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Berkeley College NJ / Horrible school

1 NJ, United States Review updated:

Staff is rude, they never return phone calls, do no know how to answer questions and the credits I earned did not transfer to Bergen Community College. Only 7 of 21 credits transfered. I got a B+ in English Comp I at Berkley, but no one will accept the credit and I had to take it over at Bergen CC. TWO of Berkeley's English (I and II) equals only ONE of Bergen's. It's sick! And I'm actually happy I had to take English over again, I learned a lot that Berkeley never touched on. Their training is horrible, and no one will accept them. I wasted my time and money going to Berkeley. Please do not waste your time or energy with them. Or money...they are super expensive. Listen to the negative rumors - they are true!

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  • Be
      3rd of Oct, 2009
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    Do not choose this school if you expect a positive response from prospective employers. Do not attend Berkeley College (Berkeley College of Business) if you want anything more than a "crackerjack" education for an inflated price. I spent four years of my life at this school, primarily due to my schedule and home life. The only thing I can about Berkeley is the scheduling was okay. I am a mother of three with a great husband, we all have negative things to say about Berkeley. The accounting classes in West Paterson were taught by "The Remedios Clan" and a very small number of classes related to accounting were taught by some on and off professionals. The Remedios team was a husband and wife that were overworked and consistant with bringing the "outside issues" into the school. I can remember a terrible incident when Mrs. Remedios gave a student an "F" as an error. Mrs. Remedios was out of line and a few of the students, including myself, didn't want to call her on it due to the possible backlash in the future. The issue came about when the final exam was returned. The exam had a deadline of 6:30pm on the last day of school, yet Mrs. Remedios said to the student, "I didn't say that, you are mistaken and it was actually earlier". The class was scheduled from 6 pm until 9:30pm, She was still in the class when the student returned, still she didn't accept the test. It was a mistake on her part, but she never admitted it, the student went to the Accounting Board and all the members sided with Remedios. At that point, I realized that the student didn't matter. The student would pay again, plus for Berkeley, the teacher would most likely be Mrs. Remedios, plus for her, and the student probably would not make it do to the extra cost on tuition among other things; not a problem. The student went through so much hardship and anguish that she had to drop out. My issues with Berkeley come down to high cost for unreliable education.

  • Be
      3rd of Oct, 2009
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    The colllege cost me a little over 50, 000 in loans and due to the fact that I could n't afford to pay for the last semester of an attempt to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting I am not given the opportunity of receiving an official transcript. The total to pay is 2, 400.00 in outstanding loans, because I couldn't pay for the remainder of the last semester. Now, I cannot obtain my transcripts and I can't find a job to pay for the balance to obtain the transcript. The jobs available for accounting are slim to none, and you are not considered if you don't have a degree. I made the worst mistake of my life when I chose to attend Berkeley College.

  • Je
      22nd of Oct, 2018
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    @BerkeleyNO Had had something like thing and stupidly paid the amount owed to get my diploma on time when I left this school

  • Be
      22nd of Oct, 2009
    -3 Votes

    The students complaining on this website seem to be confused. Berkeley is full of wonderful career opportunities and an informative staff. I have attended every campus in the 4 years at the college. This is primarily due to my work, mother, and wife duties and schedules. In the 4 years, I managed to keep my "Dean's list" status. Berkeley gave me many grants and scholarships because I kept my GPA in good standing. I was offered a job as a Junior Accountant at a company in Bayonne in my 3 rd year. Today, I am a Junior Accountant for the company, and I have managed to keep the position for about a year now. If Berkeley didn't have an exceptional coursework I wouldn't be able to do my job today. Everything at Berkeley wasn't perfect, but the small imperfections of certain staff members shouldn't overshadowed the great deeds completed at the school. Some students don't have the experience of interacting with other colleges and their staff members. If the students here did they would see that the change they are looking for has to be within them. Please donot waste your time and money pointing out the failures of others, and focus on your tenacity for a degree. FYI: All of my loans for 4 years ( a little over the time actually needed to complete a Bachelor's Degree) accumulate to 26, 803 with Sallie Mae. It cost to go to college, and Berkeley College isn't supposed to be a free ride. As around, trust me there are people with much higher student loans than me or many other Berkeley students. Just one more tip for all who want an education at Berkeley...TRY GETTING AND STAYING @ GPA 4.0, it will do wonders for your Tuition at Berkeley College. Signing out...A BERKELEY COLLEGE SUCCESS STORY

  • Bs
      21st of Dec, 2009
    -4 Votes

    *at BERKELEY NO*
    So you attended all of the campuses in the NYC and NJ area in 4 yrs? Rightttt. I am convinced these proprietary scam colleges read these complaints and post far fetched responses trying to discredit the ripped of student.

  • Bc
      17th of Feb, 2010
    -3 Votes

    I would never recommend this "college" to anyone. They EXPECT you to take a 6 month internship for FREE at 25 hours a week. Now unless your a rich kid living in a mansion on Daddy's pay then maybe this would be ok. However most of us have to work to make a living and have bills to pay. How the hell do they think that I can work at a paying job, take the FREE internship, and take courses in the evening?! It really is too much. They are also really REALLY expensive. Heed our warnings please stay far FAR away from them.

  • Dr
      16th of May, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I've wasted two years of my life and money at the Berkeley College
    Westchester Campus, and I regret it so very much.

    At the time, the idea of attending a commuter college close to home
    was convenient, but it didn't take long to realize that this "college"
    is essentially nothing but a dolled up degree mill which churns out
    degrees to any paying customer with a pulse.

    Upon entering the campus, you'll quickly notice it's not bad looking,
    and even looks quite luxurious (offices and restrooms, especially.) On
    your first visit, you'll quickly be greeted by one of their many
    near-super model level guides, who will give you the grand 10 minute
    run-through of the tiny campus, being sure to usher you past the many
    students spouting obscenities and blasting rap music in the halls,
    computer labs, and recreational area.

    On topic of the students, the culture is very limited. If you are
    going to waste your time with this school, you had better make sure
    you love BET, hip-hop, and, most importantly, hate learning. If you
    don't fit that criteria, you will make very few friends in the school,
    and have nothing to relate to in conversations. Many of the students I
    did talk to were quite friendly, but that only goes so far when none
    of them actually want to learn.

    It's evident that most students in the school are only there because
    they feel they need to be, and all jump for joy upon hearing of a
    canceled class, and unanimously grumble when professors do walk in the
    door, or assign homework. Most students just don't want to do
    anything, and if you are someone who actually wants to get what you
    pay for, you'll be paying dearly in time when you end up doing all of
    the work for your group in any given collaborative assignment.

    Luckily, for the slackers that account for the vast majority of
    Berkeley College students, most every course is expertly crafted to
    ensure that every student will pass with at least a C, so long as they
    maintain a reasonable attendance, and turn in something even
    semi-coherent for homework.

    Thankfully, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to study under
    a few great professors, though their teaching styles were suppressed
    by the college in ways that forced them to limit challenge, and cater
    to slackers. In fact, in a Managerial Accounting course I took, a
    student was caught cheating on the course's final exam by the
    professor, and she told him he was to automatically fail the class for
    doing so, and had him removed from the classroom by the dean in a
    justifiable rage. Upon contacting that student, he still passed with a
    D. Amazing.

    What's more, is that the most intelligent and interest professors I've
    had at Berkeley would often pull the brighter students aside near the
    end of the trimester to recommend that we transfer to a different
    school to give ourselves the proper level of education we deserve for
    the large amount of money we're spending.

    The funny part is, I've never been a straight A student growing up,
    yet I was quite consistently at, or near the top of my class, even in
    those that I barely lifted a finger in. It's definitely easy to become
    the big fish in a small pond at Berkeley, that's for sure.

    As for extracurricular activities, don't be fooled; Berkeley really
    doesn't have much. At the start of a trimester, they'll present
    students with a decent list of clubs to join, but when only two or
    three students show up to the clubs at most, most are quickly
    canceled, leaving nothing to do after classes but to go home or to
    your dorm.

    Most importantly, DO NOT come to this school in hopes of actually
    graduating with a Bachelors in 3 years, it's a flat out lie. I've kept
    in touch with the few great students I've met in Berkeley, who started
    with me in Fall 2005 on a 3 year program, and those who remained there
    all ended up graduating in 2010. Some program that turned out to be.
    According to them, the two years longer than expected came partly from
    stress in back to back trimesters year round for 3 years straight with
    a total of 5-7 weeks off every year for three years straight. No
    student I've heard of was able to get through that without running out
    of willpower, and faltering from the strict program requirements
    really screws you up, and increases the cost of classes. The other
    problem was how key classes are conveniently and repeatedly
    canceled/unavailable to the point where a student can be kept from
    graduating because of it. Definitely a scam of a program that
    shouldn't be trusted.

    Thankfully, after two years of being told to transfer from my own
    professors, I finally did, and I never looked back. Unfortunately,
    most of my credits did not transfer, and those that did were cut in
    half by 2/3 in the switch from Berkley's trimesters to a real
    university on a semester program. That said, I'm graduating from a
    reputable university in Southern California, and couldn't be happier.
    I'm actually thankful for having to start from close to scratch in
    transferring, as I've learned so much from my current university that
    my classes in Berkeley failed to even touch upon.

    In summary, I urge all prospective college students to stay way from
    Berkeley College.It's nothing but a proprietary scam, and you will
    regret any and all time you spend there as a student. Berkeley doesn't
    prepare their students for the business world, they just charge them
    tens of thousands of dollars for a piece of paper that makes them
    appear like they are.

  • Ba
      27th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I've taken classes at Berkeley College in NJ and online. I already have a Bachelor degree from another college in NY, however, but I would not discredit Berkeley in the same way that others have done so on this website.

    First of all, any college has flaws. Ask the Harvard student whose roommate hung himself from real Ivy league stress and he'll laugh at those who complain about the pressures of Berkeley's ongoing quarter system. No one forces you to graduate in three years. The benefit is that your financial aid is applicable to your 4 quarters, including the summers, unlike at a semester college.

    Second, Berkeley doesn't claim to be a university with multiple majors and 100s of extracurricular activities. It's not fair to complain about this as if they do boast about it. In fact, they quite specifically market themselves on tv and on their own website as career-oriented, but they are fully accredited by Middle States, and are respected in the business world as a fully accredited college. The college has been around since 1931, and literally works with most companies that people would die to work for, and yes, some internships are free, but that's not the requirement. Whoeever wrote that is lying. All of the internships are paid, and if you want to work for someone specifically or waited until the last minute, you may get stuck with an unpaid internship. You are only required to do 3 months anyway, not 6 months. Plus, their JOB statistic is always over 90% and that's why most people pick Berkeley when they attend, because it gives them a good shot of paying off all of those loans. When I asked career services, they said that they make their job placement statistic after THREE months of graduation, so the losers who couldn't get job are not different than the low-achieving graduates of any other college.

    Additionally, I had asked about graduation rate, since I found it interesting that the Bachelors is completed in three years - over 92% of all students graduate within FOUR years, so that means that most people graduate faster than they would have under a semester system. THAT IS WHAT YOU PAY FOR. If you and your friends are the lazy 8% who fail 4 out of 5 classes each semester - well, you can't speak badly about the college. That's not different than students who take 5 years to complete an Associates at the community colleges due to basic classes or ESL! You can't blame a college for your own performance or inability to keep up with the programs. Many students do just fine - most of them actually.

    Although I never intend to complete my degree at Berkeley since I already have one, I have not been disappointed with the professors or the process. I went to an elite college in NY, and I left college with over 60K in student loans. It is unfair for people to expect a good education to be cheap. Berkeley costs less than 20K a year, and that's not odd or weird or expensive in the state of NJ for a non-state college. Have you checked out SPC or Seton Hall or NJIT or William Paterson or Princeton?

    The whole college credit piece really depends on when you graduated, too. I've heard current students complain about this, but the current president of the college made changes to the whole entire curriculum last year, and even before then, the credits from Berkeley were fine. They give 4 credits for their classes, and that translates to 3 credits to a semester, just like a semester translates to a quarter. If you graduate in less time from a degree, the state has certain requirements. As far as I know, Berkeley updated all of their courses and weeded out the non-transferrable courses for students. Again, no college, not even Berkeley, accepts anything below a C grade.

    College is a project of your own merit.

    If all you do is complain, you'll fail to see the good things available to you.

  • Aq
      14th of Sep, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I attended Berkeley College in Fall 05 and believe I graduated in Fall/Winter 08 with a Bachelors degree in Management. 3 1/2 years. I was on the Dean's List the entire time at the school and also through Berkeley managed to land a job at the Board of Education. I had to take out loans of course with Sallie Mae but in total it came out to be 26k. Internships are not always paid. I was lucky enough to work for the Township through Berkeley and from then on went to get my Board of Education job. I had to work for it, I had to network, I had to pull my own weight. Berkeley helps in opening doors. However if you don't give a 100% effort how can you expect to get a job out of the internship or get an A in the class. I took classes at 3 different campuses and in my final 6 months took online courses. As a personal preference I enjoyed the online classes.

  • Qu
      23rd of Sep, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I am a a student at Berkeley college at Garret mountain campus. I actually like everything about the college, and I disagree with the people who discredited the college in many aspects. But over all, I think that the responsibility to insure a student's success is the responsibility of the student himself. And no matter what college a student attends it's all depends on the student's perseverance and effort to educate himself by the opportunity given by a college. you can't say that Berkeley college's students are losers! I have met many Berkeley's students who are professionals in their careers and successful in their lives. On the other hand, I have seen a lot of NYU, NJIT, and other big-name colleges's students who don't understand what they're talking about when it comes to their areas of study. further more, a lot of them simply couldn't find a job.

  • Je
      4th of Nov, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I'm am currently a Berkeley College student, I'll try and remain calm about my opinion of this school but it's rather hard to talk about it when I have such an intense detest for this 'college'. I'd like to start by saying that as of the upcoming Spring I will no longer be a student of Berkeley college. I chose to leave this school and after a lot of trouble managed to do so. After approximately a year of dealing with the CUNY system I will be going to Hunter College, a school I was accepted into with 'High Standings'. I state this to underline the fact that I am in no way, shape or form, an idiot complaining about my problems but doing nothing to change them.

    My opinions of Berkeley College are very mixed. I genuinely liked my teachers, two of them are my reason for transferring, I received practically a full scholarship in attendance to the school, I was a student blogger, and I was admitted into the honors program seminar. However these seemingly good attributes are easily darkened when further examined. To start I would like to talk about the professors in the school. I won't include their names in fear for their jobs, but I would like to note that these two professors were large influences in my life.

    In my freshman year, I took a course taught by a temporary teacher in Berkeley college who believed grades shouldn't just be handed to you. He made the claim that within the classroom at most one student would get an A. He claimed that his test wont be easy to pass and that he majority would in fact fail. However, the bar will be set by whomever gets the highest grade. All others would be held to that standard. I was proclaimed an outlier in this class because if he held the other students to my grade than the majority would have failed. I received an A in this class, which I was quite happy about, and I even passed his 'impossible' test with a 73%, while the average was 45%. It wasn't until he asked to see me after class in an email that I began to worry. "Why are you here?" he asked me with a serious look on his face. I hadn't understood the question, at first but when he pulled out my grades and compared them with the other students I quickly understood. He told me to transfer, that I was too good for this school and that I was better off in a CUNY, which was affordable and had more prestige. That's when I filled out my CUNY application form.

    Another teacher told me the same thing as we went over my transcript and compared my grades to the other students. I told my professor that I wished to be a lawyer, and he told me to leave now while I can still get a decent degree in a respectable college. "A degree in Berkeley is just a piece of paper, with a signature on it. No one will take you seriously...". He was a great teacher and I learned a lot from him. But he pointed out a very interesting fact, Berkeley didn't even require students to take the SAT's there was no competition in the school what so ever.

    As for the 'honors program' I was admitted into. I feel as if its a glorified deans list which asks the students within them to write an occasional essay in order to have the words "honor" on their diploma. To say that this scribbled word would make anyone believe anything else about the college is hopeful at best. To quote a previous post a degree at Berkeley College is a "Crackerjack" Degree.

    Lastly I would like to state that just because Berkeley College is not the college for me doesn't mean it is wrong for everyone. However, if you wish for a college filled with competition then I suggest not attending Berkeley College, because although they have a handful of good professors the student population isn't all too bright.

    Hopefully this rather lengthy post is actually read and helps someone make a good decision.
    - Jessica A. Schwartz

  • Be
      17th of Dec, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Berkeley College sucks balls!! I have maintained a 4.0 GPA, maintained my position on the "Presidents List" and I even became a member of the Phi Thetta Kappa National Honors society. For my internship, Berkeley College expects me to work somewhere for 25 hours a week for three months and not get paid a single penny!!! The other option they gave me was to work as a "Loss Prevention Associate" the glorified name for security guard! I wish I never attended this horse-crap school, I could have been a security guard on my own without have to pay some worthless school $20, 000.00! If you are planning on attending this "Institute of Meager Learnings" then go right on ahead and waste one and a half years of your life and $20, 000.00 in order to work for minimum wage.

  • Be
      30th of Dec, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I am currently a student at Berkeley College, in the NYC campus. Honest to God, LOVE LOVE LOVE Berkeley College. I am a very hardworking student and mom. Currently, my GPA is a 3.93. Berkeley has the best financial aide packages with a challenge and achievement award for students who maintain high grades. They have quarter semesters, each semester is like 3 months long. No lie, every semester, I receive a refund of $2700 from the school. This is a huge blessing as I am a mom of 2. It really helps with the bills. Ive been to many of the CUNYs, I hate em. Berkeley treats you good when you handle your business. Most people complaining here are lazy as hell. If you goof off and mess up, dont blame the school dummy!!! lol...

  • Co
      6th of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I am a online Berkeley college student and am in Japan. This is my fourth semester at Berkeley and I attend full time. I thought the time difference would be a hassle when trying to schedule classes, send in my forms, and get financial aid. On the contrary, the employees respond to my emails within two days, they set up times with me to call so I'm not up all night trying to contact them, and even when they have advice about my schedule they email me promptly. Although I will never be on a campus, I feel involved. There are online contest that I can participate in (one in which I won textbook money), there are various organizations that I can get involved in, and they even send me congratulatory letters on my performance. I was even asked to do an article for the newsletter. I can't say I have any complaints about Berkeley, if I have a problem it is fixed quickly. As for the curriculum, I feel that I actually have to work in my classes. My instructors force me to study and know the material, I don't believe this is an "easy" school. They make you work for your grades. it is worth the money only if you apply yourself. By far, I have a few friends and siblings that take online courses and I must say, this curriculum has been one of the best who make you earn your grade! By the way, I am not a representative for this school who is hired to post things. You can look me up on facebook to see I am real. Ladilvia Lee

  • Mo
      6th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    The only complaint I have about this college is that one of my sons has graduated from there and they misspelled his name on the degree.My wife went to the college to see why they misspelled his name and after 4 years my son has not received his degree yet.

  • Ve
      23rd of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Berkeley college is the worst for veterans. I server my country for 9 years and decide to use my 9/11 Gi Bill, the paper work went very slow to process and their Veteran department consist of only one person of Rachael Hudson to handle hundreds of Veterans which mean I never got paid on time and everything was slow for us veterans. I was also eligible for state and federal grants and didn't receive it for 6-8 months because they wanted to keep the money has long as they can for their budge purpose. I finally got paid after many emails and phone complaints but this proves if you don't speak up Berkeley college will take your grants and Veterans benefits. The main complaint I have is the withdraw process, after 3 weeks of class the teachers are not obligated to take attendance and in this case i was withdrew because of my low grade but yet i had attended every class, so because of this unfair withdraw that i am fighting with the Gi Bill that i did attend the classes, Miss Rachael Hudson the only VA rep in that school decide to get revenge on me because of all my complaints and all other political reasons that school has. Can you believe Berkeley college just withdraw me because they want their school reputation to have good grades. They prefer to lie to keep their reputation. I could type all day about the bad 9 month experience has a Veteran, I was taken advantage financially, I was withdrawn for their own grade purpose, Their VA rep has no Military background and never care for us Veterans to process our paperwork fast enough and take care of our other grants that was not military related, Their teachers are not understanding of at all and doesn't have to take attendance after 3 weeks which means they have the power to say 'withdraw' if they feel their class grade point average is getting low. AND THE BEST PART IS, their staff will never help you with any information, their adviser will protect their own job rather than help you with some information that will help you if you have a problem with the school. My problem was with the withdraw process and i try to talk with advisement, student service, student accounts, teachers and even financial aid and NOT ONE PERSON would help me because if they gave out the wrong information they would get in trouble so in the end is, forget the students let them figure things out on their own. I am currently going to Mercy College which is one of the top military friendly college and so far the support is great. VETERANS STAY AWAY FROM BERKELEY COLLEGE, they don't care about us Veterans and their rep Rachael Hudson has no military background and no understand and is one person trying to handle hundreds of Veterans, they just send me an email if i wanted to come back. To pay $7000 per semester that's only two and half months long, they are crazy. NOT A MILITARY FRIENDLY COLLEGE, PLEASE STAY AWAY

  • Li
      25th of Jul, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I currently am an employee of Berkeley College and I have had a great experience. I often come across students who are happy with the education they are receiving as well as the community that is formed inside and outside of the classroom. Berkeley College offers great opportunities to students from academics to lifetime career placement and even relationships with staff and faculty. Berkeley College is a great place to work and a great place to continue your education.

  • An
      12th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    This school is a scam. Any "school" whose credits don't transfer should be avoided like a herpes-infested prostitute who takes the money and leaves you with a lifetime of regret.

  • Ap
      7th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have several female friends just graduated from Berkeley College in New York. They were SEXUALLY HARASSED by their English tutors. Stay away from this college!!! this oneguy Paul H is so mean to his students but all the girls are all over him. They buy him food and giftcards and they promise him things (like SEX). He dates them.. I know of more than one girl. He breaks their hearts and then they graduate and no one says anything. My fiends are too EMBARASSED and HUMILIATED to say anything to the college. The staff at Berkeley are a joke and noone should be treated this way...

  • Mo
      1st of Mar, 2012
    +1 Votes

    So, far I'm with the negative complains.Because my son graduated from this college, We went to the graduation and he received a degree only to find out his name was misspelled.So far 4 years later he has not received a corrected degree.So, how you like that for a so called college..I personally called this college and was not able to get in contact with any person responsible for this degree.All I got connected with was the operator that connected me to an answering machine. I don't speak to an answering machine.So, I will have to go down there personally.

  • Be
      6th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    I'm on the negative bandwagon too. Berkeley college is a joke. I had ever intention on finishing my education with them. I will not EVER go there again. I will tell other to look for a repatble school. My situation with them is 4 pages long.. so again.. look elsehwere.

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