went through the correct channels and even called and spoke with someone that assured me that the person handling international adoption would be able to answer my questions and give me the information that I needed. I received an email that very next day. However, it was far from the informative notice that I was expecting. This person very coldly informed me that we were not eligible for any of the programs and that Bethany could not help us because we did not make enough money. My husband and I knew full well there were some areas in the requirements for international adoption that we did not meet. However, I explained in each "Comment" area that we were looking for information as to what the official requirements were so that we could move in that direction. We are able to have children, we felt that we could give a child that needed a home a stable and loving environment. I can only imagine what a couple would feel like that was unable to physically have children if they were give this rude and cold reaction to a request for information to make it possible for them to start a family. I seems to me that this adoption agency is only concerned with the money portion of adoption and could care less that about any other aspect. One would expect from an agency professing to be Christian in orientation that they would be more concerned with the welfare of children and families than money.

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  • Ba
      14th of Aug, 2012

    BCS is a dirty business. They refer to the mother as the "birth" mother, before she has given birth!! That's manipulative & gives her the impression that she has no option BUT adoption. Additionally, they gift the expecting mothers with a free laptop & cell phone. That just serves to plant a seed of guilt in the women. Making them feel like how can they keep their baby? They feel indebted to the agency for the expensive gifts!! And when the expecting moms own counselor works FOR the agency & the prospective couple, she has a conflict of interest. Therefore she is unable to provide neutral support to the mother. She certainly isn't going to assist the expecting mother in learning about the many resources available to her, should she choose to parent. Who is advocating for the MOTHER? Nobody. The primary goal should always be to keep the child with their natural family. Unfortunately adoption is a lucrative business & the adoption agencies are in it for one reason, the money!! If they truely, truly cared about the women and their children, they would have fliers packed with information on resources available to low income & single moms. Things like: food, housing, car seats, even free college!! But of course they never focus on the mother MAKING a choice. They focus on getting her to believe that she can't keep her baby & that by giving the baby up for adoption, she's saving him some horrible fate. If the mothers are refused resources she can obtain by choosing to parent, how is she making a choice to give her child up for adoption? I've read countless stories of women who were manipulated by this "Christian" adoption agency. One woman wanted to take her baby home but felt she could not because she didn't have a car seat. The hospital provides them, free of charge, to new mothers who need one. But of course she didn't learn that until it was too late. :(

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  • Sh
      7th of Feb, 2013

    Bethany Services is NOT Christian

    They repeatedly gave me chances to do services to continue to get paid from the state. I DID those services and when it was obvious the state would have to give him back becaue of my compliance they did a termination. It was baffling to my lawyer and I. One of two of their witness one who works for thes state actually sided w m and my progress. The other was non other than bcs case worker. Who repeatedly lied on stand which my lawyer pointed out. When asked if they were doing this because they had ppl who wanted to adopt the answer was no. HA non profit is a lie.

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  • Ja
      23rd of Feb, 2013

    I lost both my kids to bethany christian services...i never abused them or nothing i was basically young and needed help because my mother was on drugs...i went to every visit..found a job like they told me to, and when i couldnt work around my visitation schedule i had to quit it because to me my kids were more important and they faulted me for that...i wanted my kids so bad that i took out a school loan to pay for an apartment to bring them home to..i was just trying to do everything to get my kids back..they were mean and separated me from my parent mentor who told them i was a great mommy anddesrved my children..they felt like she got too close to me and lied in my favor..then ladt but not least they sent me to a ### place for a hair test and somehow cocaine was found in my i demanded another and they denied it so i went to the #1 place for accurate hair tests (the hospital) and paid out of picket to get one done..professionally and sure enough there was nothing in my hair!! I had the dude who took it and my parent mentor who came wit me testifu...but they claimed i.put somethin in my hair to clean it when i had the exact same hairstyle!!! Im hurt to this day that they would rip me from my heart and soul..they r definetly not christians...God dont like ugly!!!

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  • Ad
      16th of Nov, 2015

    The facts are undeniable. Bethany Christian Services are completely interested in money. They are one of the largest adoption agency's and they spend the least on the services they provide compared to other organizations. I have attached the data from their own 990 forms filed with the IRS.

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  • Pi
      29th of Nov, 2015

    i know first hand about bethany i have a worker through there and she keeps trying to bring up more stuff for fifthteen months they are not christains they lie and only want money and try to adopt kids out that dont need to be adopted out they need to be shut down

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  • Da
      14th of Dec, 2015

    Hey. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant. I have done some research on Bethany Christian Services and I've met one time with one of the counselors. I really feel like they are a good match for me but I would love some input from people who have worked with them. Was they helpful? Anybody worked with the one in North Carolina? Do they really help birth mother's financially? Any info is much appreciated!!

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  • He
      15th of Dec, 2015

    Dear Danny-Momof2, My husband and I attended a meeting a few months ago to discuss possible adoption with Bethany Christian Service. We left very dis-hearten. I was not impressed with the social worker that conducted the class and felt that she would not be a credible person to match a child with my husband and I. After finding this blog on the internet, I am more convinced that Bethany is not for us. As Christians, we prayed that we would make the right decision but we never got a peaceful feeling during the entire meeting. After the meeting, we spoke with several couples in the parking lot who felt the same as we did. My husband and I would love to have a child and believe Bethany is not for us. The money we would have been required to pay (based on our income) would have been a great collage fund for a child. It wasn't all about the fee's, they spoke about matching parents with a baby and it read like "Match.Com". The social workers are the one's who determines what profiles the birth mother view. We feel this could be bias depending on who the social worker is fond of. When members of the group asked where all the money went (that the adoptive parents were paying) she just kept saying for "Bethany fees" and the fact that they will always be there for the birth mother and the adoptive parents. She never once pin-pointed any clear distribution of funds. I think you as well as my husband and I would be better off going the private adoption route. I hope this helps.

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  • St
      26th of Jun, 2016

    They lied to me when I was just a child myself. They manipulated me thinking I was a teenager they could snow me. And they did. My child is grown and was never given any of the heart felt letters songs and gifts I gave him. My son was NOT told anything about me which is what the agency told me would happen. They where nice until they had my child then everything changed. It also makes me sick they use the word Christian and nothing is More false. Christ would never manipulate for money! They actually make me sick to my stomach. If I only knew what I know now I would of never ever contacted them! Please do not fall for their pure evil intentions!

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  • Zu
      20th of Jul, 2016

    I tried to call them to ask about adoption and I was told my husband and I were too old and they hung up on. They were degrading and demeaning. I would not recommend this "service" to anyone. They only want the money and I never became the mother I always wanted to be. My dreams were shattered. I was devastated and destroyed.

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  • Ra
      18th of Feb, 2017

    Bethany Christian Services of the Holland area in Ottawa County Michigan. This branch has made a promise to us as foster parents. They broke it. They are Christian in name only. Their lie was so bad to us that I repeat Psalm 109 alot because of them. They made a promise to us and it broke up our family for no reason. I followed all the rules by the judge and at the meeting 5 Bethany licensing workers broke their promise and could not show me one reason why they did what they did. So they trumped up a reason. They removed the 2 boys. The 2 boys were constantly saying the foster dad did nothing wrong and always told counselors they were happy at their placement. Their grades were good and one was in Civil Air Patrol. All I think of now is Psalm 109. I ask God to break BCS up completely. They lied. Broke their promise. The devastated those 2 boys. They know what they did was wrong but they don't care. Psalm 109.

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  • Ka
      19th of Aug, 2017

    They are EVIL!
    They tried to coerce me into giving my baby up instead of helping me with other services!
    They will pay your bills which IS subtle coercion.
    When my "worker" was told I changed my mind, she contacted my midwife and demanded an answer as to why she didn't "talk me into" adoption!! And said that I shouldn't parent because I sleep a lot!!! Sick lady!
    She also called dcf to tell them I changed my mind, just to make things harder on me.
    She told them I am still talking with my other children's father.

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  • Ll
      19th of Aug, 2017

    Im very hurt by the family and the company i call to find out why im not getting what the noterized so called court doc says and they say i have no rights even though im a birth mother. I got an email address for the family they dont use it i have a po box for the family they dont use it ive written numberous letters and no responce im entitled to a letter and professional picture but every year i have to fight to get them. Im beyond hurt snd want to know what si going on with my son. I dont know what to do. I was forced to give my son up for one and the case worker lied in a interview with cps involved. I so dont recomend this adoption agency and just want my son back.i dont trust them anymore never did. What is going on with my son.i call the agency oh well call you back never do. Dont use them for Anything and im really hurt by my family for not resding the reviews before they wanted to force me to give my son up. Ive seen so many law suits against the agency and so many other hurt birth moms. Just give me back my child.

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