Berader Properties / Fraudulent electricity billing

26 cedar street, Johannesburg, South Africa

In December 2014 I moved into a small bachelor flat at a complex called Baccarat Lodge. Shortly after moving in I noticed something off with the electricity bill. I was being billed R433 per month for a tiny apartment.
Previously I lived in a 2 Bedroom apartment in randburg which was also in a sectional title and I was paying R230 odd for electricity per month.

After confronting my agent he informed me that I was in fact being billed for my electricity usage which was roughly 170 kwh plus a "basic monthly charge" of roughly R200 on top of my electricity consumption.

After asking my agent what this basic monthly charge was and querying why I was never informed of the basic monthly charge in my contract I did not get a response however the billing continues. Berader Properties insists on Debit order paynent for rent, etc. Now I understand why... I literally have zero control over what comes off of my bank account.

Ironically not long after complaining about the electricity billing I received a complaint from the body corporate to remove my retractable washing line on my balcony and use a clothing horse. After trying to explain to the caretaker who came to see me why I use the retractable line he was very unsympathetic and not open to any reason.

I explained that I have a lot of washing because me and my 2 year old son are staying together, a clothing horse cannot hold all my clothing, neither can you hang queen sized bedding on it. The retractable line servers the same purpose as a clothing horse. It it also not viewable by the common area.

It appears to me that they are trying to "get back at me" for complainig about unfair electricity billing.

I have since explained that I will not remove the retractable line pending a meeting with the body corporate.
I am also expecting a fine. If they do fine I will take my disputes to the small claims cour.

Jun 19, 2015

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