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My problem with Geek Squad is that they cost me about $1500. Here's how:
To begin, I don't know much about computers, so I was flying blind and looking for honest help with my problem. My problem was that my 18 month old Gateway laptop needed a new power cord, and I had no idea what to do. I went to Geek Squad and they told me that yes, I did indeed need a new power cord (duh), and that the only one they had in stock would work just fine for me. It was $80 and included 10 adapters so I could use the cord for ANY (he specifically said ANY) laptop I ever owned (this was NOT true, it does NOT work for my new laptop, I tried them all just to see). I stupidly took him at his word and bought the giant rip off. 6 months or so down the road my laptop was overheating, crashing, and, burning the tops of my thighs through my jeans when I sat with it on my lap to use. I took it back and told the Geek Squad agent that I thought the battery was dead and the motherboard and/or hard drive was bad. He spent about 15 minutes looking at it and his final diagnosis? The battery needs to be replaced and the hard drive is probably bad. (Seriously? I just told you that..) He told me it would take about 300-500 dollars to send it out, have it fixed, and returned, and I should consider just buying a new one, and that this Best Buy has a lovely selection I can take a look at right now. (Seriously, he said this). I again, STUPIDLY, took him at his word and shopped around for a new laptop. The new laptop cost me about $1100, including repair packages and accessories (it took me a while to wise up to their BS). I went back to school a happy student. In the meantime, my dad gave my old laptop to a computer friend of his. The friend discovered that the power cord GEEK SQUAD sold me was 30 Watts too powerful for my laptop! And that this was the cause of my troubles. He said yes, the battery was dead because the power cord had burned it out, and the hard drive should be OK now. He gave me the correct power cord and it was fine for a while, but did eventually die, and is currently sitting in my house, waiting to go back to my dad's friend. So to sum it up, I figure Geek Squad owes me:
$80 for the incorrect power cord
whatever it will cost to buy a new battery
the $1100+ for the new laptop I had to buy and I would not have had to buy it in the first place if they hadn't destroyed my first one
the cost my dad paid his friend for his help and the new power cord
This, on a very low-ball scale, probably reaches over $1500.
I will never again use Geek Squad, and I encourage my friends, family, and anyone who reads this to do the same.

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  • Pi
      Sep 01, 2010
    Best Buy/ GEEK SQUAD - scam
    Best Buy / Geek Squad
    United States

    So I bought a gaming laptop about 2 yrs ago and payed just under 3000 us dollars for it with accidental coverage and extended warranty. My warranty just expired and my computer broke again. The computer was fixed 9 times in the last two years; 2xharddrive, 5xmotherboard. Somehow I was not eligible for a lemon policy which replaces my laptop if it keeps breaking down. All I can say is I used the laptop as a target when im practicing my shooting skills as thats the only thing it was now usefull for and i felt better about the whole situation. So people please dont buy computers from best buy and if you do dont get the warranty as its usless.

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  • Be
      Sep 01, 2010

    I had the same problem with my laptop I own the GATEWAY NV53 which I had only had for 6 months. The Geek Squad
    at Best Buys claimed it was the hard drive that was over heating. If it's sitting 24/7 on a dual cooling pad how? I explained that the green charge light on the cord would come on but would register on the computer as not charging. They then suggested I purchase another battery. And for what reason they were not even sure when all I really needed was a cord! Where's the common sense!

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